Speaking and listening are such important skills

Speaking and listening are such important skills 🤗 🔹 Listening validates the value of others and shows respect. 🔹 Speaking and asking questions shows sincerity and builds trust. A good listener actively pays attention to the conversation and responds appropriately with questions. 😎 If you want to get people excited about you and your business, you need to do more … Continue reading Speaking and listening are such important skills

Listen More, Speak Less

Listening is just as important as talking to have a successful conversation 💪 👉 Listen first, take part in the conversation and work in the rapport between you and your partner 👉 Use people’s name during the conversation. Remembering their name is seen as a compliment👉 Let others talk about themselves👉 Focus on making others feel important 👉 Find some similar points. People … Continue reading Listen More, Speak Less

Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to others and never doubt that your achievements are worth any praise.🤔The important thing to remember is that your accomplishments do matter. What doesn’t matter is if someone has performed more than you have.An accomplishment is a wonderful thing and you should be proud of yourself for achieving it! 😎💪 Look at yourself … Continue reading Don’t compare yourself to others