7 Cardinal Rules in Life

Strive to be those who make things happen and people will respect you far more than if you had simply told them what you’d done. Actions speak for themselves. 🔥

Following these 7 cardinal rules will drastically improve your life 🙌

One Love ❤️

The Three Simple Rules in Life

What do you think of these rules? 
👉 If you expect different results by doing the same thing, it is not going to happen. 
👉 I like the 2nd one, there is no shame to ask. My children are always embarrassed when i try to get discounts or talk to strangers about my business. Well you can either get a yes or a no but at least i try! 🙌
👉 And the last one, don’t stay still! Move forward towards your goals.. Believe in yourself! Do what it takes 😎

One Love ❤️