How to develop a recruiting mindset ~ Step 7 Your beliefs

One of the most powerful single factor in your success is your belief about yourself, about the company, about your industry. Whatever you intensely believe becomes your reality.

Lack of belief is shown when blaming others for your failure, your challenges. It is never your fault, it is your upline’s fault, your company’s fault, the compensation plan is too complicated, it is binary and that is why you don’t make money in Network Marketing.  You will always find excuses !

To build and create the success you want for you and for your family, you need to change the belief in yourself, you need to find the willpower in you. Willpower is based on confidence, conviction, faith and on your ability to achieve you what you put your mind into. To develop willpower, you need to be persistent and work on your goals – reading books, listening to audio, watching some trainings. Also read some biographies of successful people or listen to their stories and  you will understand that most top earners have been through a lot before they got successful. It will inspire to push you through the obstacles and difficulties you will experience.

Too many people think that they are not good enough, not slim enough, not educate enough and the list can go on..

Your mind can be your biggest asset or your worse enemy.

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” – Roy T. Bennet

Self-mastery, self-control, self-discipline are essential for anyone who wants to achieve their goals. The more you practice thinking and talking about what you desire the most and the more you will start seeing signs and people that will help you to achieve your dreams. Repeat to yourself the words, pictures and thoughts consistent with your dreams and goals. Think bigger, faster and out of the box. 

Don’t create a lifestyle of mediocrity; if you want something bad , you will find a solution even if you have people around you that are negative, that don’t believe in you. Don’t get caught with what people might think.

You need to have a plan: maintain focus on your personal progress, keep a journal and write your goals, your intention, your affirmations, your gratitude. Each time you achieve a goal, even small, celebrate it to keep you motivated.

Do not compare yourself to others. You are unique, authentic and beautiful. Your followers want to do business with YOU because you are different and you share great content and bring value; they are attracted by your story and not someone else.

“Don’t compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.” – Regina Brett

You need also to believe in your company, your product and industry. Never apologize to be part of Network Marketing. Explain to them that it is no pyramid scheme 🙂  Also very important, be the product of the product and share it to the world.

Try getting your own mantra with positive self belief words, like

  • I am fearless
  • I am a winner
  • I am a leader
  • I am an achiever

With effort and time, you can change your beliefs and develop a mental strength to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential.


How to develop a recruiting mindset ~ Step 3 Build Relationship

Developing relationships is not just important, it is absolutely mandatory if you want your MLM Network Marketing business to succeed. When you build relationship, you are growing your business. So why you should develop relationship?

1- People do business with people which means that if you not building rapport with your followers, you are not going to attract the right people to your business. When you decide to be part of a MLM or affiliate program, you need to recruit people to join your downline and your network. People need to trust you before they join your company. Don’t forget people join people and not companies. Building relationship is the foundation of MLM network marketing business.

2- Relationships are important to your group’s retention and retention keeps your business stable and ready for more growth. The average retention is 80% so only 2 persons out of 10 are going to stay in your business. You want to keep your downline happy, for that you need duplication. You want to show leadership training them well or pointing them to the right direction. Get to know the people you bring into your home based business. Keep in mind that people are worthy of personal attention and respect. Be of great value to them by sharing your time and knowledge. By helping others your business will flourish.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

― Theodore Roosevelt

3- Helping others will benefit you because they will use duplication and grow your network. It is also going to benefit you to grow as a leader, you will gain more confidence, you are going to share your experience, your readings, your failure… All of that will change your mindset and you will be seen as an expert in your field.

So how are you going to keep your team happy?

  • You need a group and try to communicate each day.. watch the video where i give you more details. You can use a Facebook Live with another member sharing experience and so on
  • Send regular broadcast email
  • Send birthday messages
  • Make your members feel special, remember their names and congratulate them even when they have some wins, for example if they do their first Facebook live or if they get their first distributors
  • Always overdeliver, you can send them a free PDF or a free ebook
  • Communicate with your followers and understand their why, their hopes, their dreams and show a genuine interest. Treat them as human being and not just as numbers

In conclusion, don’t think building relationship is a waste of time, it is much cheaper to keep current followers than getting new followers all the time. Don’t forget your downline!


How to grow your online presence and attract your customers?

Building your online presence can be very time consuming, it won’t happen overnight; and also very frustrating, you’ll get ups and downs… that’s a guarantee but it will be worth it!!

But it is important because that is how your leads, customers, followers will get to know you, trust you and want to do business with you. Your online presence can be overwhelming but when build successfully it can bring you everything you need to get favorable results.

Position yourself as an authority figure, and give some value and content accessible at all time and specific to your audience. 

To do so, these are the few steps you need to follow:

  • You need to determine how you want to brand yourself and who you want as clients and make sure you put the right signal on your blog and timeline. You can’t please everybody and be all over the place ! So write your goal, both short term and long term.
  • You need to choose a website, blog with the right domain name that would attract your customers. You don’t need to have anything complicated, simple sometimes is better. I would recommend your name and not the company you are representing. It is your online presence!
  • You need to make sure you get an expert on the platform you chose, you can’t be everywhere at the start or you are going to be burned out and that’s how a lot of people quit. See where your niche is and start with that platform. Then in time you can add another platform when you have reach a good potential on the first platform. I would recommend Facebook at the start, with a Fanpage
  • Being present means you need to do some videos on youtube with some testimonials of your clients, trainings or going live to engage with your audience. You need to be consistent and make sure you give value. Webinar also is a good way to build relationship with your audience. As i said in a previous blog, don’t wait until everything is perfect… your audience don’t know what you had in your head and they won’t see the difference.
  • Track your progress and make sure to stay in contact with your prospects – send them a newsletter now and then even if they are not in your business. You never know! Check the number of followers on your other platforms and see what is working for you. Then once you are well establish in one platform, you can start to advertise on a second platform.
  • Patience…. Nothing happen over night !!! Even if you think at the start you are your own audience, you have people out there seeing you 🙂

In Summary, you need to form a durable relationship with your audience – blogging, videos, webinars, … – while choosing the right platform and create consistent value on social media.

If you got value from this blog, leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to connect with you.