Don’t think too much!

Thinking too much about things isn’t just a nuisance; it can take a serious toll on your well-being.
Your judgement gets cloudy and your stress gets elevated! 🤔

Putting an end to second-guessing everything, worrying for no reason and seeing catastrophic predictions is easier said than done. Keep focusing on solving the problems and with consistent practice, you can limit your negative thinking patterns. 

👉 Notice when you are thinking too much and put a stop to disastrous scenarios 
👉 Challenge your thoughts and acknowledge when you go too far with negative thoughts 
👉 Keep the focus on active problem-solving, dwelling on problems first help. Find a solution instead 
👉 Schedule time for reflection, incorporate 15 minutes of “thinking time” into your daily schedule then, when the time is up, move onto something more productive.
👉 Practice mindfulness, commit to becoming more aware of the here and now. Mindfulness takes practice, like any other skill, but over time, it can decrease overthinking.

One Love ❤️

Allow yourself to be a beginner

Being a beginner isn’t a bad thing or something to feel embarrassed about, because we need to give ourselves that time to be beginners.🤔

Being “not so great” at something doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever 🙌

As you go on in your journey, you’re bound to face new challenges and obstacles. We can’t control how other people feel or act towards us, but we can control our own reactions 🤗

You don’t have to be perfect in order to start showing up, but you do have to show up and be present. You do have to do the work; there’s no way around that 😘

Be patient! Believe in yourself and practice! You ll achieve more than you think you are capable off 💪

One Love ❤️