Thoughts that could stop YOU to achieve success in your business.

Wanting success and achieving it are two completely different things. You need to change your mindset and think of these pointers below and react to it if you want to achieve your goal.

  • Blaming others; you need to keep the right attitude and stop blaming others if you can’t achieve what you want. You are the master of your life so if you can’t do something ask for help and work for it. If you have a problem it is your responsibility to do what you need to do to change it. Take some alone time and review your situation.
  • Thinking that you know everything; we have a tendency to see ourselves different that what others see. See yourself objectively and embrace your failings, listen to criticize and reverse your projections. We should always learn new thing, nobody knows everything. You need to be humble and respect others. This way you’ll attract the right people and grow your business.

“In the arena of human life, rewards and honors fall to those who show their good qualities in action.”

– Aristotle

  • Stop training; self-growth is key to develop your activity and have a successful career. If you stop training you won’t be up to date. Even the big earners are always doing some workshops, going to events. So make sure you always invest in yourself, develop new skills, attend conferences or participate to webinars. You need to expand your knowledge and share it to your team. Investing in your personal and professional growth should be a priority.


  • Think you are entitle to get rich; this feeling or belief that you deserve to be rich is not the right attitude to have when you want to build a long term business. NOBODY is entitle to anything. You have to work hard, be consistent and patient. Nothing happen overnight and if you come across as a person who care only about its own desires and needs, you are not going to build your team. You might fool some people at the start but they will see through your behavior and selfishness.
  • Continue to find excuses; we often make excuses because we don’t want to do something. Again we have to change our MINDSET. Instead of coming up with an excuse so you don’t do what you need to do to get better, FIND a reason why you should do it.


So are you going to step up and overcome this 5 negative thoughts ?

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Hypnotics words to use while prospecting

The  hypnotics words you should use when prospecting.

How is it possible to use words that everybody knows and somehow change the mindset of a person?

Suppose someone told you to imagine yourself biting into an orange. Without having any in your hand, you can still do it. You can feel yourself biting it, taste the bitter citrus and your saliva glands somehow get activated.

That’s what words can do. They’re capable of:

  • Stimulating your imagination
  • Distracting you
  • Painting pictures in your mind
  • Activating your senses
  • Creating associations
  • Linking two things that wouldn’t normally go together
  • You’ve probably heard the expression “cool as a cucumber” – but does it make any sense?

What makes them power words isn’t necessarily the words themselves, but the way in which they’re used.

Because words can create associations and paint pictures in the mind, they’re the fastest way to stimulate the unconscious.

We call that formula ABS:


Absorb attention

Bypass the critical factor

Stimulate the unconscious

But before I tell you, you need to understand that nobody is going to join your business if they really don’t want to and you knocked at the wrong doors. Double check the first sales rules

Once you know exactly what your prospect need, you can use these powerful words

  1. Imagine or just pretend ; when you use this words in your sales pitch, after you understood the need of your prospect, it will give him permission to switch off his conscious mind. To bypass the critical factor and let go, because that’s what pretending is all about.

    He won’t react as if he is going to buy anything but it is going to be something that HE NEEDS to become healthier, to be a better leader, to get more money etc…. You have to let them imagine the outcome of joining you and also picture it.

  2. You; it is better to use you than the first name. You is more natural to use in conversation
  3. Because; using this word bypass the critical factor that all the prospects get into when they are not sure if they want to follow you. Using the word because satisfy the brain’s natural search for reasons. Tell your offer and back it up with solid reason.
  4. And; it serve a links to join ideas together smoothly. So it makes sense to be part of your business. This is a clever replacement for “but” when dealing with criticisms or objections. The word “but” signals to the prospect that you are about to utter a statement that runs counter to what they’d like to hear.
  5. What would it be like; Customers don’t care about features and benefits , they only care about value and achieving their objectives. Again, it’s about them, not you or your company. Skip over all the amazing features your product or service contains and instead make it clear how your offering will create value for your prospect’s business/health etc…
  6. Should we … ? instead of you should….Most people balk at being told what to do.Reformulating suggestions as questions helps the prospect keep an open mind and diminishes the potential for the conversation to turn on the negative way.
  7. Opportunity; The word “problem” has a negative connotation, and can make the prospect feel as if the process is difficult and unpleasant. With this in mind, replace it with more positive words. Instead of saying “no problem,” for example, say, “it’s my pleasure.” “I understand the problem” can become “I see an opportunity to make this run more smoothly.”

That is only a few examples, if you want a list of 500 + power words, leave me comment and i’ll be happy to share it with you.


How to attract the right people to join you?

First thing you have to know who YOU are to attract the right people in your life, in your business.

In general life, good attitude and great ethic will bring you positive experience “Like attracts Like”,  but it is different with the Network Marketing industry.

We have to prove marketing tactics that will get leads in your business.

  • You have to use the social media and groups relevant to your business. Choose the right picture, the right text depending on the group and the audience you want to influence.
  • Focus on the customers problems, you have to target your audience with what they want to hear, if they have a problem, they want you to solve it.
  • You have to be the product of the product and define your expertise. Create videos, blogs and put it on social media.
  • Be personal and authentic. Your audience wants to see someone real, they want to know you and trust you.

If you send a lot of different ads to the same groups, and use the same text over and over with millions of words and links, it is called SPAMMING!!!! No wonder you have no results … See my blog that relates to that

You have to change the way you work or nothing will change and you won’t attract the right people in your business. Don’t be a stalker, a hunter that will push your family or friends away. Become someone your audience will want to follow, someone that people get attracted to YOU, a LEADER!

If you show your face on social media, doing videos with consistency and honesty, people will be attracted to you like magnets. They want someone real, caring, passionate with their product, company, whatever business you are in.

With this type of recruitment, you will find customers/affiliates that will bring you residual income, month after month, year after year.  Also you can choose WHO you want in your business and WHO you want to help.

Show Leadership to people that count and teach your team to do the same. Give them enough support and knowledge to build their own team. It is called Duplication. It is called SUCCESS!!!

             BE HONEST

             BE CONSISTENT

             BRING VALUE

              BE A LEADER

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The 7 Rules of Sales Success

The main rule before you try to sell anything is to understand, use and be confident when talking about your product or services. Keep it simple and show your feelings, your customers want to be attracted to you and even if you mess up, say sorry. Be on time and do what you say you will do when you said you would do it…

If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal. Zig Ziglar

To promote and close your sales, you need to:

  • Keep your mouth shut and listen. Don’t talk about yourself, your business or product. You want to introduce yourself as a human being not a Sale machine 🙂
  • Ask questions. People dont’ care how great you are, how much money you are making; they want to know why they should be part of your team or buy your services/products. So be curious, ask about the product they are already using, ask questions to understand what they need so you can give them a solution
  • rules-of-salesSpeak to your prospect naturally as if it is a friend or a family member.. no script. Keep your posture and listen
  • Pay close attention of what your prospect isn’t saying. They might be in a hurry but don’t want to tell you so they will half listen and you are going to waste your time
  • Answer briefly to the questions they ask you
  • After assessing the needs of your prospects, then you can give them a solution and tell what you can offer them. But don’t ramble for too long, let them time to think about it and if they are ready you can help them to sign up.
  • Don’t push people to join your business, ask them if there is any problem and why they wouldn’t join you. However when they do join your company, motivate and reward them.


Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.Mary Kay Ash

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How Gratitude can change your life and help you build your business

Gratitude means being thankful, being ready to show appreciation and return kindness. It is a warm feeling and associated with your business you will grow as a better person and your customer will see you the way you are and will want to work with you.

As a person it will lift your mood and boost your motivation, and you will find the things that you want to focus on and not just take things for granted. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships and improve health.

Gratitude also will increase your self-esteem, improves social behaviors which makes it easier to network. It will enhance your ability to achieve your goal and help your productivity. Because you will show you are trustworthy, you will be more appreciative which will bring you more customers

In business, you need to show gratitude if you want to have a long time relationship with your customers.

  • When you show your clients kindness and generosity, they will support you and follow you no matter what.
  • It’s better to keep your existing clients than chasing new ones all the time. Keep great relationship and you’ll have them for life. Acknowledge their performance regularly and thank them for their efforts
  • Giving the others is the greatest gift you can give yourself… It is called the ‘Helper’s high”. The science of good deeds is proven to have a positive effect on the health.
  • Also for a company when they share their profits to help homeless people or building houses has a very good impact. Wouldn’t you be more prone to work with them? Well i do! 🙂

When you look at life through the eyes of gratitude; the world becomes a magical and amazing place – Jennifer Gayle

In summary; Gratitude makes you a better entrepreneur and the success of your business relies on these happy clients, so don’t forget to thank them for their loyalty and hard work. When you are grateful, you radiates positivity and energy which will attract your customers.

 Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one – Han Selye

So what about you? What are you grateful for?

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How to achieve momentum in your business ?

If you want to achieve your goal and stay focus, you need to get into a momentum, it will help decide how high your business will go and also how fast it can get there. The two keys to momentum: achieving and maintaining.

Continuous improvement takes time and resources, drive, persistence and determination.

You need to treat your Network Marketing as a real business if you want to achieve your dream. If you consider it as a hobby or you do it whenever suits you, well it’s your choice but you won’t get much results.

However if you take it seriously, you need to do some training, you need to spend money on what you have to learn to improve your knowledge. It’s not easy, it needs time, focus, perseverance and consistency. You’ll spend little money in comparison of what you’ll get at the end!!! It’s like a snowball effect ! But i am guaranteeing you, it will be worth doing it than being stuck in a rut and thinking it’s not for you.

So get into a routine and do a little bit more everyday. Your actions will go faster; it might take you 2 hours the first time you do a blog or a newsletter but then you’ll get fired up and you will do it in no time. Same for the videos, it might take 2 hours to do a 2 min video (Yes it happened to me), but then you’ll get used to it and you will have it done much faster.

If you don’t have much time during the week but you want to get contents on your timeline, you can always schedule over the weekend your Facebook posts, or you can also repost an old video or blog…

Your followers need to see something on your timeline everyday!!!

Also put your families outings to show you have a life, a normal life and you are human like them 🙂

Do what you are good at it, and be consistent if you enjoy doing it. Don’t spend 5 hours on a task trying to get a banner somewhere, or do techy stuff you don’t know. Reach out to people or wait for your kids – usually they know better !!

Suggestions to help you keep the momentum; put quotes, tips for your target market, miniblogs posts, videos.

You defined your vision, you know what you want to achieve, maintain the momentum and you are going to go right where your dreams are. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you can use that tool to empower you.

” At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life FOREVER”

Tony Robbins

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How to deal with Anti Network Marketing people

When you start doing Network Marketing, a lot of people look at you as if you are going mad, or you lost your senses…. First comment is usually… is it legal??? it’s Pyramid, you are not going to make any money     …aghhhhhhh!!!

Well you have to try to educate them and if they still don’t understand and are negative about it, just let it go. Don’t try to convince them or be defensive. Everybody has the right to have their own opinion of things and you are WASTING your time…

Just forget about them and focus on you and your team. You have your vision, your goal. You have to use this negativity to motivate yourself and prove them wrong. I wouldn’t even consider to entertain them.

The danger is if you are easily swayed, then it might be more difficult to let it go and pass their comments. If not Hurray!!! You have everything in you to be a great entrepreneur and make money.

Bottom line, don’t try to convince anyone, you won’t be able to please everyone.

The answer, YOUR SUCCESS!! They’ll see your results and that is enough for you to be happy with what you are doing. They will eventually change their mind and if not who cares!!

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Importance of Your Body Language and Posture in Network Marketing

Posture and Body Language are very important in Network Marketing

What is Posture? It is a particular approach or attitude that is intended to impress or mislead… In business you don’t want the latter….

It is very important to show confidence when you speak to your prospects. Either they join you or not, you still have to keep your posture and keep a positive attitude. Showing your prospects you are not desperate to get them in the business will draw them to you even more. If they are still not convinced, just let them walk away. They might just waste your time asking million of questions and not even join your team at the end.

When we improve our posture, we display more energy, resilience and confidence.

What body language to avoid:

  • Don’t fidget when you speak or bite your nails, it is a clear sign of nervousness.
  • Keep you eyes level to show confidence in body language.
  • Standing up straight is one of the most important tips to project confidence
  • Firm handshake also show confidence, but don’t crush the other person’s hand 🙂
  • Proper grooming is a MUST… you don’t want to look scruffy in front of your prospects
  • Smile; your prospects will smile back and feel confortable
  • Don’t cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets.. that’s a no no. We are not teenagers anymore 🙂

With the right attitude, the right posture, you will definitely recruit more people, build your business faster and ultimately make more money.

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The importance of Keyword research.

Keyword research is the most important, valuable in the search marketing field. If you use the right keyword you get a high return activities in the search marketing area. It will help you to get visitors to your site and if the keyword is very specific to your activity, you should get the right kind of visitors.

Viewers don’t want to go through pages of information, they use the search button to optimise their requests. Nowadays, we want to get an answer fast and effective.  Usually they don’t go beyond the first page and click in the links to websites that ranked higher on these search results.

Keyword research is probably the most important aspect in any Internet marketing or SEO (Search engine Optimization)

Your selection of keyword phrases should be targeted to the correct kind of traffic that goes through your website – you want to get the right customers and not losing your time attracting traffic that will not contribute to your business.

Traffic = Leads = Cash

When you choose your keyword, you should consider this

  • Create a list of keywords – think of all the keywords phrases that can be used to find your product, website, services. Think about the where, how, why and what your potential customers may be using.
  • Use a good Keyword Research Tool – you can choose a paid or free keyword research tools to help your campaign. These tools can help you sort through your initial list to identify a good combination.
  • Refine your shortlist using Keyword Suggestions
  • Use the right keyword for specific products or services you offer – perform the research with separate keyword research for each category of your business… it can be the product or services
  • Maximize Long Tail Keywords – Be very specific if you use a long tail keyword, get to the point.

If you got some value out of it and want more infos, leave me a comment below.

Good luck finding your right Keywords