Thoughts that could stop YOU to achieve success in your business.

Wanting success and achieving it are two completely different things. You need to change your mindset and think of these pointers below and react to it if you want to achieve your goal.

  • Blaming others; you need to keep the right attitude and stop blaming others if you can’t achieve what you want. You are the master of your life so if you can’t do something ask for help and work for it. If you have a problem it is your responsibility to do what you need to do to change it. Take some alone time and review your situation.
  • Thinking that you know everything; we have a tendency to see ourselves different that what others see. See yourself objectively and embrace your failings, listen to criticize and reverse your projections. We should always learn new thing, nobody knows everything. You need to be humble and respect others. This way you’ll attract the right people and grow your business.

“In the arena of human life, rewards and honors fall to those who show their good qualities in action.”

– Aristotle

  • Stop training; self-growth is key to develop your activity and have a successful career. If you stop training you won’t be up to date. Even the big earners are always doing some workshops, going to events. So make sure you always invest in yourself, develop new skills, attend conferences or participate to webinars. You need to expand your knowledge and share it to your team. Investing in your personal and professional growth should be a priority.


  • Think you are entitle to get rich; this feeling or belief that you deserve to be rich is not the right attitude to have when you want to build a long term business. NOBODY is entitle to anything. You have to work hard, be consistent and patient. Nothing happen overnight and if you come across as a person who care only about its own desires and needs, you are not going to build your team. You might fool some people at the start but they will see through your behavior and selfishness.
  • Continue to find excuses; we often make excuses because we don’t want to do something. Again we have to change our MINDSET. Instead of coming up with an excuse so you don’t do what you need to do to get better, FIND a reason why you should do it.


So are you going to step up and overcome this 5 negative thoughts ?

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Mistakes to avoid when prospecting

The 3 Big mistakes you can make when prospecting

When you start a new business, you are so excited that you talk to everybody and you usually do the wrong approach of your product and your business. You need to prospect Business people and not your friends and family. If you avoid these 3 mistakes, you’ll be able to build your business online and keep your business partners. The first approach is very important, if you go wrong you might never see this person.

1- The key in any prospecting is to build rapport. You need to share your story, make a friend out of your prospect first before you talk about your business opportunity. As one of my mentor  Erin Birch say, No rapport = No business.  Try to understand your prospect, and see what they need and what they are looking for. You won’t know until you build relationship if they want to be a customer, a distributor or building a team as a leader. So let them talk to you and tell you what is their plans. Ask them questions: what are they looking for? Do they want more income? Do they want to use your product to feel better? Do they have enough time to develop the business? And be a good listener, let the prospect lead the conversation instead of diving first into a sales pitch.

2- Over enthusiasm. If you contact your family or friends talking like a crazy person, you are not going to sell anything. They are going to think you are mad 🙂  It’s alright to be excited with your new business but as i said the first impression is crucial if you want to do well in network marketing. Don’t talk as if you found the best product ever, it is the best company ever because they do charity !! News flash, most of the companies do it now.  I did that so believe me, I think my cousin is still looking at me differently 🙂 Don’t give them too much infos at the start, let them look at the product first, then contact them the next day to talk about compensation plan. You are not in race!!

3- Posture: If you have no posture, they won’t join you. Think this way, if you are not desperate to get them into your business, if you don’t push your customers, they will join you because they like you as a person, and they see you as a leader. You need to have a very strong belief of your product and the company. Let them know that you don’t care if they join or not because you are going to do it anyway!  Show this impression and don’t lose your posture. As soon as they see a weakness, they will push you away and you will lose the conversation. Be strong and speak with posture and conviction.

I hope these 3 tips will help you getting more prospects, share with me your story as I am sure we all have one. You can do some self-development to help maximize your potential.

“I remember when I was so enthusiast and I was talking like a maniac, in my head I was thinking, What’s the heck, stop you can hardly breath but I was on a roll!!! … Well the person never joined the business, she never even tried one product and I am sure she still thinks I am a basket case !”


Why can’t I get money?

I get this question a lot that’s why I decided to do a post about it!

“Kathy why can’t I get money?? I work so hard and spend so much time and so much money !!!”

My little story: When I started doing affiliate marketing, I was going in all directions. Posting on Facebook, groups, Instagram, every single platform I knew and i was just looking at making more sales. I didn’t know better because usually it’s what your company tell you to do. They even provide all the marketing tools for you. Well that method of doing business might bring you some cash for a few month but then it fades away. Six months later you are on another projects and it never ends…..

These are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to be in a long term marketing business and growing your income.

1- Chasing the sales instead of teaching and helping

Instead of posting your ad over and over on your profile, or on groups, change your tactics and bring value to your post.

An exemple if you are selling a healthy product. Do a shake and take a picture before and after, and just write: ” Look this green powder with my fruits gave me so much energy!! “     I bet you’ll get more likes and comments …. Curiosity!!!

Don’t you think it is better than BUY THIS NOW !!!!Give your audience some value, educate them, put some testimonials of people using your products. Customers want to hear from someone else than you. Then you’ll see you’ll have your loyal customer.

2- Begging others to join

Never beg your friends to join or your family.

There is nothing more frustrating than someone telling you please many times or someone asking you to purchase their product and they promise to buy yours in return. I get that a lot and it is really annoying.

Network marketing is an industry of giving, we offer an opportunity or a product to help our customer to feel better or getting better income

Don’t convince them but show them what this opportunity can do for them, for their family. Your followers will be attracted to you because you are helping them and not because you are begging them to join. Begging you might get one sale and that’s it; you won’t see this person again.

3- Joining too many affiliate program

When you start doing network marketing, you will realize the amount of business out there. And you will be solicited to join many of them. Of course they are all the best, you’ll make millions without doing anything… As I always say, when you see FREE, it means BROKE because you can’t make money without investing. Think about it! No investment means very little money!!

If you already represent an healthy product company I wouldn’t advise you to take another one on board. What are you going to tell your customer? Which one you’ll choose that day? It doesn’t show very much integrity and in my opinion it brings down your credibility.

Start with one at the beginning, learn and teach your team, then only when you see that everything is under control you can select another business with care that it doesn’t interact with your main business.

Choose your affiliate program wisely! Don’t overload yourself with multiple stream of income.

4- Not seeking help from your upline

Never be afraid to call your sponsor. There are no silly questions. Coaches/sponsors are here for you because if you succeed in your business that will be very beneficial to them also.

Do a 3 way call between your sponsor, your new customer and yourself. Your client can feel your enthusiasm, your expertise and can ask every questions he has in mind. That way if you don’t know some answers your upline is here to help you.

5- Blog – Videos – Phone calls

YES you need a blog to grow as an authority figure and making money with your online business.

You need to do some videos and share your story. Your customers want to see you talking and not someone from corporate. This is called Branding yourself I did a post about it, check it out.

And the last important point, phone calls. You need to contact your customers to get some feedback from time to time. It will show that you care and that you are not ringing them to make sure they don’t miss their autoship. Again you keep your loyal clients this way.

What do you think? Are you ready to make a change??

Leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to help you.


10 tips that will help you stop procrastinating

Studies show that one-fifth of adults and half of the students procrastinate. Did you know that? Well it is time to stop procrastination right now 🙂

There are 2 kind of procrastinators:

  • Active procrastinators who are people that postpone their tasks for a later time and are mostly creative to do their last minute work. Stress and panic is not an issue for them, it is their way to deal with things and what drives them. They need this boost of creativity to show their work
  • Passive procrastinators on the other hand would be people that have a level of productivity lower than usual. If you reach that stage, you know that you have a problem and need to resolve it.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous procrastinator. It took him 14 years to finish the Mona Lisa ( 1503-1517)

Procrastination is not a smart choice, it can impact your work, career, relationship and health. The negative impact include increased stress, poorer mental and physical health, worry, guilt, diminished performance. As soon as we experience a discomfort we procrastinate to avoid doing the task. It can be small things like a pile of bills in a drawer that need to be filed, or a drawer in your press that need to be tidied – but it can be something far more important like doing a video/facebook live to improve your business, doing a webinar or a seminar that would get your business to the next level, etc.. !

In the latter situation, you think you are at risk of failure and you will look like a fool if it doesn’t work out. This is a confrontation to an uneasy situation and to feel better you find all sorts of reasons: I am too old, I am goo inexperienced, It is not ready yet, I am too tired,….  is it a déjà vue situation?? Procrastination is here to protect you from the pain, self esteem, pride.

The SOMEDAY becomes NEVER! Don’t fool yourself! Most people wait and see if their situation change but if you don’t do anything and keep doing the same thing over and over unfortunately nothing will ! You have a choice here:  stop procrastinating.

Do you want to inspire people? Do you want to be a role model for your kids?

Make a difference and stop telling yourself that one day you’ll quit smoking, that one day you’ll do this video, that one day you’ll get out of your comfort zone, that one day you’ll clean this garage…. and the list can go on and on and on… I have been there so I know how easy it is to stay behind the curtain and wait that something miraculously will come and bring a change in your life! The timing will never be better than in this right moment! The longer you wait, the harder it will become ! You are going to lose your confidence in the process and nothing will ever change.

Mental problems like depression or anxiety cause also to delay taking actions, get yourself checked and if you need a little help do it. Don’t wait that it gets worse and too late to achieve your dreams. I can talk about it as I thought I would deal about it on my own but after years of being unhappy, I got some help and my life changed drastically!! So please if it is your case, don’t wait!  you are worth it!!

These few tips below will help to get out of this procrastinating state:

  • You need to talk to yourself with kindness: You are a human being so be optimist and don’t be a negative critic to yourself.
  • You don’t think you are good enough: Get some training, do a course, learn something new
  • Prove yourself you can do it and when you do a new task measure well the time, don’t rush and be disappointed
  • Don’t be a perfectionnist, do your task and you will get better the more you are going to do them. Don’t wait perfection or you will never do it
  • Write your goals and give yourself a deadline. Don’t start with huge goals but small ones and stick with it
  • Reward each progress, even the small once – go for a drink, bring your children to the cinema, whatever please you and your family.
  • Visualize the future you want, picture yourself in the situation
  • If you fear doing something Write down how you would feel in one year time if you don’t make a change
  • Build accountability, get a friend, a partner, a team member in your journey – or simple post it on social media so you can’t back off 🙂
  • Act daily, have a routine, momentum is important – You are not in a race so take your time and be consistent

“If you don’t like where you are, change it – You are not a tree ” – Jim Rohn

Do it NOW! you are robbing people of your knowledge, of your happiness. Your career, your family and relationship, your finances and health are all impacted by your procrastination.

I believe in YOU and You should too 🙂 Reach out to me and I’d love to hear how you overcame procrastination.

One love ❤


Common Social Media Mistakes to avoid

Social media is one of the best ways to get your brand out there and engaged with your audience, but it is also very easy to make mistakes:

  • You need a plan: be realistic with the time you want to spend on social media, your goals and what strategy you want to use. You check where is your niche then choose one platform and master it. Upload an attractive cover photo with a description of your business or your branding and upload your picture. Insure your branding is on all your platform so your audience will recognize you and will follow you. Even if you are on one platform, send your followers to your blogs or website. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!
  • Consistency is the key to attract your followers. If you do a blog and put a post once in a blue moon, you won’t get results. Even if you don’t have time to do a blog, put a quote on your timeline, 2 min tops!!! Take advise and watch the leaders in your industry, same if you don’t have much time you can share one of their post. With constant interesting content and consistency, your followers will stay with you.
  • Multiple profile:  try not to get on too many profile concentrate on one platform. On twitter you can post multiple times daily with the same content, but not on Facebook. So learn well about the different platforms and choose wisely.
  • Information and content: strong content is your best bet to get shared and receive a positive reaction from your audience. Make your fan special, answering their questions, their comments, thanking them; they need to feel that their input are important.Even if you don’t know the answer, leave a message telling the person you’ll be in contact soon and don’t delete negative comments, it shows transparency and if you get a bad comment, find the right wording and keep your Posture, you will get the respect from your audience. Transparency is very important.
  •  Automation: Post correctly on the different platform, for ex never use @ on Facebook or too many # on Facebook. Every platform has its own language. Proofread your blog, nothing worth than having an article full of spelling mistakes. You can use to schedule your posts postplanner
  • Don’t be self-centered: Listen to your audience, talk about what you can do for them and not how good you are. If in a conversation you see the person talking very little, you should do the same and finish with a question to expect an answer back. People want to follow givers and not takers.
  • Caring more about making a sale than a connection: The sales should be done passively, without using your pitch, without spamming groups, annoying your family and friends. If your audience feel your enthusiasm and your passion, they will follow you before you even mention the company brand. Connect with new people every day but don’t add them up on your list to grow your fans knowing they don’t care about your business, and don’t buy list of people, likes or fans…  you cannot purchase a meaningful dialogue or longstanding relationship.
  • Newsletter: If you want to keep contact with your list, create a newsletter and send them a message from time to time with your new blog, an article or video you found interesting. It will keep the relationship but don’t bombard them with an email every day. Also my advice, ask them permission at the start if they want to follow your newsletter. Otherwise you’ll end up with people unsubscribing.

In conclusion, you need to choose wisely which platform you want to master, publish great content and be consistent. Engage with your followers with a pic or a cover changed. And don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Be authentic! Be patient!

If you are lazy and don’t want to put the work, you won’t achieve much. Invest wisely in your training and don’t forget


You have the power of decision to make your life a better place for you and your family!!!



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