The 6 Tips for a Long Term Growth in your Business

If you want to be in this industry long term, you need to make a plan. And you need to stick with it. That is what makes the difference between the quitter and the one that are unstoppable . Don’t focus on growing too quickly, take the lesson from the classic “tortoise and hare” fable. You want to position yourself in an enduring success and sustainability.

Impatience and greed will lead you to failure but with a right plan, a strategy and patience, you can do wonders in this industry.


1- You need to value every single relationship. Each time you prospect and reach out to people, don’t think of getting them into your business but make a friend, connect with this person and then after a few exchange, you can talk about what you do and ask what they do. You never know you might have found the best partner you could ever had, or a new customer that will lead to a best friend. But if you are too impatient and send your link straight away, you are not going to connect with them and lose the person. That is a guarantee!!

2- You need to make sure you understand the company you get enrolled with and know the product.. as I always say be the product of the product this way you can talk better and you can be 100% accurate. No point joining many companies, even if they say it’s free; you can’t concentrate and do many affiliates. Choose one wisely, be an expert and once it is all running smoothly you can see if you want to join another affiliate.

3- Build mentor relationship; business is about people, and if you want to build a team you need to build your confidence and show your leadership. Over time, it means working to build trust, set goals and keep the mentoring relationship on track.

4- Make your business fun; Anything you enjoy, you’re naturally going to do a better job and give more of yourself.  Make your daily task something you look forward to rather than simply a responsibility and stress about it. Even the longest days don’t seem so rough if you like what you are doing. Engage with people, make fun of your mistakes, make fun of your bad experiences. Don’t pressure yourself and as I always say, you are not in a race, take your time and spread this enthusiasm to your team and co-worker.


5-  Never stop innovating and creating new things, align your actions with your intentions. Set up your goals, prioritize and be consistent.

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6- And the last point, which is the most important one, make time for Long-Term Planning. Write your goals in phases, this will allow you to track your progress and evaluate your targets. Make some changes in your plan if needed but stay focus and don’t be discourage if you are a bit behind your goals.

Did I forget anything??

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5 tips to gain mastery and build a successful business online

I am going to show you today some tricks to obtain mastery and build a successful business online.

On my last blog I talked about the 4 stages of competences and i invite you to read it, very powerful !!

In summary:

In Stage 1, you need to recognize your own competence and decide if you want to learn – the big risk factor is an unwillingness to learn;

In stage 2, you really want to learn and roll up your sleeves – the big risk factor is the fear of failure or perfectionism and aversion to change;

In stage 3, you know what you have to do –  the big risk factor is simply in not continuing to practice or improve. Doing that you’ll lose your skills and won’t perform effectively;

In stage 4, this is the mastery level where all your skill become “second nature”

Once you reach this level, you should make the commitment to engage in the ” Learn, Do, Teach” method. You will then be a great teacher followed by many people. You can achieve mastery of all these concepts and internalize them.

5 tips to help you gain mastery over these concepts

  • Repetition is the path to mastery: You need to rewire your brain, and make it a commitment to do your daily task. Meditation, learning something new each day, prospecting and engaging with your audience. Remember with repetition comes conviction.
  • Be coachable: If you find difficulty with motivation, you are probably missing either the desire or belief in yourself. If you really want to learn, you can accept change in your life and be willing to be corrected.
  • Engage in the community: Post your questions, share your success even the smallest one. It will give you a boost and help others with their questions. Surround yourself with successful people !
  • Attend events: If you can attend the offline events, this is where the real change happens. There is nothing quite like actually physically being around successful leaders. You have also several online events that you should attend regularly.
  • Invest in Mentorship: If you want massive growth and success in the form of wealth and freedom, you should be a part of a mastermind of top level performers. You should always push yourself and be surrounded with top mentors. Even the top earners are constantly investing in coaching and mentorship

The ultimate X-factor to make more money and multiply your sales is YOU.

You need to be Unique and Valuable.

You need to brand your name, your face, your energy, your confidence, your enthusiasm….

You need to continue building your personal value by investing in yourself. Doing that you’ll increase credibility to others by providing them value with what you are learning.

Build relationship, solve the problems of others, provide them value without any ulterior motives and you will attract success to you like a magnet. Don’t forget, people buy people!!! One of the biggest barrier to sales is the lack of trust, so be yourself and communicate with your prospect without an agenda.

Treat on line just like you would if you were meeting your prospect online. Don’t be pushy or pitchy that will make you come across as desperate and needy. Be courteous, polite and inquisitive. If they subscribed to your newsletter or want to get more information about what you are doing, the way you reach out to people and bring them value, chances are, they are not getting results they want to be getting and you’ll be able to provide them with a solution.

Once you have built rapport by actually having a real conversation and listening to people, they will tell you their challenges…You can then offer them a solution

Exemples: “Hey Jack, I’m so glad we got to connect and I understand your challenge with _____________ because I struggled with that too and felt exactly the same way. Here’s what I found that worked well for me and it might work well for you too, would you like me to send you some information on it?”

9 out of 10 times you will get a positive response when you do this right and many of those whom you send the information too will buy from you. Even if you don’t benefit from the sales they will respect you for what you have done.

Also another little tips to see where your audience is and what page they like, go to your Facebook profile, Manage adverts and go to audience insights

Once you know your niche, select the location, age and gender and interest. Then you can see on Page likes where your audience is and you can prospect people from these pages. Don’t pitch, build relationship!!!

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Define and Leverage your target audience

With the number of social network users worldwide at 2.34 Billion today, I am going to show you how you can leverage these statistics at your advantage to reach your target audience.

You’ve got to determine who your target audience is in order to engage with them effectively. Who will benefit your product or service ? What problem are you solving? Does it meet a specific need? Is your brand unique? You need to ask all this questions before you send your information and reach out the best audience. Once you have done that, draw your followers to a funnel to start getting your list.

1- Finding Your Ideal Customer

Imagine the perfect customer and ask these questions:

  • age group you want to target
  • specific demographicbanner-1018105_1920
  • if they have children
  • career
  • interests and hobbies
  • income level
  • specific geographical area

The better you get to know your customers, the more accurately you can serve them, help them to their needs. That way you will get free marketing because they will be your recurring customers that will share their stories. Gather enough information about them through your records; where they live, what quantity they usually purchase, what time of the day they are online, etc…

If you start a new business and don’t know who you are helping, go to Think With Google – source for insights, trends and research in digital marketing –  where you’ll get a lot of information.

2- Target the Right Media

When you have a clear picture of your ideal customer, it is easier to determine where you’ll find your prospects. Do some research to know which platform your audience would be using. For example, if you target women, 76% of women use Facebook versus 66% of men – among top 50 brands’ followers on Instagram, 53% are women. Click on the link above to see very interesting statistics that will help you gather enough information to choose the right platform for your ideal customer. The millennials now are using a lot Snapchat, consider it if you want to reach out to them. 280 Million active YouTube accounts with 54% users are men. If you are selling life insurance, twitter would be the best platform to use because it reaches an older audience .. so do your homework before you send information online because it might be a waste of time and might discourage you to stick with your business.

Consider also the way you are going to send your information, even if your customers are on social media, they use their mobile phone most of the time which means they can’t jump from one application to another one. Avoid to put links which require a different app, they might have it on their desktop but not on their android or iPhone. Use mobile-friendly platform to send your information to make sure your audience will get it.

3- Determine what your customers needs and engage with them

How your product or service can provide a solution to your audience? Is your customer a tech savvy? Is your ideal customer love traveling? Again, ask yourself all this questions to know what type of information you need to send on social media.

If your audience need to build their business online and need to get more leads, the best way to help them is to create an offer with free download in exchange of their email address or subscription on your website. You can also do a blog, a pillar content, an eBook, always ask for an email address that will help you build your list… As you know your list is your income.

Coupons and deals also attract people, so if you have a product, create a post with a price giving or “buy 2 get 1 free”. If you are targeting retired people, sell them in little quantity as they are in low-budget.

Your goal is to get your audience to stay with you, you want to convert your prospect into long-term paying customers. Engage with them all the time and make them feel special !

These are all examples but the basic idea remain:

  • find whom you want to target and serve
  • find the best ways to help them
  • engage with them and make them feel special

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Tips to reach more Followers on Instagram

Instagram has now 600 Millions Users and is the second platform after Facebook. If you want to know more about how to get followers or want to start, here are some insights that might help you being an expert on Instagram and reach the right followers.

I really like Instagram because there is a lot of engagement and if you give the right content, you can grow your followers really fast.

The advantage with Instagram, is that you don’t need to spend hours, very simple and convenient. If you put effort into it, you definitely get some results.

How to do your bio for maximum impact and get followers?

  • Use emoji
  • Call to Action should be your free offer directed to a capture page
  • Always put your website or blog or ecommerce on your bio but not on the clickable link

Once your bio is well done and catchy with the proper Call to Action, you are going to post at least once a day. It is the same as the other platform, you need consistency to make sure you reach your maximum prospects. Use insights view to see Who is following you.

If you just start using instagram, you would need to get a few posts done to see in your insights where are your followers, age group, gender, best time to post and day – click on  and you will be able to manage more your followers and your posts.


Tools you can use to help you build your IG – Instagram

  • Lumyer (free) : photo video editor and cool selfie effect – that can be used to send to your Instagram accounts, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc…
  • Word Swag ( I paid $4.99, but differs depending where you are): Very useful to have pics already downloaded from pixabay and have your watermark or logo done for you. In two twos, you have a nice, professional picture with a quote and your watermark
  • Giphy Inc (free) : you can search for animation of your choice, or create your own
  • Rip(free):The app allows you to create Canva-like images, but with animated features
  • Hootsuite (free for 3 platforms): you can manage your post and send them to your different platform.
  • Followers (free): With Followers on Instagram, you can see who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, who you aren’t following back, and more!

Tips to improve the reach of your Instagram:

  • Know who is your target – go to search, use # to target your audience. You’ll find the right people to connect with
  • Stay consistent – minimum one post a day
  • Post valuable image/video/stories
  • Use hashtags relevant to your business
  • Engage with your followers – reply to each comment
  • Grow your followers daily – like 3-5 posts each day of one prospect, write a comment on one of the post and follow the prospect. This person will follow you back.
  • Thank You Messages to all your followers

You can follow 7500 people but you can get as many followers you want.

Also to find people in your niche, go to search, on top put your specific requirement, then check people, tags or places

There are new features which are Instagram stories and live

  • You can do a Live up to one hour but it is gone straight after you finish your video from your timeline… I would recommend you to do it, it becomes very popular and it is very good for engagement.
  • Stories: It last 24hours and you can send pics, quick tips, lifestyles, alerts for webinars, special promos, inspirational quotes ==>> be creative and  engage with your followers.

How to promote your posts?

Your Instagram business profile has to be set up with your Facebook Business Profile Page. It is very easy to set it up, link them and it does it automatically. Then you can choose when you boost your posts on Facebook if you want it to be also boosted on Instagram.

Same as Facebook with Instagram boost or promoted posts, you have to choose your audience, choose the age group, countries… and pay for it depending how many days you want it to be activated. It is $100 for 30 days or you could do by days or week which would be more expensive.

To choose which post you want to boost, you can see in “view insights” how many people liked it, number of comments, how many people reached, engagement… You can choose also the button you want your followers to use.

Little tips to get more engagements:

  • Put your picture with your logo/watermark up
  • First comment: put the tags you want to use..
  • Second comment: put your engagement, and redirect them to your bio or put your Call to Action
  • Like your image, your comments.. that will bring already some engagement to your profile and boost your Organic Reach with the new Instagram Algorithm.
  • And follow the people you want to become, in your niche… see what they do and do the same … spy, it doesn’t hurt 🙂

I hope you got some good value; like, share or leave me a comment. If you want some information about the tools or if you want more details about how to do your bio, just connect with me and i’ll be happy to help.



Paid traffic versus Free traffic

What is the difference between Paid traffic and Free traffic??

You need to do an ad that doesn’t look like one. You need to find a picture that will be appealing to your audience. But first you need to know who your audience is, then craft your ad with a description where you incorporate either pain or benefits and use curiosity in the first few sentences. You then write the body where you would highlight more benefits using mental triggers and influence with a clear message that you can solve the problem. Don’t forget the Call to Action where you stipulate what your audience need to do.

Once the ad is done you have the choice between Paid traffic or Free traffic. 

Paid traffic is the fastest way to promote but most of the time we start with free traffic because we don’t know where to start. Free traffic is using Facebook platform, blogging, doing some video marketing, etc…. But Free is not really free because you have to spend some time and you can’t get back on time….

That being said, it doesn’t mean free traffic is something to be ignored. Remember, we’re in business… and any real business, requires investing in advertising… That’s the way businesses work… and that’s what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

That is when we start talking about Pipeline Marketing.

(Source Here)

Pipeline marketing is the next evolution of lead generation that focuses on connecting marketing and sales data to enable decision making and goals based on revenue. The more “leads” you add to your pipeline and the better you are at building relationships and following up, the more likely you will be get the business of prospective buyers and sellers. You absolutely can and should optimize your campaigns to increase your traffic and get more leads for less money.

It’s absolutely critical to have realistic expectations and an understanding of how pipeline marketing works, so I have 10 tips right now…

  • Create a budget, you need to invest in advertising. If you don’t have much money to spare, be creative. I am sure you can skip your coffee in Starbucks in the morning, or skip a meal out with friend to help you save some money to advertise.
  • Learn the basic to launch your first campaign
  • Get it started even if you don’t think it is perfect
  • Ask for help; your community or your upline, mentor
  • Continue learning, the more you know about how to do ads and the better you’ll become
  • Test, optimize and improve
  • Make it a A game!!
  • Be consistent
  • Celebrate every win
  • NEVER QUIT !!!!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts , leave me a comment !!


How to create a Powerful Social Marketing Strategy

To create a successful business, you need to have a Powerful Social Marketing Strategy. To do so, you need to bring massive action and stay consistent but also you need to follow some steps that will help you succeed:

  • Write your goals: Know exactly what you want to accomplish and what you need to do to get there. Every Monday, you should set up your activity goals to keep track of what you are doing and celebrate on Friday, even if it is a little win. If you are way too far your activity goals, reassess the following week but keep consistent and stick to the routine.
  • Determine your vision: Draw it, do a vision-board. The main purpose of doing that is the fact that you need to feel it, as if you are living already your dream, your vision
  • Define your audience: You need to know what they like, dislike, what motivates them, what struggle they have, their pain, how old they are, etc… The more you know about your audience, the more you’ll be able to define who they are and market in the right place and also solve their problems.
  • Choose the right platform: Before you start going all over the place, choose the platform where you are more comfortable but also the platform where your audience is, to get customers and distributors. I would recommend to start on Facebook if you are a newbie and don’t know exactly what you are doing; the reach is massive, the age group is spread out and you’ll find all your prospects from nearly any marketplace you choose.
  • Create a content strategy: Once you have define your audience and know their pain and problems, you have to bring value to them. Be an expert on your niche, be an authority figure. You want to be like a library full of content that will help your audience to overcome their problems. Once you start getting people, engage with them, build relationship, and sell your service or product. Consistency is key so every single day you need to show up on your timeline.

You are building your brand, not the company you are representing! You want to come across as a credible authority; be yourself, and always engage with people. If you do Facebook live, ask questions, engage with the people that listen to your video. The more you know about your audience, the more you can help and get customers. 

  • Create a routine: Everybody is different, and you can’t compare yourself with the big leaders. If you have a job and you try to build your business part-time you won’t have the same time to build your business as the person that is a full time marketer. Same for mums at home with small babies won’t have the same time as the mums with teenagers. So you need to get into a routine. Try to dedicate a day and prepare your post for the week. The small ones like pictures or quotes that will fill your timeline nicely ~~ Even if you put only one post on your timeline, think about it, write great content and don’t put only the picture and quote; add something personal with value ~~  For the bigger task like blogs, i would recommend you to write it in the morning because usually they are the task we don’t like to do and if we wait too late during the day, you’ll find some excuses not to do it 🙂 I feel the same sometimes. Get rid of all the distractions when you do that. You want to spend more time prospecting and connecting with your new leads than creating value, go where the money is!

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”   

Anthony Robbins

  • Track your results: As I said earlier you have to write your goals, short terms and long terms. You need to track the results and see when is the best time to post, when is the best time to do the videos, etc… You can see all the analyses on the Facebook insight. Also i would recommend you to do a bitly link to track the views, where they are coming from and which platform… you can also utilize pixels on your website to track all of your visitor data so that you can optimize your campaigns and get better results.
  • Engage and grow your business: Once you have the system in place, you need to really put yourself out-there, be patient, stay consistent and always put positivity in your posts. You want your audience to see you are passionate and you know your business. Build relationship with your prospects, but don’t wait too long to talk about your business. Don’t use a script, it will show; always put something personal. You want to do the conversions from cold market to warm market to hot market within days!!

Let me know if you got value, but remember a social media marketing plan is never permanent. It will always evolve and change as your business grows and you learn what does and doesn’t work. Reassess from time to time and make the changes on your funnels or ads if needed.



10 tips that will help you stop procrastinating

Studies show that one-fifth of adults and half of the students procrastinate. Did you know that? Well it is time to stop procrastination right now 🙂

There are 2 kind of procrastinators:

  • Active procrastinators who are people that postpone their tasks for a later time and are mostly creative to do their last minute work. Stress and panic is not an issue for them, it is their way to deal with things and what drives them. They need this boost of creativity to show their work
  • Passive procrastinators on the other hand would be people that have a level of productivity lower than usual. If you reach that stage, you know that you have a problem and need to resolve it.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous procrastinator. It took him 14 years to finish the Mona Lisa ( 1503-1517)

Procrastination is not a smart choice, it can impact your work, career, relationship and health. The negative impact include increased stress, poorer mental and physical health, worry, guilt, diminished performance. As soon as we experience a discomfort we procrastinate to avoid doing the task. It can be small things like a pile of bills in a drawer that need to be filed, or a drawer in your press that need to be tidied – but it can be something far more important like doing a video/facebook live to improve your business, doing a webinar or a seminar that would get your business to the next level, etc.. !

In the latter situation, you think you are at risk of failure and you will look like a fool if it doesn’t work out. This is a confrontation to an uneasy situation and to feel better you find all sorts of reasons: I am too old, I am goo inexperienced, It is not ready yet, I am too tired,….  is it a déjà vue situation?? Procrastination is here to protect you from the pain, self esteem, pride.

The SOMEDAY becomes NEVER! Don’t fool yourself! Most people wait and see if their situation change but if you don’t do anything and keep doing the same thing over and over unfortunately nothing will ! You have a choice here:  stop procrastinating.

Do you want to inspire people? Do you want to be a role model for your kids?

Make a difference and stop telling yourself that one day you’ll quit smoking, that one day you’ll do this video, that one day you’ll get out of your comfort zone, that one day you’ll clean this garage…. and the list can go on and on and on… I have been there so I know how easy it is to stay behind the curtain and wait that something miraculously will come and bring a change in your life! The timing will never be better than in this right moment! The longer you wait, the harder it will become ! You are going to lose your confidence in the process and nothing will ever change.

Mental problems like depression or anxiety cause also to delay taking actions, get yourself checked and if you need a little help do it. Don’t wait that it gets worse and too late to achieve your dreams. I can talk about it as I thought I would deal about it on my own but after years of being unhappy, I got some help and my life changed drastically!! So please if it is your case, don’t wait!  you are worth it!!

These few tips below will help to get out of this procrastinating state:

  • You need to talk to yourself with kindness: You are a human being so be optimist and don’t be a negative critic to yourself.
  • You don’t think you are good enough: Get some training, do a course, learn something new
  • Prove yourself you can do it and when you do a new task measure well the time, don’t rush and be disappointed
  • Don’t be a perfectionnist, do your task and you will get better the more you are going to do them. Don’t wait perfection or you will never do it
  • Write your goals and give yourself a deadline. Don’t start with huge goals but small ones and stick with it
  • Reward each progress, even the small once – go for a drink, bring your children to the cinema, whatever please you and your family.
  • Visualize the future you want, picture yourself in the situation
  • If you fear doing something Write down how you would feel in one year time if you don’t make a change
  • Build accountability, get a friend, a partner, a team member in your journey – or simple post it on social media so you can’t back off 🙂
  • Act daily, have a routine, momentum is important – You are not in a race so take your time and be consistent

“If you don’t like where you are, change it – You are not a tree ” – Jim Rohn

Do it NOW! you are robbing people of your knowledge, of your happiness. Your career, your family and relationship, your finances and health are all impacted by your procrastination.

I believe in YOU and You should too 🙂 Reach out to me and I’d love to hear how you overcame procrastination.

One love ❤


Why you need a blog to build your business online?

As a marketer you should do a blog and give content that will position you as a leader. Blogging on a frequent basis is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract more perspective customers.

These are some of the reasons;

  • It will show that you are an expert in your field and people will be attracted to you. It will build your confidence and the more you are going to write the better you’ll become. Nobody started with a perfect blog, so jump if you want to improve your credibility and generate more leads.
  • It will improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and increase traffic to your website. If you use the Elite Marketing pro blog, you can put some links on EMP call of Action trainings, campaigns, you put your website links and connect people to your brand.
  • It will bring more visitors on your website and gain new customers. Blogging allows you to connect with your visitors and develop relationships with your potential and existing customers. It will help drive traffic to your website
  • Every time you do a blog post, you create an opportunity for your audience to share your blog with others. Free marketing Yay!!!! and it will give you more credibility.
  • It will help convert traffic into leads, get a call of action and gets to a landing page which contains a form for them to fill in with their information, this way you start to generate leads.

In summary, blogging will help you get discovered via Social Media. Each blog will create contents that people can share on social networks which helps expose your business to your audience.

If you don’t have time to do a lot of blogs it is not that important, think this way, once a week makes 52 at the end of the year. The more you’ll do the faster you’ll get and then you’ll be able to do many a week.

Little trick, if you have a day off and you decide to do a few, you can schedule them so you can space them out so you still have some exposure on your timeline and keep your media presence.

Consistency is key to keep your audience forming a bond with you.

Hope it helped you make a decision and start your blog. If you need any help to set up one or want some information, leave me a comment

So when do you start??