Consistency is the key to success in your business

Consistency is a must as you build and grow your business.

The best business plans will fail without a dedication to consistency.

Consistency is key to your success, you cannot drop one post/email one day and disappear for a few weeks. You won’t build your team or your network this way but you cannot also be available 24/7/365. You need some balance!!

This blog is part 3 out of 7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

When you sell a product or provide a service, being consistent seems like an obvious priority. Bring value to your customers, send them updates and just show up often.

1- You need to recruit new team members: For your network marketing, you need to invite people regularly to see your presentation. Without consistency, you won’t get new members, and without new members you won’t have a profitable business. First send an email/message to the person that might be interested to your business… PLEASE NO LINKS …. just say as an example

“Hi …, I am working on a pretty cool project and I just wanted to check with you if you would be open to look at it and would love your feedback”

Once you have send this, wait for an answer and if it is positive send them a link… now don’t forget to follow up because if you don’t, you would never know if they are interested… if you send them an email weeks later, well you might have missed the opportunity to get this person on your team…

2- You need to inspire your team: Rather than spending loads of time telling your team what to do, let your actions show them what they should do. If you want to inspire your team, the best way to do so is by your actions, your consistency and the way they see you recruiting new reps. Do some 3 ways call with your team member when they have new customers, but don’t spend too much time. Your team need to understand you cannot do 3 ways call for hours with each of your team members. So the best way is to get into the call for the last 5-10 min and help closing up. They will see your efficiency and leadership.  And also do at least one webinar/training calls per week with your team member. Talk about duplication so they can start with their own team to do same.

3- Be focus on your “Why”: You need consistency to achieve your goal and your Why is your fuel!!! Be disciplined enough to consistently seek your goals. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and don’t think that if you make the effort for 3 weeks posting on your social media, you can disappear for weeks after. Always remind yourself your WHY you started this business and what will be the outcome. You don’t know who is watching you, and even if you don’t get much engagement, you have an audience, and they listen to what you have to say; And maybe months later, they will contact you because they see you as a leader because you are doing what you said you would do, you are consistent and bring value.

So how to be more consistent? 

After 3-4 weeks, we start to be less consistent because we lose motivation or we get lazy or we don’t see results straight away and we fall behind. To avoid it:

  • Keep visualizing your “Why”
  • Get one thing done at a time. Master it and start another project. If you start posting in all platform, or get starting with videos, blogs, live, etc… from the start of your new project, you’ll be overwhelmed and you won’t achieve your goal
  • Schedule your posts, write on your board the tasks you need to do per day/per week. You need to build your life around your business; if you have an important meeting, or date put it in your calendar

“Don’t Prioritize your Schedule, Schedule your priorities” – Steven Coven

  • Don’t listen to the voice in your head, saying that you don’t have to do it, or get shortcut, or you don’t want to work . You need to push yourself. I have this little voice sometimes and it is hard to resist 🙂
  • If you don’t do a task or you are behind with your plan, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll find a way to catch up !!

I would like to hear from you! What’s one idea or strategy you are using to become more consistent?

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The 7 Rules of Sales Success

The main rule before you try to sell anything is to understand, use and be confident when talking about your product or services. Keep it simple and show your feelings, your customers want to be attracted to you and even if you mess up, say sorry. Be on time and do what you say you will do when you said you would do it…

If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal. Zig Ziglar

To promote and close your sales, you need to:

  • Keep your mouth shut and listen. Don’t talk about yourself, your business or product. You want to introduce yourself as a human being not a Sale machine 🙂
  • Ask questions. People dont’ care how great you are, how much money you are making; they want to know why they should be part of your team or buy your services/products. So be curious, ask about the product they are already using, ask questions to understand what they need so you can give them a solution
  • rules-of-salesSpeak to your prospect naturally as if it is a friend or a family member.. no script. Keep your posture and listen
  • Pay close attention of what your prospect isn’t saying. They might be in a hurry but don’t want to tell you so they will half listen and you are going to waste your time
  • Answer briefly to the questions they ask you
  • After assessing the needs of your prospects, then you can give them a solution and tell what you can offer them. But don’t ramble for too long, let them time to think about it and if they are ready you can help them to sign up.
  • Don’t push people to join your business, ask them if there is any problem and why they wouldn’t join you. However when they do join your company, motivate and reward them.


Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.Mary Kay Ash

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The most common mistakes on Facebook Posts

Social Media is huge and Facebook is one of the main platform which attracted 1,712 million users from February 2004 to September 2016 ( source )

A Facebook post can send the wrong message if you use it badly. I pointed out a few common mistakes:

# 1 Too much content in your ad. If your post is too long, most of the time your audience won’t read it till the end. You have to put value to target them. Quality is always better than Quantity.

#2 Too many links. Don’t put 2 links in the same ad. It brings confusion even if your links are related. Each post should include one call-to-action to achieve one goal. Little tip:  Use shortlinks, no full URLs, I use

#3 Don’t promote directly your product. Again put some value to your post, put an entertaining picture or photo representing your product with your link. Curiosity will bring them to click on it.

#4 Answer and follow up your post. Always monitor your posts and answer the questions, even if it is negative feedback respond with your personal tone, no big statement like a corporate comment. Be yourself!

#5 Don’t ask your audience to like or share your posts. That’s a big NO, you sound like a begger!!! It gives no real value and interest without a proper reason to share or like your page/post. You need to interact with your audience and put an incentive.

#6 Use of hashtags Facebook is not a big fan of hashtags, so don’t put millions of them on your posts, it looks spammy. Put 1 or 2 that are relevant to your post. Don’t put the hashtag in the middle of the sentence and remove them if you share  your instagram post 

#7 Sharing. Always share your personal content on your fanpage but no sharing on groups, you pass for being very lazy. Copy/Paste is not that difficult !

In conclusion, take your time to do your post, choose the right picture, the right photo, change your link, acknowledge all the comments and respond, BE YOURSELF!!!!