Thoughts become things

For the umpteeth time yesterday I watched the Secret. Never get tired of it!! 🤗

Everything is energy; you, your mind and your body. But as you can control your body, you can also control your mind. You are like a magnet so take power of your thoughts to create your happy future and get what you want in life. 😎

One Love ❤️

5 Steps You should do to live Your dreams !

Either you are doing Network Marketing as a full time job or part time, you have to follow these steps to be able to live your dream!!!

This ‘Top Earner Blueprint’ requires just over 4 hours per day

These are daily action you should practice and depending the time you have you can cut each step in half. If you say you don’t have at least 2 hours per day to work on your dream, you have 2 options…

* Get resourceful and find a few 30-minute pockets of time during your day to work on your dream.

* Get up an hour earlier & stay up an hour later to work on your dream.

Step 1: 10 MINUTES – Your VISION – Meditation & Visualization

Sit down first thing in the morning to visualize, mentally rehearse, and step into the vision of your future potential that sets every single cell in your body on fire. You can put some meditation music or inspirational music to help you focus. Believe in yourself, relax and see you and your family in the future. VISUALIZE !!!! You must get up a different person. You goal is to sustain this new state of being throughout the day. Be consistent, each day do it, if you have time do it twice, in the morning and in the evening. I like going to bed with some meditation music to relax and put positive energy while I sleep.

Step 2: 15 MINUTES of personal growth, personal development

Read books, follow some trainings, tutorials and audios to grow your mindset. Developing your mind is very important to gain your millionaire mind!! Work on YOU, feed yourself with positive, inspirational energy! You can listen to a podcast, in our community we have 20 min each day of personal development call for example. You can listen to Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Gary V, .. find the right people that will give you the boost each day to focus, and go towards your dreams!!!

Step 3: 1 HOUR – Learn something new, or attend to a training each day

Learn a new skill or try to get on a training every day for an hour, learn about how to set up your blog, how to generate more leads, prospecting, video marketing, copywriting, anything that would help you to learn something new to help you build your business. But stay focus on one platform, don’t start learning different media and be all over the place; try to plan all your trainings and follow them to be an expert on your platform.


The key is to be consistent!!!!


Knowledge without execution is worthless. Turn the knowledge you gain each day into CONTENT that builds your audience, business, and income. Do a blog post about what you just learned, a Facebook Live to share with your audience, a webinar to teach your team; try to be creative and again be consistency is the key!!! Whenever you consume, CREATE!!!

Invest – Learn – Teach

Step 5:  2 HOURS – Networking, Connecting with New People, Prospecting & Recruiting

This is where the money is!!!! You want to connect with people, get them on the phone, do some zoom call, skype call… Share your screen, offer your product, your services… Get as many exposures on your business and product presentations as possible. Share your live video on Facebook groups if it is your platform, Share your blogs on the blog exchange syndication to get more followers, Do some funnels to get your list, because MONEY is in your LIST !!!!!

Your business is the customers you serve, and you must build relationships if you want to build long-term customers that pay you for years.

BUSINESS in any industry is nothing more than marketing and innovation.

Follow these 5 steps that the top earners do and you will finally LIVE YOUR DREAM !!

If you got some value and want some help to set up your daily routine, leave me a comment i’ll be happy to help you.


Why posture is important for your business?

Today, I am going to talk about posture, and not only the physical posture that is important for your health but also the right posture you need to get when you talk about your business to get credibility in your business and seen as a leader.

This blog is part 4 out of 7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

Body language and physical posture

We do spend a lot of time in front of the computer and sitting down. So it is important that you get your screen just in front of you, so higher up your laptop if you can. Also get the right chair and be comfortable.

1- Good posture improves your productivity: you don’t want to spend days going to the physio to fix your back. Proper posture is also associated with other health benefits, like higher levels of energy, lower stress and higher concentration and reduce migraine or headaches.

2- Posture boosts your confidence: your body language and posture will make you more confident. The fact that you open your chest by pushing your shoulders back and lifting your head, you will feel with greater confidence and power.

3- Posture improves communication: some stats suggest that speech only makes up about 20 to 30% of communication.The rest of the information is conveyed non-verbally, by tone of voice, facial expressions, eye-contact, gestures, how we stand, and so on.

Posture and attitude

Your posture is a reflection of your attitude. You should care about others’ perceptions of you, you want to do things the right way, because conscientious people do good work, they report high self-efficacy which show good work performance. Conscientious people are more prone to be reliable, won’t break promises and won’t quit at the first problem.

You need to take this attitude if you want to grow your business. You need to be confident with your company, product and like what you are doing. Your audience will definitely see if you are not passionate with your product/service. Good ethics also have an impact on how well a business performs in the long term.

In our culture today it’s all about “me, me, me”. The reality is that nobody is going to help us unless we do something for them. That is why it is very important you build relationship with your audience/customers before you even talk about your business.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”– Dale Carnegie

1- Always ask how open your prospect is before you send a link. You don’t want the person to unfriend you on facebook or lose a friend of you because you started pitching him. You want to keep your posture and if the person says no, just reply no big deal and that’s it … move on. You don’t want to be seen as a pushy desperate person.

2- You make the decision: when making an appointment, as a leader you have to give a choice of time, don’t let your audience see you are free all day, all week. It doesn’t reflect on someone busy and growing a business. You need also to make the decision if you think the person is fit to come to your organization or not.

 3- Build relationship to be prepared: as you get to know your prospect, get ready to answer all the questions. So do your homework before about the product, the company and what they could see on the internet.. even the bad review. Be Prepared!! This way you won’t lose posture in front of the person and it will show your knowledge as a leader.
4- Surround yourself with positive people: Finding a good balance with your emotions is crucial to being a happy and successful person. One tactic that successfully positive people have is to ignore and reject negative thoughts that enter the mind. If you are in contact with toxic people, try to stay far away from them. Same with negative comment, always take your time to answer – don’t respond straight away, you’ll be emotional and you might answer something that will show the person you lost control, don’t confront someone’s negativity with your own negativity  – so take your time, read a few times out loud and answer with a genuine, polite answer and try to understand why they reacted this way. If you can check the credential of this person and what happened in the past that made this person react this way, try to understand how they feel and validate it.  Always respond with positivity and be true to yourself. They might agree with you afterwards or not.  You can’t force anyone to like you, or like your company. Respect other people opinion, just say what you have to say and move on if you are a pessimist person in front of you. You don’t want to have this kind of person in your team.
As a summary, Posture will  boost productivity, encourage business relationships, motivate others and present transcription business ideas with an impact.


The Top 10 Engaging Posts

How to create a thriving social media posting plan for maximum profits

Grow – Engage – Promote

If you start promoting your business without engaging with your audience, you won’t build a long term business. I am going to give you some examples of top engaging posts. If you want to spread even more your chance of getting more people, you can boost your post from your Business Page.

It’s important to understand that there will be a learning curve to network marketing online. But that’s how it is with anything new, and it will be well worth your time and effort. Remember to set a strategy in place and maintain consistency with your social media posts.

Engagement can be defined by a Like, Share and Comment. Make posts that don’t contain links, but have all of the content housed within the post – including images, video and text. Network marketing online, when done right, gets prospects coming to YOU asking about your business.

Here are 10 post ideas that will help you build relationship with your audience and get more engagement:

1- Questions

This type of post encourages people to think about how they would act or what they would do in certain situations. It’s a fun way for people to use their imagination and engage with your posts in a friendly manner. Choose issues and situations that your target market is likely to run into. Nostalgia also is a great way to engage people

  • What do you think ….. is the #1 reason….
  • What’s your favorite way to …. (you can judge what would be working best for your business)
  • When I have a job interview coming up, I ______
  • Which training would help you more ….
  • Remember when you had to actually remember your friend’s phone numbers?
  • Just curious, who’s on twitter these days – send the training to the leads
  • If I showed you …   Comment below
  • If I had an unlimited marketing budget, I would ________

2- Opinions

  • In your opinion, what makes someone successful with ….
  • Need your feedback; Which logo/picture/dress ….. do you like best
  • Which one drives most people? …. or …..

When you send these types of posts, you need also to be ready for people’s opinion. While a friend/follower tell you what they think, it’s important that you listen to what they have say and actually hear it, you can use paraphrase in your own words so your follower knows you’re listening and absorbing the information.

3- Inspiration

Daily Quotes can be a source of inspiration and empowerment, that is a proven fact. One of the most common post types you see when looking through social media pages is inspirational quote posts. You can use diverse way to show your audience.

  • Motivational images, quotes, audios
  • Inspiring videos – go to Youtube (Les Brown, Tony Robbins, …)
  • Inspiring articles (success magazine, Forbes, your own blog post)

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to generating engagement, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message.

4- Vulnerability

People are hungry for vulnerability, authenticity, consistency. If something is up in your life and you can’t be online for example, share it with your audience. By being more vulnerable and opening up about your struggles, you begin to create a community of people who struggle with the same things, and you start to build a support network or by you sharing a troubling moment in your life or a certain challenge, you’re opening a door for others to connect with you

5- Straight talk/rant

Your talk/rant should be a teachable moment. Don’t put any negativity, it has to be inspiring too. Avoid talking about politics and religion. You don’t want your timeline to be a debate.

6- Fill in the blank 

This type of post gets people thinking about upcoming events and times and if executed right, you can use it to give an idea of what your product is about. This will push people to suggest the types of products they like to use that you sell.

Best example: Take JetBlue. The airline experimented with fill in the blank status updates as part of their Facebook content strategy. Over a six-week period, JetBlue incorporated a fill in the blank post every 7-10 days like the one that appeared on March 26 and coincided with the release of The Hunger Games: If your city could be any district, it would be ______________. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Freedom to me means ….
  • The first thing I do  in the morning is ….
  • …… inspires me
  • The best thing I ever did in my life was ….

See some examples HERE

7- Lifestyle/curiosity

Put something about yourself, your family. Your audience want to see who you are, not only a network marketer working long hours, but a normal human being 🙂

Share a story or experience that people can identify with and then end with a question that prompts them to want to ask how they can achieve or attain the end goal of what it is that you are promoting. Stories express things in simple terms that people are already familiar with and can easily relate to.

8- Caption a photo

This is fun and simple post that is 90% visual and 10% text. Find a funny pic, and ask you audience to leave a commentary:

“Caption this!! I challenge you to give me the best caption for this photo!! “

A great place to find photos for this is the Reddit “sub-reddit” /r/pics. The photos at the top with the most votes already have proven their power to engage people, so they’re usually a good choice.

9- Announcement post 

Before making a big announcement, get creative with a series of social media posts to build anticipation. Send a post when you have a new training, a new webinar and try to get a pictures with all the people in the room once you do your training. Zoom calls are great for that.

Your audience will see how many people are interested to your training and they might also know someone which will give you more exposure.

10- What’s HOT!

This is why it is very important you are always training yourself to know what is happening in the Network Marketing industry, what is happening with social media. The algorithm is changing all the time and if you don’t follow up, you might lose some time.

The industry and market are changing over time. The whole environment is changing over time. So, the business will need to change themselves over time. Because of that, you as an entrepreneur will need to follow trends related to your business.

Share, like, comment if you got value or if you have another idea for engaging post


The 7 laws of Influence to persuade more people to say YES

The Law of Influence: The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.

John C. Maxwell.

This law states that the greatness of a leader is not measured by the amount of money one makes or position one has, but by the amount of lives one influences.

Each time you are in front of people, or ready to get on a phone call or a zoom conference, remember your WHY! Visualize your dream, imagine, live your dream. Then follow these few laws that will help you get more people on board with your business

1- Law of Connection: It’s a powerful law because we only do business with or buy from those we feel a sense of connection with. We buy from people we like, know and trust. Connecting with your prospect is crucial to be able to stay in this business. You need to show authenticity and your true self. Don’t try to be someone else and you’ll attract people suitable for you. Tell your story and bring them to your journey!!

It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. —LEONARDO DA VINCI

2- Law of Desire: You want to create powerful desire and motivation. While connecting with them, show them the life they could get if they were financially independent.

3- Law of Value and consistency: You want to bring solutions to your prospects challenges. Offer value like trainings, courses, coaching programs,… Be consistent and you will attract the right people to you.

4- Law of Social Proof: Show your prospects some testimonials, case studies, reviews about your product or service. People join an organisation or buy a product because of what people are saying about it.

5- Law of Respect: It will be easier for people to buy something from you if there is some respect. Be recognized as an expert and a person with credibility and transparence – even if you are new in this industry. Share story of others, interviews, quotes, ..

6- Law of Reciprocity: If you provide value without expecting anything, people will want to reciprocate by giving you their business.

7- Law of Scarcity: Always put a time frame, or limited quantity on offer. Or you can also do a special two for the price of one sale.

I hope you will take these concepts and use them to build your own business. I’d love to hear from you.


How to share your product without offending people?

How to approach someone with your products without offending them or pointing out the obvious problem. If you are in weight loss industry, this is the big question!

How to approach your relatives, or friends or prospects telling them they need to lose weight and your product is going to help them. Same with skin care, you can’t really approach someone and say they look wrinkly or they have blemishes!!!

I am going to give you a few tips that will help you to be more tactful 🙂

1- Share your personal story and that is why it is important that you use your product! Always be the product of the product. People will notice if you use it and they will tell you how well you are…That way it is much easier to share what you have to sell and get customers. Proof is just in front of them!!

2- Share third party stories; If you don’t have a personal story sharing other people ones can be very impactful!! Do the Before and After pictures; gather some testimonials. It helps your prospect to relate better to their own problems and activate emotions and curiosity. Try to use stories about your downline or upline, not the one from the company that is there for everybody to see. Your prospects don’t want to see the figures and benefits… Find a way to say it without being boring.

3- Talk about your product saying you are using it and ask a question that can be an open conversation. For example, you are using a new facial product and you find it great, ask your prospect what they use and what they like about it, then talk about yours… Always start with a question, this way you’ll understand better their needs and it will be easier to share your product. Don’t be abrupt and rude… you will only push away your prospect!

4- Once you have a few people using your products, create a group if you are on Facebook and tell your people to put their own testimonials, and pictures. This way when you get prospect, you can easily add them to the group and they will see all the great stories

It is very important that you put yourself in front of the right people that are seeking the benefits of your product…

I would love to hear from your experience and how you approach people with your products!


What you need to know to become an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy path for a lot of people. Some would prefer to be doing a 9-5 job and have nothing to think about or do after these hours. As I always say, everybody is different and has different perspective. However if you want to be an entrepreneur and a successful one, you need to change attitude and mindset. It can be challenging, overwhelming and also questionable at times.

1- As the start, you need to set your goals – long term and small term –  but also you need to know the WHY that drives you to become an entrepreneur. This Why will be the flames that will keep you focus when you’ll be doubting about yourself or when you’ll want to quit. Create a business plan – realistic- with knowledge of your niche/people you want to target and choose wisely the company you want to work with.

2- You need to be strong in your mindset; you’ll find some people very nasty and you have to feel like telling them “I don’t care”. Also make yourself strong enough that you can deal with failure, disappointment and frustration. Your resilience will define the ability to recover from setbacks. If you are too sensitive, emotional you will quit at the first challenge. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone,

3- Discipline and consistency; as an entrepreneur, you absolutely need to be consistent. You can’t start something and come back a week after. You need to bring value, everyday. For that you can schedule your posts, your emails, and be present on social media. Facebook live or instagram live are great ways to bring value, it is very easy to use and you can instantly edit it on Facebook, however it disappear when you are finished with instagram. You might need to make some sacrifice also with your family when you’ll need to attend events, or webinars …. Always remember the WHY you started !!

4- You need to make your prospects/team members the ability to feel special; If your team is happy and feel good about what they bring to the society, to the people around them, they will work better and together as a team. You want to reward when they do something great, and the same with your clients, if they feel great around you, they will stay with you and buy from you. People buy people !!

5- Marketing and Training; If you get some training, have a coach you will be able to bring value and duplicate your knowledge. You have to follow a training and structure so you won’t waste time looking at everything and nothing… Educate yourself continually to bring value and when your prospects and team members will see what you achieve they will want to join you/your service. Always post your success !

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” – Mark Zuckerberg,

6- Prospecting; build your list.. I always say it, the money is in your list. Get new people in your list each day !! Pay attention to your list. You want to build relationship with your audience and keep engaging with them. If you advertise on Facebook, or other multimedia, test your images, your texts, and try to find what is working for you, your service or company.

7- Leadership; you need to show authority figure and influence. You have to inspire your team members all the time and encourage them.To be successful you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed. Communication and team building is very important so you can show duplication which will bring a consistent revenue.

In summary, work hard but smart – be creative – duplicate and build the right team.. and don’t give up !!

If you think of anything else and want to share with me, leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to connect with you


The Shiny Object Syndrome

In Network Marketing, it is difficult to overcome the struggle with so many distraction around us. It is called the Shiny Object Syndrome!

I have seen this a lot, and I had to go through with one of my mentor  for 2 years. We were changing companies every 6 months. For me it was very unsettled and I didn’t get much results, but at that time I didn’t what else to do.

Switching companies every 6 months or less is not going to bring you much success. You lose momentum, credibility and even respect.

So why this people are still doing it? They usually want to get success and expect way too much in a short period of time. They have no patience to build a team and most of the time, once they reach a certain amount of people in their downline, they expect it to work on its own and get residual income. Well it doesn’t work like that!  What happens is, you get your distributor frustrated with follow up and they end up quitting. That is also very bad for the industry of Network Marketing.

Successful people stay with the same company for at least 3-5 years and more. That is when they can build profitable business. To get success, you need to change your mindset, Nothing happen overnight!!

“Don’t get distracted by the shiny object [and if a crisis comes], execute on the fundamentals.”

See a few points that will help you overcome this Shiny Object Syndrome. It applies also with daily task that will get you focused to reach your goal faster, so you won’t want to change companies.

1- Make a list of what you want to do each day. If you see something distracting you, write it down and read it when you are finished with your tasks. Don’t forget multi-tasking is a myth and you need to focus to go faster. Do your hardest, and longest task in the morning so you’ll be finished and done in no time.

2- You need to do a training each day, try to stick with one. If you start with Facebook platform, get to master it before you move to another platform, even if you see a nice training on Twitter. You won’t be able to implement it and you are going to lose a few hours listening to a training.

3- When you see something that interest you and you see it as a great opportunity, make certain it is going to work for you for the long term and not only a few days. Take a few days to think about it before you make a decision. Ask these questions: Is it worth it? How long to start everything again? How much money will I make in comparison as the one I have? How much training do I need to do before I can understand and start making money?

4- And finally once you have removed all distractions, that you are focus, the most important thing is love what you are doing. Really enjoy and make a blueprint with everything that you need to do to get the best results. Compare your posts, and see what works the best – Check the stats and modify your ads with Facebook paid Ads. Change the layout of your funnel if you want to get more results… You have already everything in place, you just need to tweak a few things to have more success.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.


3 Easy Ways to Leverage Video Marketing Without Being on Camera

In this article I am going to talk about the other way to do video marketing without being on the camera. To achieve your powerful goal, the one you are so scared and excited at the same time, you need to build relationship with your audience, your followers need to see you or start seeing videos from you!!

When we set a goal, we start to rationalize what we want to do and what we have to do ! and that is when we start to feel uncomfortable!!

Ask yourself the big WHY and WHAT will change for you. You need to be grateful and happy to continue attracting the right people to your business. Work on your subconscious mind, it doesn’t know if it is real or not, it doesn’t have the sense of time, it doesn’t have the possibility to know if it is achievable. So my tips, write your goal everyday, draw a picture, put some colors, LIVE your dream goal… Read it out loud so your nervous system will be aware and increase the vibrations

If you are afraid to do Videos or Facebook Live, you have 3 alternatives that will help you to market yourself without being on camera

“The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.”

 Chris Sandoval

1- Screen-sharing video

Screen-share videos are great for tutorials, step by step training. You’ll need software to record your screen. You can use

I would go for the free version of any software when you start and then you can upgrade if you choose the software that appeal to you.

2- Animated videos

Animated videos are very engaging and usually the audience watch until the end. Powtoon is a great software to start with easy tutorials that will help you create high engaging videos. If you want to outsource, you can use fiverr. You have also the option to utilize an independent contractor that will create animated,  cartoon videos for you. You’ll only need to give the script and clear instructions.

3- Powerpoint videos

Powerpoint is one of the easiest way to share your knowledge to your audience. Keep the wording on the slides to the minimum, you don’t want your followers to focus only on reading your slides. Put more images, grid or statistics

So what do you think?? Which videos do you want to start with?? Unless you are already doing some Facebook videos and I would love to see them. Leave me a comment with your Facebook page or Fanpage.


The Law Of Attraction

Hey there,

Today i would like to talk about the Law of Attraction. It’s very useful for everyone, for personal life business growth, health and also wellbeing…

I did a Facebook live video a few days ago and explained why i found it very useful and important to talk about it.

What is Law Of Attraction?

It is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like”, with the idea that by  focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

Psychologists, New Age thinkers and religious leaders have been talking about the Law of attraction for years, but it gained popularity when the book “The Secret” made waves in 2006.

Whether or not you believe in the power of the universe, there is scientific research that proves the effects of positive thinking.

How to use the Law Of Attraction?

  • Decide what you want; it can be a new job, a new girl/boyfriend, a new house, new leads for your business, a new car …. You have to be specific of what you want. If you are unsure of your request or you are unclear the Universe will receive unclear frequency and will send you unwanted results.
  • You need to want it BAD, a real burning desire for its achievement.
  • You have to feel good yourself, this will send positive vibration in the Universe – do some exercise, meditation, spend time with your friends, help others, be thankful for what you have and always having the “glass half full” attitude.
  • Believe that you can do it. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill
  • Feel and visualize your dream every night. What we put into our consciousness just before going to bed literally reprograms our mind and shapes our future.
  • Take massive action; you have to be willing to put some work into it. That is usually the challenge for most people. You can’t change your life and ask the Universe to help you if you are not doing your part of the bargain. The Universe will always reward you.
  • Persevere is also a challenge for most people, the first hiccup, challenge, failure and they stop.

To help you visualize every day of what you want, wish for; you can draw a picture, do a collage, vision board,  put it on your phone, beside your bed, in your room, on the ceiling (that’s the last thing you see before you go to sleep), whatever you want…. Whatever you feel comfortable with …

Write a note stating: “I am happy and grateful that ….”

Always use present tense, no negative terms in your note. Show gratitude and tell the Universe how thankful you are.

Be patient

Imagine an alternative dimension with your dream.

Don’t send a hope but a real request.

If you really believe in it, work for it and do all the steps, your wishes will come true.

It really is that simple!!

Books I would recommend to help guide you;

The Secret – The Power – The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Think and grow rich  – Keys to success by Napoleon Hill

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments, please let me your name and contact informations.