Difference between blog posts, content pillar, and eBook


Blog Posts, Content Pillar and eBooks are 3 ways to put your ideas, your contents on the Internet. But all three have a different structure and purpose.

Blog Post:

It is a place to share your thoughts, your passion, your business. It is your own website where you can express yourself. It is usually a short articles where you can link other blogs. Your audience can leave you some comment and you can interact with them. If you want to make money blogging, it requires a great deal of time, need to be updated regularly if you want it effective at SEO and engaging your readers. Consistency is key when blogging.

Content Pillar:

It is usually used by marketers to drive more traffic on their blogs, to get leads and revenue.  It covers a longer detailed report than the blogs, in-depth articles that solve problem that customers in your niche are having. It is intended to a more educated audience that can tackle more difficult read.

It is an informative piece of content on a specific topic that can be broken in many derivative sections or pieces. You can blog out of the sections or videos to attract your audience in an everyday task. It drives as many as 4 times leads and 3 times closes deals as compared to other marketing campaigns. Before you start doing a content pillar, you need to get a strategy and think well of your content. It needs to have interviews, survey, statistics,… You need to do some research if you really want to reach your audience and give the right value. You can share links from your blogs or even from e-books.


This can be a free giveaway for lead capture systems on your website. You can put many ideas in an eBook vs Content Pillar. It is more casual and has a more engaging tone. It is intended for a broader audience that has time to consume longer-form content. An eBook has the potential to reach a huge amount of customers in your niche through google search, reviews, and feedback.

For all three you can do a funnel when you do your promotion and build your list.


  • 35% of businesses have a documented content strategy
  • 42% of businesses will publish new content at least weekly
  • 55% of businesses will increase their content marketing spend in the next year

( source Here)

If you find the right niche and write the right content, you can transform your business and turn your website into a traffic and lead generation machine.


90 days plan to help you Achieve your Goals

Once you are ready and you know what company or service you want to represent, what will be  your target, and you are ready to use your 5 daily tasks, you need to make a plan. With this 90 days plan you can see how far you can go !!!!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

You need to focus on what you want to do but when you decide to make a plan, you need to follow-up and make it with enough challenge that you won’t be unmotivated! Write some challenges that will put you out of your comfort zone and keep you focus. You need to make sure you are ready to miss out for some outings, your friends coffee mornings, … Be ready to get 90 days with all the focus !!


  • Specific: Define your goal, who, what, where, why, which
  • Measurable: Track your progress
  • Attainable: Is your goal reasonable?
  • Relevant: What needs are you going to bring?
  • Timely: Your step by step day/month/year

The 90 day plan is going to work if you have a

  • Set of goal in mind, write at 30-60-90 days how much money you are planning to get;
  • Vision : don’t hesitate to get very creative, and cast your vision
  • Assess your progress, that will help you define your weakness and your strength.
  • Say No to certain things that are not important for the growth of your business
  • Determine your priority plan, get done the hardest task first. Example: set up your blog, set up your YouTube Channel…Prioritize what is most important for your business
  • All the way through the 90 day plan, do some reviews and check what works better and what works not so well
  • And last point, Set another 90 day plan forecast !!!

You can use this schedule to write everything you are doing each day and reevaluate each week: hourly-schedule

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar


WHAT DO YOU WANT? This is the learning stage !

  • Time to be focus and do the 5 daily tasks
  • Time to set up your blog, e-commerce
  • Time to set up your platform, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram which ever you decided to work on
  • Learn about your company
  • Find out your niche and your target audience
  • Investigate which platform you should use
  • Ask all the questions to your mentors, coaches….



After setting up everything and followed the trainings, you should have a better knowledge of your company, your customers and what they are looking for.

  • Time to do your personal branding
  • Time to get out of your comfort zone, and not staying behind your computer.
  • Time to do some videos… Live on Facebook or Instagram is perfect but if you are still shy start with videos on YouTube but by day 60… it is live videos 🙂
  • Share your information doing blogs, or posts on your timeline
  • Get creative with your pictures, with your ads – get some example and “spy” on your mentors or uplines 🙂
  • Time to listen more than the talking… You need to start calling your prospects
  • Advertise more and more, you should be at this point doing Your 5 daily tasks every single day and get leads every single day



  • You should do a blog, a video
  • Each task should go much faster
  • Prospection everyday
  • At  least 2-4 leads a day
  • Check out your mistakes, dodge novice errors
  • Analyse the growth
  • Reward yourself !!!!

When you are finished this 90 day plan, get a month off if you want to be able to get to see your friends, and get fired up for another 90 day goal with:

  • bigger $ numbers,
  • more leads,
  • more blogs done,
  • more videos,
  • a Facebook Challenge of 30 days videos…
  • start getting used to another platform
  • call everyday your leads
  • webinar
  • and so on…..

Did you get value?? Would love your comments !!


Work Smarter Not Harder !

Today, Online Marketing has changed the way we sell our product or services. I am going to give you some tips to work Smarter and not Harder.


When you start prospecting online, you need to follow some steps to explain your product or services after building rapport with your potential customer. You are going to meet people with different backgrounds and levels of education. You are going to come in contact with people using old school marketing, where home parties, leaflets on the cars or at the mall where the norm. Nowadays you can do so much without leaving your house or wasting time doing all the presentation outside your home and I am going to share with you some tips:

  • You need to have a Fanpage if you are using Facebook platform to market your business. It is where you are going to put your business post. When you start prospecting, or advertising, without realizing it, you are going to get people that are going to check out your profile. Maximize your photos albums with some picture Before/After – some testimonials. Blog posts, quotes, etc…
  • You can boost your post from your Fanpage, that way you’ll get more people seeing your ad and get more engagement. Isn’t it better than going door to door or putting leaflets on cars windows.
  • You can do some webinars where you are going to present your business opportunity, talk about your product or service. And all that in the comfort of your home. No more going around, renting rooms or having to clean your home and prepare some appetizers to entertain your potential prospects. I don’t say it is bad, or you shouldn’t do it but you can get more people online to follow you without having to go through all of the trouble. Preparing a webinar is very time consuming if you want to have something professional. The great thing once it is done and you are happy with it, you can share the link to many people offline!!
  • It is the same thing for the Youtube videos or blogs; once you have done them, you can share to your list, to your new prospect, on multimedia,… It is out there until you remove them, so you could be at the beach, or on holiday or asleep and someone can see your content.

Content marketing represents the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.” ~ Michael Brenner

Once you have all these content out and you start getting people connecting with you, you need to build relationship and then talk about Network Marketing/Affiliate Program

You can follow these 4 steps:

  • Step1: Who you are. Introduce yourself in a few lines, and point out why you started with this company and what  is your purpose and your goal.
  • Step2: What you are offering and how the product/service helps you. That is why it is important you are the product of the product.Give your personal testimonial.
  • Step3: Why they should take action. Again after building your rapport, you know their challenges so the product, training you are offering will help them.
  • Step4: How they can get your offer, that is called Call To Action. Don’t forget to put one in each post, and if possible get a funnel to gather as many email address as you can to help you build your list.

Before you send any link, always ask for their permission.

Leave me a comment, I’d love to connect with you!!


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What do you need to start a successful business?

4 key points to get ready to start a new successful business and live your passion!!

With the start of the new year, a lot of people decide to change their lives and want to start having their own business. Between wanted to do something and achieving it, it takes a lot of work and most of the time we don’t have enough patience and give up a few month after we started.

I’m going to give you some points and advice so you can prepare yourself and follow-up your dreams !

1- Patience and be passionate !!

Don’t start a new business with the intention of being rich tomorrow.  That is usually the main problem, people join a company and they think they are going to get rich after a month.


Usually it starts very well because you have pestered your family and friends to buy the product or join your company and after it fades away and this is when doubt starts kicking!! You need to love what you are doing, like the product. If you believe yourself what you are doing, it will be easier for you to share the information and live your passion.

2-Build your email list

To stay in this industry you need to build your list. Bring content everyday to the platform of your choice, and don’t forget to leave a link or your website each time you are doing a video or writing a post (of course related to business). Leverage your target audience writing  blogs to attract people you want to work with, do some funnels to get email addresses.

3- Envision yourself in your dreams

Plan it, write every single idea on how you are going to develop them in a piece of paper with a yearly goal, 6 months goals, 3 months goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals… anything that will keep you focus.  Live your dream every single day! No negative self talk when there is a hiccup or a problem… Think as an experience and not a problem.

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success” –Swami Vivekananda

4- You have to make a decision. 

Once you know exactly which path you want to follow, just don’t stop!! Plan everything, Invest, Learn, Teach. I always say it we are not in a race, take you time to gather the right information, to know exactly which platform you want to use, don’t be all over the place. Plan plan and plan, and stick with it. Talk to your family and close friends once you have made the decision because it will impact everybody.  You might have to stop going to coffee mornings with your friends, or lunches, or you might have to spend time in front of your computer instead of going out with your family. But will it be worth it at the end???

If you got value, leave me comment and I’ll be happy to connect with you


The 5 reasons you should attend Your Company Events

Attending your Company Event is so important to build a successful business. I am going to give the reason why you shouldn’t even doubt one minute and get your tickets!!! All too often you let your fear stop you, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zones will be good for you. It will also allows you to expand your mind and learn new things.

This blog is part 6 out of 7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

1- Great way to connect with others in your organization: you’ll get to bond with your teammates face-to-face and will get  the opportunity to meet your leaders and your corporate team. Take some nice pictures while you are there with them, it will show more credibility in your business. It is a great way to be surrounded to like-minded people and people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones than people who have fewer experiences. The connections you’ll make with other like-minded entrepreneurs will be priceless.

2- Attend workshops and masterminds: you need to attend the sessions where you can get detailed training. Usually they are small groups and done by the leaders of the company or other big earners. You can ask some questions which is a great way to learn more and be more efficient. That way also you can get to know more your leaders and talk to them – get some ideas for your business with people with the same mindset as you. Studies have shown that you retain more knowledge when you can see and feel it

It’s in your moments of decision, that your destiny is shaped! – Tony Robbins

3- Energy boost: you’ll be excited for days because you join the events, then even more during the event and you’ll be completely uplifted when you’ll come back. You’ll want to talk about your event for days after you come home. Get some pictures, live videos during the events and share it to your team, on your profile. This will bring curiosity and boost your business. Don’t forget your passion, enthusiasm and energy are the recipe for success. This is your time to shine.

4- Get recognized for your accomplishment: if you are with the company and got to be recognized with your rank making that will bring you also great success to your business. Imagine when you’ll post your pictures on your profile, all the people that were doubting your ability to succeed will be impressed. It might stop them giving you negative comments 🙂  But if you are new and don’t know too much about the company you will get to feel the company credibility and get to meet people, leaders and tell yourself: ‘If they can do it, I can do it”

5- Collect stories: We always say that in Network Marketing you need to tell your story and share stories. When you attend an event, you have the opportunity to meet so many people around you, just like you that you’ll have a lot of stories to share from people getting results. Being around other successful people helps you to become more successful, simply through inspiration and the sharing of ideas.

Attending events is crucial to your network marketing success and I hope this blog has helped you to make the right decision to attend your next big event. There is a direct correlation between attending events and achieving success, don’t miss out !!



How to develop a recruiting mindset; Step 1 Make a decision

Making the right decision is not as easy as we think.

Depending the decision you are making, you can become happy, wealthy, healthy or your world can turn upside down. You need to trust the process because fear, hesitation, doubt, anxiety and uncertainty will only leave you with regrets. Dig deep in yourself to see what works and find the answers within.

Desire is the fire, and your dreams must be bigger than fear. Clear your mind so you can take that inspiration and turn it into steps to meet your goal. Find new surroundings, find the leader you admire and do the same but with your own personality and authenticity. Clear away the distractions and focus on yourself. Ask around, talk to your friends and family about your project, sometimes it just takes a different perspective. Say it aloud to the Universe or Pray. Whatever is your belief, say it clear enough so you are heard!

  • Accept your contradictions and challenges

Each time you have a conflict within yourself, write down the Pros and the Cons. Don’t wait that everything is perfect, otherwise it will never be the right time.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

You have to accept that you can be happy from outside but lost from inside; you can feel content but restless at the same time. Recognize that your thoughts represent just one possible way to perceive your circumstances. Write down all the great things in your life and decide to throw away any negative, self-limiting thoughts. It’s your choice how you see your life, so see it as a beautiful gift and take on each day with love in your heart and a smile on your face.

  •  Go one step at a time

Like a child when he learns how to walk or to ride a bicycle, he might fall several times but not walking or not riding is an option! Keep that in mind when you want to give up on your dream. This is where your “Why” is important. Having a routine, a weekly activity goal is a must if you want to build a profitable business. You need to be consistent and patient. I like to take 2 hours on Sunday to write my activity goals and plan my week.

  • Take some break

Your brain needs fuel, and rest is part of this fuel. You cannot work 24/7. Spend time with your family and friends at least 1 day a week. I like to do it on Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning. You would be surprised to see that a weekend well spend will give you great content and creativity the week after

We all want to feel moved, and then to use that to create love, joy, passion, and purpose. and i hope these 4 points will help you dig deep in your unconscious while conserving clear thoughts to achieve your goals.

I hope you got some value, leave me a comment, like and share and of course reach out to me if you want to connect.


The Top 10 Engaging Posts

How to create a thriving social media posting plan for maximum profits

Grow – Engage – Promote

If you start promoting your business without engaging with your audience, you won’t build a long term business. I am going to give you some examples of top engaging posts. If you want to spread even more your chance of getting more people, you can boost your post from your Business Page.

It’s important to understand that there will be a learning curve to network marketing online. But that’s how it is with anything new, and it will be well worth your time and effort. Remember to set a strategy in place and maintain consistency with your social media posts.

Engagement can be defined by a Like, Share and Comment. Make posts that don’t contain links, but have all of the content housed within the post – including images, video and text. Network marketing online, when done right, gets prospects coming to YOU asking about your business.

Here are 10 post ideas that will help you build relationship with your audience and get more engagement:

1- Questions

This type of post encourages people to think about how they would act or what they would do in certain situations. It’s a fun way for people to use their imagination and engage with your posts in a friendly manner. Choose issues and situations that your target market is likely to run into. Nostalgia also is a great way to engage people

  • What do you think ….. is the #1 reason….
  • What’s your favorite way to …. (you can judge what would be working best for your business)
  • When I have a job interview coming up, I ______
  • Which training would help you more ….
  • Remember when you had to actually remember your friend’s phone numbers?
  • Just curious, who’s on twitter these days – send the training to the leads
  • If I showed you …   Comment below
  • If I had an unlimited marketing budget, I would ________

2- Opinions

  • In your opinion, what makes someone successful with ….
  • Need your feedback; Which logo/picture/dress ….. do you like best
  • Which one drives most people? …. or …..

When you send these types of posts, you need also to be ready for people’s opinion. While a friend/follower tell you what they think, it’s important that you listen to what they have say and actually hear it, you can use paraphrase in your own words so your follower knows you’re listening and absorbing the information.

3- Inspiration

Daily Quotes can be a source of inspiration and empowerment, that is a proven fact. One of the most common post types you see when looking through social media pages is inspirational quote posts. You can use diverse way to show your audience.

  • Motivational images, quotes, audios
  • Inspiring videos – go to Youtube (Les Brown, Tony Robbins, …)
  • Inspiring articles (success magazine, Forbes, your own blog post)

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to generating engagement, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message.

4- Vulnerability

People are hungry for vulnerability, authenticity, consistency. If something is up in your life and you can’t be online for example, share it with your audience. By being more vulnerable and opening up about your struggles, you begin to create a community of people who struggle with the same things, and you start to build a support network or by you sharing a troubling moment in your life or a certain challenge, you’re opening a door for others to connect with you

5- Straight talk/rant

Your talk/rant should be a teachable moment. Don’t put any negativity, it has to be inspiring too. Avoid talking about politics and religion. You don’t want your timeline to be a debate.

6- Fill in the blank 

This type of post gets people thinking about upcoming events and times and if executed right, you can use it to give an idea of what your product is about. This will push people to suggest the types of products they like to use that you sell.

Best example: Take JetBlue. The airline experimented with fill in the blank status updates as part of their Facebook content strategy. Over a six-week period, JetBlue incorporated a fill in the blank post every 7-10 days like the one that appeared on March 26 and coincided with the release of The Hunger Games: If your city could be any district, it would be ______________. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Freedom to me means ….
  • The first thing I do  in the morning is ….
  • …… inspires me
  • The best thing I ever did in my life was ….

See some examples HERE

7- Lifestyle/curiosity

Put something about yourself, your family. Your audience want to see who you are, not only a network marketer working long hours, but a normal human being 🙂

Share a story or experience that people can identify with and then end with a question that prompts them to want to ask how they can achieve or attain the end goal of what it is that you are promoting. Stories express things in simple terms that people are already familiar with and can easily relate to.

8- Caption a photo

This is fun and simple post that is 90% visual and 10% text. Find a funny pic, and ask you audience to leave a commentary:

“Caption this!! I challenge you to give me the best caption for this photo!! “

A great place to find photos for this is the Reddit “sub-reddit” /r/pics. The photos at the top with the most votes already have proven their power to engage people, so they’re usually a good choice.

9- Announcement post 

Before making a big announcement, get creative with a series of social media posts to build anticipation. Send a post when you have a new training, a new webinar and try to get a pictures with all the people in the room once you do your training. Zoom calls are great for that.

Your audience will see how many people are interested to your training and they might also know someone which will give you more exposure.

10- What’s HOT!

This is why it is very important you are always training yourself to know what is happening in the Network Marketing industry, what is happening with social media. The algorithm is changing all the time and if you don’t follow up, you might lose some time.

The industry and market are changing over time. The whole environment is changing over time. So, the business will need to change themselves over time. Because of that, you as an entrepreneur will need to follow trends related to your business.

Share, like, comment if you got value or if you have another idea for engaging post


How to build your business on Facebook?

Today I talk about how to build your business on Facebook. Too many people do the mistakes of posting their business and companies all the time on their profile. Facebook is not a platform where you can sell products, there are e-commerce for that! If they want to buy something, they will go to Amazon.com for example.  People go on Facebook to get entertained or to get value.

You need a strategy, a plan and if you are consistent and follow it, you will be able to get your business right on track!

Click  on the video below and watch my Facebook live:

The first rule on Facebook is that you can’t promote your business on your profile and that is why you have to build your business page. This way, your audience will have the perception that you are an expert. It is the same when you start blogging, or if you have a website.. Your followers will start listening to you and see you as a person of influence. Even if you are just starting, the fact that you bring value and offers, people will see you differently. Be creative with your post, go to the Facebook Audience Insight tool to see your audience and target the right people. See the tutorial HERE

Once you have your Business Page set up, you need to bring enough value to move people from cold to warm to hot market.

Cold market would be people that your are targeting, that would be right for your business but they don’t know you yet.

Warm market would be people that have a notion of what you are doing, that received your offers or have knowledge of your valuable content. They start to get an interest of your service/product but didn’t buy anything from you.

Hot market would be people that already bought something from you. And you certainly want to keep them beside you and have them buying very regularly.

The major mistake that people do when prospecting is that all they think is money and how many people this person can bring into the business. That is why it is Extremely important that you build relationship first with your cold market.  Never ever copy and paste your script. It is so obvious when we just say hi and in seconds we receive a page of information about their business. Don’t send any links until you are sure that your prospect understand what you are doing and what you have to offer. Then ask them if it is ok to send a link.

When people do send links and scripts, it is giving the company you are representing or Network marketing in general a bad name. Most people want to know what is there for them, or how your product or service is going to help them, certainly not receiving a random link.

Once you have build relationship, and your follower agreed to see your links, don’t forget to contact this person and ask if he liked it. It is a way to follow up and see the interest. At that point you’ll be able to judge what will be your next strategy. Maybe this person want only to try the product, or maybe the interest is bigger and this person want to be part of your team and want to make extra income.

You never know when you are connecting with people, Who you might meet.It could be your future business partner, it could be the best recruiter you could have imagined, it could be someone that would become your best friend… Who knows!!

To summarize, don’t use Facebook to sell directly your product or service, but use it to bring value to your audience and  build relationship. You will be surprised how fast you’ll get more followers and be recognized as a person of influence, a leader.

I would love to hear your strategy and how you build relationship with your audience. Leave me a comment and I’ll contact you.


How to repost your Best Pieces of Content?

As I always say, you need to be consistent with your posts to reach out the maximum of persons and to be seen as an expert and leader. When you have a very engaging content, you should use it and repost it.

People usually follow you on social media because they are interested in what you have to say and they want to get updates on your next blog posts.

But everyday you have new followers and they didn’t read your articles you posted months ago.

You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You just need to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people. Share your blog posts with target customers and always put resources on your blogs so you get more exposure.

When you have a piece of content with loads of engagement, you can take that opportunity to capitalize what’s working for you. Here are 5 different contents you can do with the post

  • You can talk about your content/topic on Facebook live
  • You can do a “Fill in” the blank sentence
  • Send it to your list with a question
  • You can do a webinar with slides
  • You can do a video or video series

Change something for each media.. same post but with different aspect for different media. If you are using Twitter you can retweet or repost the same articles a few times.

You can check on your Facebook Page Insight and see which posts had a lot of engagement.


How to share your product without offending people?

How to approach someone with your products without offending them or pointing out the obvious problem. If you are in weight loss industry, this is the big question!

How to approach your relatives, or friends or prospects telling them they need to lose weight and your product is going to help them. Same with skin care, you can’t really approach someone and say they look wrinkly or they have blemishes!!!

I am going to give you a few tips that will help you to be more tactful 🙂

1- Share your personal story and that is why it is important that you use your product! Always be the product of the product. People will notice if you use it and they will tell you how well you are…That way it is much easier to share what you have to sell and get customers. Proof is just in front of them!!

2- Share third party stories; If you don’t have a personal story sharing other people ones can be very impactful!! Do the Before and After pictures; gather some testimonials. It helps your prospect to relate better to their own problems and activate emotions and curiosity. Try to use stories about your downline or upline, not the one from the company that is there for everybody to see. Your prospects don’t want to see the figures and benefits… Find a way to say it without being boring.

3- Talk about your product saying you are using it and ask a question that can be an open conversation. For example, you are using a new facial product and you find it great, ask your prospect what they use and what they like about it, then talk about yours… Always start with a question, this way you’ll understand better their needs and it will be easier to share your product. Don’t be abrupt and rude… you will only push away your prospect!

4- Once you have a few people using your products, create a group if you are on Facebook and tell your people to put their own testimonials, and pictures. This way when you get prospect, you can easily add them to the group and they will see all the great stories

It is very important that you put yourself in front of the right people that are seeking the benefits of your product…

I would love to hear from your experience and how you approach people with your products!