Motivation Is What Drives Us To Make Things Happen

Motivation is what drives us to make things happen – but staying motivated isn’t always easy. 🤔
We can have days where we don’t feel like doing anything!

🔹 Set small task and reward yourself once you are done
🔹 Read a self-development book
🔹 Listen to a podcast
🔹 Talk to a good friend
🔹 Reorganize your desk
🔹 Lit some scented candles
🔹 Stay away from social media/news
🔹 Go for a walk

Tomorrow will be a better day 😘

One Love ❤️

Change your approach

Once you have made a decision, you are committed to the desired outcome. 😎
However things happen and your chosen approach might not go as smoothly as you’d like. 🤔
Don’t give up or change your decision, but change your approach and remain steadfast in the achievement of the desired outcome. 💪

One Love ❤️

How to improve your motivation?

What is it you want and what are you going to do to achieve your goal?

That is the first question, you have to ask yourself when you seem completely demotivated!

You have the persons that write their goal on a piece of paper and read it mornings and evenings; you have some that make a picture and keep it on their phones, some keep the photograph of their dream goal in their wallets, some put big note in their bedroom, study room, on the ceiling … well everybody can choose their way to remember WHY THEY CHOSE THIS PATH.

 Envision the end result.

Motivation is divided into two parts:

Internal Motivation ( intrinsic) and External Motivation (extrinsic)

Internal motivation  is the force that leads you to achieve a goal because of personal satisfaction or desire; like starting up your own business or participating in a competition or buying a new house.

External motivation is the driving force that triggers you in achieving your goal. Such as money, prize, encouragement or fear to get punishment.

To get better results, what you need is to have a plan;

  • Write a time frame, how long you want to achieve your goal, put a date, a period of time, and how badly you want it.
  • Why you want to do this new project, business, and what satisfaction will you get when it is done?
  • Do everyday little steps; you’ll see your business increasing each day. But be careful of the shortcuts, it is perfectly fine to take your time and achieve your goal, you’ll enjoy the victory better.
  • Every day routine is very important, listen to podcast, youtube, person you highly respect in your industry. Write on your board, desk what you have to do every single day. Make a list and adjust as needed. Commit publicly, it will be harder to back off.
  • When you start a task, put away any distractions and any negative influences. Feeling guilty will bring a step away from your goal. It is ok to be selfish, nothing wrong to want more and having a dream. It is important to be surrounded with supportive people, positive people that understand you and your goal.
  • When you have a step back, just think it as a lesson and not a failure. Embrace the struggle, you are learning. If you have people judging you and sending negative vibes around you, just ignore them; People who judge other people are often unhappy themselves.

Don’t restrict yourself based on the limited minds or views of others

The journey is valuable, but believing in yourself, your talents, your abilities will make you stronger and more confident. Transform your fear into freedom and you’ll walk into a brighter path

Thinking pure positive thoughts is the best way for you to develop your motivation.

Execution is what will make a difference and get you what you want.

The 5 reasons you should attend Your Company Events

Attending your Company Event is so important to build a successful business. I am going to give the reason why you shouldn’t even doubt one minute and get your tickets!!! All too often you let your fear stop you, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zones will be good for you. It will also allows you to expand your mind and learn new things.

This blog is part 6 out of 7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

1- Great way to connect with others in your organization: you’ll get to bond with your teammates face-to-face and will get  the opportunity to meet your leaders and your corporate team. Take some nice pictures while you are there with them, it will show more credibility in your business. It is a great way to be surrounded to like-minded people and people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones than people who have fewer experiences. The connections you’ll make with other like-minded entrepreneurs will be priceless.

2- Attend workshops and masterminds: you need to attend the sessions where you can get detailed training. Usually they are small groups and done by the leaders of the company or other big earners. You can ask some questions which is a great way to learn more and be more efficient. That way also you can get to know more your leaders and talk to them – get some ideas for your business with people with the same mindset as you. Studies have shown that you retain more knowledge when you can see and feel it

It’s in your moments of decision, that your destiny is shaped! – Tony Robbins

3- Energy boost: you’ll be excited for days because you join the events, then even more during the event and you’ll be completely uplifted when you’ll come back. You’ll want to talk about your event for days after you come home. Get some pictures, live videos during the events and share it to your team, on your profile. This will bring curiosity and boost your business. Don’t forget your passion, enthusiasm and energy are the recipe for success. This is your time to shine.

4- Get recognized for your accomplishment: if you are with the company and got to be recognized with your rank making that will bring you also great success to your business. Imagine when you’ll post your pictures on your profile, all the people that were doubting your ability to succeed will be impressed. It might stop them giving you negative comments 🙂  But if you are new and don’t know too much about the company you will get to feel the company credibility and get to meet people, leaders and tell yourself: ‘If they can do it, I can do it”

5- Collect stories: We always say that in Network Marketing you need to tell your story and share stories. When you attend an event, you have the opportunity to meet so many people around you, just like you that you’ll have a lot of stories to share from people getting results. Being around other successful people helps you to become more successful, simply through inspiration and the sharing of ideas.

Attending events is crucial to your network marketing success and I hope this blog has helped you to make the right decision to attend your next big event. There is a direct correlation between attending events and achieving success, don’t miss out !!



10 ways of commitment in business

When you start a new business, a new relationship, a new hobby,… you cannot assume it is going to be a few months commitment. You need to see it as a 2 to 5 years business commitment, and no matter what happened if you have a good plan and it is well prepared, never ever give up. Keep working hard and you’ll be rewarded!

This blog is part 1/7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

Here are the 10 points you have to follow to keep your motivation and commit to any new business/relationship:

  • See the positive on each action: Focus on solutions and not on the problems. Allow no space in your mind for negative thoughts. Keep positive at all times
  • Risk taken: Don’t let your fear become a barrier in your career. To be successful you need to take risks and start getting out of your comfort zone. View each “no” or challenges as a motivator and opportunity to become a better entrepreneur.
  • Work hard: Think and trust that your hard work will generate profits. It won’t be done in a month, or 4 or 5 but eventually your hard work will pay off. Focus on your goals every single day and do the work. You will get rewarded and money will come
  • Visualize: don’t set small goals and stop once you achieved them. Think BIG! At the start plan small goals, reward yourself when you reach them but don’t stop at it… move to a higher goal until you achieve your dream goal. Commit your thoughts to anticipating more achievement.
  • Be consistent: You need to be consistent, patient and flexible to climb the ladder of success. Even if you are not reaping the benefits right away work hard and don’t let anything or anyone doubt you!
  • Be passionate: passion is the fuel that ignites your desire to work hard. When you are passionate you fear no limits and work harder and your audience feel your passion and will automatically follow you.

  • Respect: Maintain your self-respect and respect also people you work with. Be grateful and do your daily routine to stay focus and keep your motivation and your “WHY”. When you tell your audience/followers you are going to do something, follow up. Don’t think you are going to do it tomorrow… today is the day!
  • Keep things in balance: you need to delegate some tasks or turn to people who have more time, more qualified for the task. You cannot do everything yourself!! If you spend too much time on a task that can easily be done by someone, don’t hesitate to delegate.
  • Relationship: you need to nurture your relation with people around you. Decide wisely who you want to work with, choose like-minded people and stay away from toxic people. When you meet the right partner, talk about your vision, your passion and your goals. You would be surprised how you can meet your best customer, your best follower, your best partner.
  • Feedback: Don’t believe as if you know everything. Each feedback, training, critics is a step forward to your goals. Keep an open mind and make new decisions if needed. To grow your business your have to grow yourself, your self development. Be open to new opportunities.

Hope this will help you stay focus in your business, if you have any other tips, would love to hear. Leave me a comment!



What it takes to be an entrepreneur?

You have some ideas? You talk about it for days? And then what? You might share your ideas with your family and friends ! You might get some people telling you that it is a great idea and some that might think you can’t do it! So which one are you going to listen? Not everybody has entrepreneurship in them and most people will just let go of their ideas, their dreams because they are listening too much of what others say!

However if you are a real entrepreneur you will listen to the positive person. You will believe in yourself. It’s not easy to leave aside the naysayers, the doubters because we were taught for a long time how to behave, and what we should do in the society. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur,   you need to do your own thing, try to be different and stand out. Without that mentality you will always be confronted to the negative people and they’ll eventually win.

It is not easy to start a new business, but execution is everything for startups. You need to care and be passionate of what you are doing, I always talk about it because it is the fuel that will help you when you start doubting about yourself. You need to understand that your idea and your goal, project has to be more than money. You need to start working on your self-development to keep this passion. Self development is so important because you will change your mindset and learn more about your capabilities

Entrepreneurs also learn about their business constantly and go with what works. They explore around their industry and adjust. Warren Buffett spend 80% of his day reading about what matters in his industry, he is aware of what’s going on and learn something new all the time.

You have to plan, and go slowly because it is full of set backs and stress when you start with this great idea, but if you have the desire and the initiative that it is something that suits you and it is going to work then you can be an entrepreneur.

A good entrepreneur will get over failure and learn by it, not giving up or listening to this little voice saying it’s not for you. He will look for the lesson of each challenging situations.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” Jim Rohn

Handling risk also is a traits of entrepreneurship. If you like being in your comfort zone, work little and having your weekend away , then you can’t be an entrepreneur because it takes dedication, consistency and perseverance.

You need to be confident also on your product/service and also on yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and don’t be afraid to delegate what you don’t know. It will be a waste of your valuable time to try to do everything.

Habits creates your results, get into a routine and stick to it. Evaluates  If you are easy led to do something else that has nothing to do with your business then maybe rethink your choice of being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs need to get organized, so check your personal attributes and evaluates what you like and dislike.

And the last traits, be honest with yourself. Don’t start with a business if you don’t have a clue how to start, what to do or even not ready to make sacrifices, Dreams can cost a lot of money!! Set goals and self evaluate yourself!

The leaders and the free thinkers are the ones that excel in business while the followers and copycats fail !


10 tips that will help you stop procrastinating

Studies show that one-fifth of adults and half of the students procrastinate. Did you know that? Well it is time to stop procrastination right now 🙂

There are 2 kind of procrastinators:

  • Active procrastinators who are people that postpone their tasks for a later time and are mostly creative to do their last minute work. Stress and panic is not an issue for them, it is their way to deal with things and what drives them. They need this boost of creativity to show their work
  • Passive procrastinators on the other hand would be people that have a level of productivity lower than usual. If you reach that stage, you know that you have a problem and need to resolve it.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous procrastinator. It took him 14 years to finish the Mona Lisa ( 1503-1517)

Procrastination is not a smart choice, it can impact your work, career, relationship and health. The negative impact include increased stress, poorer mental and physical health, worry, guilt, diminished performance. As soon as we experience a discomfort we procrastinate to avoid doing the task. It can be small things like a pile of bills in a drawer that need to be filed, or a drawer in your press that need to be tidied – but it can be something far more important like doing a video/facebook live to improve your business, doing a webinar or a seminar that would get your business to the next level, etc.. !

In the latter situation, you think you are at risk of failure and you will look like a fool if it doesn’t work out. This is a confrontation to an uneasy situation and to feel better you find all sorts of reasons: I am too old, I am goo inexperienced, It is not ready yet, I am too tired,….  is it a déjà vue situation?? Procrastination is here to protect you from the pain, self esteem, pride.

The SOMEDAY becomes NEVER! Don’t fool yourself! Most people wait and see if their situation change but if you don’t do anything and keep doing the same thing over and over unfortunately nothing will ! You have a choice here:  stop procrastinating.

Do you want to inspire people? Do you want to be a role model for your kids?

Make a difference and stop telling yourself that one day you’ll quit smoking, that one day you’ll do this video, that one day you’ll get out of your comfort zone, that one day you’ll clean this garage…. and the list can go on and on and on… I have been there so I know how easy it is to stay behind the curtain and wait that something miraculously will come and bring a change in your life! The timing will never be better than in this right moment! The longer you wait, the harder it will become ! You are going to lose your confidence in the process and nothing will ever change.

Mental problems like depression or anxiety cause also to delay taking actions, get yourself checked and if you need a little help do it. Don’t wait that it gets worse and too late to achieve your dreams. I can talk about it as I thought I would deal about it on my own but after years of being unhappy, I got some help and my life changed drastically!! So please if it is your case, don’t wait!  you are worth it!!

These few tips below will help to get out of this procrastinating state:

  • You need to talk to yourself with kindness: You are a human being so be optimist and don’t be a negative critic to yourself.
  • You don’t think you are good enough: Get some training, do a course, learn something new
  • Prove yourself you can do it and when you do a new task measure well the time, don’t rush and be disappointed
  • Don’t be a perfectionnist, do your task and you will get better the more you are going to do them. Don’t wait perfection or you will never do it
  • Write your goals and give yourself a deadline. Don’t start with huge goals but small ones and stick with it
  • Reward each progress, even the small once – go for a drink, bring your children to the cinema, whatever please you and your family.
  • Visualize the future you want, picture yourself in the situation
  • If you fear doing something Write down how you would feel in one year time if you don’t make a change
  • Build accountability, get a friend, a partner, a team member in your journey – or simple post it on social media so you can’t back off 🙂
  • Act daily, have a routine, momentum is important – You are not in a race so take your time and be consistent

“If you don’t like where you are, change it – You are not a tree ” – Jim Rohn

Do it NOW! you are robbing people of your knowledge, of your happiness. Your career, your family and relationship, your finances and health are all impacted by your procrastination.

I believe in YOU and You should too 🙂 Reach out to me and I’d love to hear how you overcame procrastination.

One love ❤


Consistency is the key to success in your business

Consistency is a must as you build and grow your business.

The best business plans will fail without a dedication to consistency.

Consistency is key to your success, you cannot drop one post/email one day and disappear for a few weeks. You won’t build your team or your network this way but you cannot also be available 24/7/365. You need some balance!!

This blog is part 3 out of 7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

When you sell a product or provide a service, being consistent seems like an obvious priority. Bring value to your customers, send them updates and just show up often.

1- You need to recruit new team members: For your network marketing, you need to invite people regularly to see your presentation. Without consistency, you won’t get new members, and without new members you won’t have a profitable business. First send an email/message to the person that might be interested to your business… PLEASE NO LINKS …. just say as an example

“Hi …, I am working on a pretty cool project and I just wanted to check with you if you would be open to look at it and would love your feedback”

Once you have send this, wait for an answer and if it is positive send them a link… now don’t forget to follow up because if you don’t, you would never know if they are interested… if you send them an email weeks later, well you might have missed the opportunity to get this person on your team…

2- You need to inspire your team: Rather than spending loads of time telling your team what to do, let your actions show them what they should do. If you want to inspire your team, the best way to do so is by your actions, your consistency and the way they see you recruiting new reps. Do some 3 ways call with your team member when they have new customers, but don’t spend too much time. Your team need to understand you cannot do 3 ways call for hours with each of your team members. So the best way is to get into the call for the last 5-10 min and help closing up. They will see your efficiency and leadership.  And also do at least one webinar/training calls per week with your team member. Talk about duplication so they can start with their own team to do same.

3- Be focus on your “Why”: You need consistency to achieve your goal and your Why is your fuel!!! Be disciplined enough to consistently seek your goals. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and don’t think that if you make the effort for 3 weeks posting on your social media, you can disappear for weeks after. Always remind yourself your WHY you started this business and what will be the outcome. You don’t know who is watching you, and even if you don’t get much engagement, you have an audience, and they listen to what you have to say; And maybe months later, they will contact you because they see you as a leader because you are doing what you said you would do, you are consistent and bring value.

So how to be more consistent? 

After 3-4 weeks, we start to be less consistent because we lose motivation or we get lazy or we don’t see results straight away and we fall behind. To avoid it:

  • Keep visualizing your “Why”
  • Get one thing done at a time. Master it and start another project. If you start posting in all platform, or get starting with videos, blogs, live, etc… from the start of your new project, you’ll be overwhelmed and you won’t achieve your goal
  • Schedule your posts, write on your board the tasks you need to do per day/per week. You need to build your life around your business; if you have an important meeting, or date put it in your calendar

“Don’t Prioritize your Schedule, Schedule your priorities” – Steven Coven

  • Don’t listen to the voice in your head, saying that you don’t have to do it, or get shortcut, or you don’t want to work . You need to push yourself. I have this little voice sometimes and it is hard to resist 🙂
  • If you don’t do a task or you are behind with your plan, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll find a way to catch up !!

I would like to hear from you! What’s one idea or strategy you are using to become more consistent?

Leave a comment below