Stop finding excuses!!! Be unstoppable !

How to be unstoppable with your business and dreams!!!

I want to start with this quote:

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an Unstoppable Manner” – Les Brown

Many people want to change their lives but they are scared of moving forward, they are scared of having to learn new skills, they are scared of what others think, and I can go on with the list…..

When we start something new in our life, we tend to see only the past and failure and we forget to see our true vision and our goals. You will only achieve your objective if you REALLY want it and send the right signal to the Universe. Some people were in much tougher situation than you and they did get results so why not you?

You need to stop being the victim or putting the fault to others… Everything you have in your mind, is Yours and nobody else. Change your Mindset

If you really want to succeed, you need to work for it and take responsibility of your actions. It is only when you will empower yourself that you will move forward and get the results expected.

When you think of doing something new to improve your life, don’t think of Someday I will…. that is not the signal you want to send; because someday will be Never… you will never move forward thinking this way.


You’ll never find a right timing but only excuses. You need to change your mindset and DO IT.

Think this way; everything you did so far in your life, your past, your misadventures, your happy moment, everything happen for a reason and it brought you today to my blog and I really hope I gave you a boost to start following your dreams.


Love yourself and be grateful for what happened to you, even the negative part because it made YOU. Be thankful for your past as it made the perfect YOU that is reading to this right now.

Think also this way, it is not only about you; if you fail to succeed you will fail to help and inspire others. There is always someone listening to your videos, reading your posts and get motivated. So it is your time to empower yourself, to stop finding excuses and ignite the fire in YOU !!!

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How to share your product without offending people?

How to approach someone with your products without offending them or pointing out the obvious problem. If you are in weight loss industry, this is the big question!

How to approach your relatives, or friends or prospects telling them they need to lose weight and your product is going to help them. Same with skin care, you can’t really approach someone and say they look wrinkly or they have blemishes!!!

I am going to give you a few tips that will help you to be more tactful 🙂

1- Share your personal story and that is why it is important that you use your product! Always be the product of the product. People will notice if you use it and they will tell you how well you are…That way it is much easier to share what you have to sell and get customers. Proof is just in front of them!!

2- Share third party stories; If you don’t have a personal story sharing other people ones can be very impactful!! Do the Before and After pictures; gather some testimonials. It helps your prospect to relate better to their own problems and activate emotions and curiosity. Try to use stories about your downline or upline, not the one from the company that is there for everybody to see. Your prospects don’t want to see the figures and benefits… Find a way to say it without being boring.

3- Talk about your product saying you are using it and ask a question that can be an open conversation. For example, you are using a new facial product and you find it great, ask your prospect what they use and what they like about it, then talk about yours… Always start with a question, this way you’ll understand better their needs and it will be easier to share your product. Don’t be abrupt and rude… you will only push away your prospect!

4- Once you have a few people using your products, create a group if you are on Facebook and tell your people to put their own testimonials, and pictures. This way when you get prospect, you can easily add them to the group and they will see all the great stories

It is very important that you put yourself in front of the right people that are seeking the benefits of your product…

I would love to hear from your experience and how you approach people with your products!


3 Easy Ways to Leverage Video Marketing Without Being on Camera

In this article I am going to talk about the other way to do video marketing without being on the camera. To achieve your powerful goal, the one you are so scared and excited at the same time, you need to build relationship with your audience, your followers need to see you or start seeing videos from you!!

When we set a goal, we start to rationalize what we want to do and what we have to do ! and that is when we start to feel uncomfortable!!

Ask yourself the big WHY and WHAT will change for you. You need to be grateful and happy to continue attracting the right people to your business. Work on your subconscious mind, it doesn’t know if it is real or not, it doesn’t have the sense of time, it doesn’t have the possibility to know if it is achievable. So my tips, write your goal everyday, draw a picture, put some colors, LIVE your dream goal… Read it out loud so your nervous system will be aware and increase the vibrations

If you are afraid to do Videos or Facebook Live, you have 3 alternatives that will help you to market yourself without being on camera

“The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.”

 Chris Sandoval

1- Screen-sharing video

Screen-share videos are great for tutorials, step by step training. You’ll need software to record your screen. You can use

I would go for the free version of any software when you start and then you can upgrade if you choose the software that appeal to you.

2- Animated videos

Animated videos are very engaging and usually the audience watch until the end. Powtoon is a great software to start with easy tutorials that will help you create high engaging videos. If you want to outsource, you can use fiverr. You have also the option to utilize an independent contractor that will create animated,  cartoon videos for you. You’ll only need to give the script and clear instructions.

3- Powerpoint videos

Powerpoint is one of the easiest way to share your knowledge to your audience. Keep the wording on the slides to the minimum, you don’t want your followers to focus only on reading your slides. Put more images, grid or statistics

So what do you think?? Which videos do you want to start with?? Unless you are already doing some Facebook videos and I would love to see them. Leave me a comment with your Facebook page or Fanpage.


The most common mistakes on Facebook Posts

Social Media is huge and Facebook is one of the main platform which attracted 1,712 million users from February 2004 to September 2016 ( source )

A Facebook post can send the wrong message if you use it badly. I pointed out a few common mistakes:

# 1 Too much content in your ad. If your post is too long, most of the time your audience won’t read it till the end. You have to put value to target them. Quality is always better than Quantity.

#2 Too many links. Don’t put 2 links in the same ad. It brings confusion even if your links are related. Each post should include one call-to-action to achieve one goal. Little tip:  Use shortlinks, no full URLs, I use

#3 Don’t promote directly your product. Again put some value to your post, put an entertaining picture or photo representing your product with your link. Curiosity will bring them to click on it.

#4 Answer and follow up your post. Always monitor your posts and answer the questions, even if it is negative feedback respond with your personal tone, no big statement like a corporate comment. Be yourself!

#5 Don’t ask your audience to like or share your posts. That’s a big NO, you sound like a begger!!! It gives no real value and interest without a proper reason to share or like your page/post. You need to interact with your audience and put an incentive.

#6 Use of hashtags Facebook is not a big fan of hashtags, so don’t put millions of them on your posts, it looks spammy. Put 1 or 2 that are relevant to your post. Don’t put the hashtag in the middle of the sentence and remove them if you share  your instagram post 

#7 Sharing. Always share your personal content on your fanpage but no sharing on groups, you pass for being very lazy. Copy/Paste is not that difficult !

In conclusion, take your time to do your post, choose the right picture, the right photo, change your link, acknowledge all the comments and respond, BE YOURSELF!!!!