10 ways of commitment in business

When you start a new business, a new relationship, a new hobby,… you cannot assume it is going to be a few months commitment. You need to see it as a 2 to 5 years business commitment, and no matter what happened if you have a good plan and it is well prepared, never ever give up. Keep working hard and you’ll be rewarded!

This blog is part 1/7 of the series “7 things that will make a difference in your business”

Here are the 10 points you have to follow to keep your motivation and commit to any new business/relationship:

  • See the positive on each action: Focus on solutions and not on the problems. Allow no space in your mind for negative thoughts. Keep positive at all times
  • Risk taken: Don’t let your fear become a barrier in your career. To be successful you need to take risks and start getting out of your comfort zone. View each “no” or challenges as a motivator and opportunity to become a better entrepreneur.
  • Work hard: Think and trust that your hard work will generate profits. It won’t be done in a month, or 4 or 5 but eventually your hard work will pay off. Focus on your goals every single day and do the work. You will get rewarded and money will come
  • Visualize: don’t set small goals and stop once you achieved them. Think BIG! At the start plan small goals, reward yourself when you reach them but don’t stop at it… move to a higher goal until you achieve your dream goal. Commit your thoughts to anticipating more achievement.
  • Be consistent: You need to be consistent, patient and flexible to climb the ladder of success. Even if you are not reaping the benefits right away work hard and don’t let anything or anyone doubt you!
  • Be passionate: passion is the fuel that ignites your desire to work hard. When you are passionate you fear no limits and work harder and your audience feel your passion and will automatically follow you.

  • Respect: Maintain your self-respect and respect also people you work with. Be grateful and do your daily routine to stay focus and keep your motivation and your “WHY”. When you tell your audience/followers you are going to do something, follow up. Don’t think you are going to do it tomorrow… today is the day!
  • Keep things in balance: you need to delegate some tasks or turn to people who have more time, more qualified for the task. You cannot do everything yourself!! If you spend too much time on a task that can easily be done by someone, don’t hesitate to delegate.
  • Relationship: you need to nurture your relation with people around you. Decide wisely who you want to work with, choose like-minded people and stay away from toxic people. When you meet the right partner, talk about your vision, your passion and your goals. You would be surprised how you can meet your best customer, your best follower, your best partner.
  • Feedback: Don’t believe as if you know everything. Each feedback, training, critics is a step forward to your goals. Keep an open mind and make new decisions if needed. To grow your business your have to grow yourself, your self development. Be open to new opportunities.

Hope this will help you stay focus in your business, if you have any other tips, would love to hear. Leave me a comment!



Importance of balancing Work and Family

Why is it important to balance your work and you family life?

When you start a new business or a new job or could be a hobby that takes all your extra time, you become overwhelmed and you don’t get the right balance between your family and your work/hobby.

This is not what you want to hear when you start a new project, but you really need to take your time before you spend 20 hours a day working and putting your family aside… I did it and i am sure a lot of you did it. Well it won’t end very well; you might get sick, you might lose your family, your business will suffer and your productivity might not be what you expected … well everybody is going to suffer…

The first thing you have to do is being honest with your family/partner and talk about your project. Tell them you won’t be available for them at certain time because you want to build your business. You might need help for pick ups/dinner etc.. but you really want to do it for a few years to be able to be financially independent and making these sacrifices will help them. You will be able to spend more time with them as you won’t need to go to work 9-5 job, you’ll make more money to be able to go on holiday, etc… Respecting boundaries and developing a routine, you will prove to them your dedication and your commitment.

So what to do to get this balance without losing your mind and sacrificing your family life for nothing?

  • You need to stop being perfectionist, that is the key to avoid burning out. Choose what you really want in life, talk and do a road map and listen to what your family/partner have to say. They’ll see what is working for you and what is not.
  • You need to exercice or meditate everyday, it is very effective to reduce the stress, it pumps feel good endorphins through your body. It helps lift your mood. If you don’t have time and you spend a lot of time commuting, do some meditation breathing exercice.
  • Make sure you unplug, take some quality time with your family/partner. When you are at the diner table for exemple put your phone on silence and leave it by your desk. Be present, and ask them questions. Don’t be just there thinking of your next blog, video or podcast.
  • Turn off any distractions, when you are working from home it is very hard to focus. Multi tasking is a myth. Time management is very important, write down your daily routine.  You have to set your own parameters around success. Your goals should be align with your passion, define your plan around time frames.
  • Be ready to learn something everyday. You don’t know everything, you need to be open and listen to your sponsor/mentor, who ever is here to help you achieve your goal. Don’t spend too much time working on things that don’t matter, ask for help instead of wasting time when you have people around you that might be able to help you. Pace yourself…

If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely achieve your goal. Remember it takes only 21 days to change you habit and 90 days to get the momentum. It is called Blitz Plan.

Winners achieve their goals by going to blitz plan when they need to.

Prospect, schedule meeting, sponsor, follow up, conduct training, show duplication, host meetings, etc … well be available and constant.

To summarize, talk to your family, take time to learn, take daily action, recruit distributors that will become leaders because you’ll show them how to work efficiently.

And one last advice, learn to say “No”. You won’t be doing anyone any good by taking on tasks or project that you won’t be able to follow up because you are too overwhelmed to handle them, or by accepting an outing or invitation because you’ll be too stressed out to enjoy. Be honest with yourself!!!

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