How to develop a recruiting mindset ~ Step 6 Be passionate and enthusiast

When people are living from passion they tend to be fulfilled, happy, healthy and love everyone around them. The passionate entrepreneurs are driven by more than just money but by living a fulfilled life.

Enthusiasm and passion go together, it is a divine energy that will help you pursuit your dreams and stay focus to follow your path. The difference between those who push through difficult times and those who do not is passion.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

Enthusiasm is the most obvious feature in a person looking for his mission, his path. He lives life fully, enjoys every moment, and lives in the present not in the past. Passion is your drive and love of what you do. You see the world differently because you have a clear vision of your goals, you don’t get distracted and use your energy entirely towards the manifestation of your dreams. When experiencing fear or doubts, you won’t be paralyzed, you will work to find a solution.  Once you discover your real passion, you’ll organize your entire life around it and you’ll radiate a lot of self-confidence. This is the type of person you want to become to show your followers you are a leader and you are ready to bring them to the next level.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Unfortunately sometimes your friends and family don’t see it at the time and it shouldn’t discourage you to follow your dreams. Try to be surrounded with people like you, with happy, enthusiast people and start step by step with consistency to see results.

Once you show enthusiasm and passion to your followers and share your knowledge and skills, you will see more and more people reaching out to you. You will become more creative and inspire those around you with your story. You’ll have the courage to continue your project no matter what, and nothing and nobody will stop you.

When you are in Network Marketing, you need to use your product or service, and only if you are passionate with what you are taking or using, you will be able to pass on the message. People can feel fake people so you want to be real and authentic and you want to share your opportunity to the world. It is at that time that you will realize that you are in the right team, doing the right opportunity or are taking the right product.

What is your true passion?

What makes you excited about what you are doing?

Get out of this life of misery, do what you like, do what feels good, have faith and start finally living your real life!


How to develop a recruiting mindset ~ Step 3 Build Relationship

Developing relationships is not just important, it is absolutely mandatory if you want your MLM Network Marketing business to succeed. When you build relationship, you are growing your business. So why you should develop relationship?

1- People do business with people which means that if you not building rapport with your followers, you are not going to attract the right people to your business. When you decide to be part of a MLM or affiliate program, you need to recruit people to join your downline and your network. People need to trust you before they join your company. Don’t forget people join people and not companies. Building relationship is the foundation of MLM network marketing business.

2- Relationships are important to your group’s retention and retention keeps your business stable and ready for more growth. The average retention is 80% so only 2 persons out of 10 are going to stay in your business. You want to keep your downline happy, for that you need duplication. You want to show leadership training them well or pointing them to the right direction. Get to know the people you bring into your home based business. Keep in mind that people are worthy of personal attention and respect. Be of great value to them by sharing your time and knowledge. By helping others your business will flourish.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

― Theodore Roosevelt

3- Helping others will benefit you because they will use duplication and grow your network. It is also going to benefit you to grow as a leader, you will gain more confidence, you are going to share your experience, your readings, your failure… All of that will change your mindset and you will be seen as an expert in your field.

So how are you going to keep your team happy?

  • You need a group and try to communicate each day.. watch the video where i give you more details. You can use a Facebook Live with another member sharing experience and so on
  • Send regular broadcast email
  • Send birthday messages
  • Make your members feel special, remember their names and congratulate them even when they have some wins, for example if they do their first Facebook live or if they get their first distributors
  • Always overdeliver, you can send them a free PDF or a free ebook
  • Communicate with your followers and understand their why, their hopes, their dreams and show a genuine interest. Treat them as human being and not just as numbers

In conclusion, don’t think building relationship is a waste of time, it is much cheaper to keep current followers than getting new followers all the time. Don’t forget your downline!


6 Tips to choose wisely your platform

When you start a business online you have the choice of many Social Media platform. I am going to give you some tips to choose wisely the right one.

Facebook remains the largest Social Network in most major markets. Social media has been proven to increase sales for small businesses and corporations. Social platforms allow your current customers and potential customers to learn more about you. You need to brand yourself and not the company you are representing and for that you have to post in Social Media.

Questions you have to ask yourself:

  • Where is my audience?
  • What type of content I want to share?
  • How often do I want to post online?
  • Do I want to be part of a community
  • Do I need to do video?
  • Do I want to interact with my customers?

Facts:  – 20% of Facebook users bought something because of the advertisement they see on the side

– 67% of Twitter users buy brands they follow

– Business experience 61% of success rate using LinkedIn

Facebook: The beauty of Facebook is that you can have your own profile page for your friends and family, your business page where you are going to promote your business and you can create a group for your community. You can have as many pages as you want. If you put too many business links on your profile, you will get your account closed! So my advise, get your fan/business page and use it to promote. You can post 2-3 maximum a day and don’t use many hashtags ( 1 or 2 maximum). As for the group, you can choose 3 privacy settings: Public, Closed and Secret. It is a great way to share your business, articles or trainings to your community.

Twitter: You can post every 30 min as your audience don’t stay very long on twitter. Promote your product/service but you have to share other things: 35-40% should be value content ( webinar, marketing, interviews, testimonials, what you are passionate about) , 20% lifestyle, 10-15% branded quotes, 30% value funnel. For the hashtags 3 maximum.

Instagram: You can post once or twice daily, tell your story with image. Always check the copyright of the image. You can use hashtags from your industry, for that you can check some apps like TagsForLikes or Hashme.

LinkedIn: this platform is mainly to generate B2B connection. Join industry groups and use it to stay informed on current discussion trends.

Snapchat: It is a fun way to engage with your audience. You share photos and videos that self destroy. Meaning, all posts you shared will be auto deleted and gone forever depending on the time limit you set to be available to recipients. 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.

Youtube: It is great if your audience need to see videos, tutorials, interviews. You can also upload your Facebook Live in no time on your Youtube channel

Did you know that 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels? While it’s highly unlikely that simply using one channel to showcase your brand will be enough, having the perfect balance can be tricky. Too many, and you’ll spread yourself too thinly and dilute the impact of your efforts as a result. Too few, and your brand visibility and reach might suffer.

In Summary, it’s not the size of the platform. It’s not about being all over every platform. It’s what’s right for your business based on who you’re trying to reach. So do your research and find the right tool that will help you build your business.Whichever social networks you choose to use, find the right resources to grow your business.

Criteria to consider when choosing an affiliate offer to promote

Choosing a new affiliate program or product is not as easy as you think!

If you decide to do the promotion of a product/service, you need to consider some criteria before you join and you send advertisement on social media. You need to bring value to your followers, your audience and your list. You have to find the perfect product, service and talk about it with authenticity and accuracy. It is not because it pays higher commissions that it is automatically better.

 ‘Affiliate Marketing Has Made Businesses Millions And Ordinary People Millionaires.Affiliate Marketing Mybe Your Next Best Career Move.’ – Larry Bussey

Check out these criteria and find the right choice for your and your niche.

1- Is it a product you are going to use yourself? or planning to use (if you just start) ?

People wants to follow your footstep so if you are happy about it, if you talk about it with enthusiasm and sincerity, you will attract people to you. Of course if you just started with your product, or it is a brand new product, you need to share why you want to try the product and why you believe it is the right product for them.

2- Is the company has a good track record?

Do you know the people who brought the product, the leadership. Do you know if they are here long-term and if the company is reliable.  People doesn’t need to be perfect as everybody do mistake so don’t be judgmental if some leaders did before some mistakes but keep your eyes up! Do you know people who knows them, do they have good reputation in this industry. You want to be able to see a long-term investment for you to make sure you are not wasting your time. Ask this question if you like the leadership behind the product, if you can trust them because transparency and credibility is key with affiliates.

3-Is the product a good fit for your list and niche?

This is important because every single list is different and everybody need something different. Example: if you are in health niche, you need to stay with that approach. Your list is only interested with what you always provide for them and in that case it is healthy products that will help them feeling better. You can’t take all the offers around, and there are offers every single day ! and you can’t please everybody and join all the affiliates because your friends are doing it! Now there is a little trick you can use to promote something completely different to your niche, see number 4.

4- Can you create a bridge for the product to make it a good fit for your list

You might want to promote something that is not really your niche. If you usually sell something physical like a product but for once you want to sell something digital or service then you need to create a Bridge page in between you and the offer. See how you can do it:

“Hey, i know i usually promote a physical product but I got introduced to something else that you might be interested to help you pay for the promotion of your website/e-commerce when advertising on Facebook ads. You need money for that!  So I did find this digital product that will bring you a ton of money and help you. I did a free training about how to make money that will help you advertising your current business, and I am waiting for your input.

Be creative, think how you can bring it to your list and share how it would benefit them.


5- Does the product pay enough in commissions to make it worth your time

Some products give you very little percentage.. check out best sellers on amazon for example might bring you only 5%… don’t spend time promoting these product if you are already very busy and start building your business. You need to justify your time. See what suits you best. You might gain a small amount at the start in some products but then it gets higher if you have recurring customers. So you need to balance what works for you and what is a waste of your time.

6- Is there an affiliate contest that you can rank and show up on the leaderboard?

That is important for 3 reasons:

  • affiliate contest is your report card. You want to get good enough to see your name on the ranking board. That will bring you some motivation and helps inspired you and will show you how you good you are?

    Do it for you… that will push you to better yourself

  • reciprocity… when you are ranking and you do well, you have some ammunition when you want to promote your own product and share it with the company or the person that you did the contest with. Because you brought them money and show that you can work hard, if you start with your own product, you can ask to consider sharing it to their list or checking out your product. It is a higher chance to get a reciprocal contest
  • do it for the cash. If in the contest you get cash, it will help you to invest in your main business. Or you can get a holiday and then share it on social media. That will bring you more followers.

7- Does the product fit your overall marketing strategy? evergreen vs quick launch

evergreen vs quick launch means short-term vs long-term 

Mini sale, short-term sale is perfect when you want to bring urgency and make cash fast. Put a date at the end of the offer and the product you want to use. Your followers will think it is the last chance to buy it. This way of promotion is great for big list  – Use Facebook ad for that

Long term offer stay open all the time. You can use YouTube marketing campaign, blogs. You could get years commitment out of it but also can take some time to make money.

You need to choose which strategy you want to use to get your list following you and getting interested all the time.

8- Would you promote the product even if you were paid no commissions

if Yes you found the right product.. you don’t do it for the money. You do it because you believe in the product and that is something your list, followers are going to feel it and they will be attracted to you, and bring more people to your business.

In Summary, the goal is to find the right product that will fit your list and that you will feel comfortable to promote. Don’t sell product only to make money !!

Got value?? Leave me a comment !!


Affiliate Marketing VS Network Marketing

How to choose from Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing? Which one would suit me better? Which one would take more time to develop? Which one should I do to get a long-term income?   

Many persons tend to think it is the same and that might put the confusion about strategy, marketing plan and how to advertise.

Affiliate Marketing  is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates’ own marketing efforts

Network Marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

While Network Marketing seems more appealing because you think you can make more money, it is also much more work and commitment and also you need to be very patient and consistent.

I am going to show you some difference and you’ll be able to see what suits you better

Difference of sale and auto-ship:

  • Affiliate Marketing use a service or a product that you have to sell and get rewarded with immediate cash. There is no autoship and no commissions with building team or if you recruit affiliate. A great example is Amazon affiliate, all you do is refer people to your Affiliate account, and you get a percentage of the price once you sell something. That is it!! It is a single level commission, you make money each time you make a sale. If you make $1000 in December, you have to start again to sell in January to get money. Each month you start at 0. There is no residual income.
  • Network Marketing use a service or a product that you have to sell as an autoship and get rewarded by commissions on multi-level. You need to build a team and coach your distributors to become leaders and duplicate your work to make more money. You can have a binary model or matrix model. You have an autoship each month in order to qualify to  commissions and you obtain residual income if you work hard and build a team. Example of MLM Amway founded in 1959 and still growing – I am not with Amway by the way!

Difference of membership and price:

  • Affiliate Marketing usually has a small membership fee and no autoship. You get rewarded for each sale. No need of inventory or stock.
  • Network Marketing has usually a package you have to purchase on autoship each month and some MLM also have a membership fee for your backoffice. You can stock up the product for your own customer or personal use. If you sell the product to a customer you can have a margin for yourself and make a profit.


Difference in advertising and marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You never sell product directly to your customers, you refer a website where they can buy the goods or get some training. For example, MLSP is an affiliate program because we refer people to our community and get commission when they buy a service, a product training. You need to advertise in large-scale to get visitors to your affiliate marketing offers. You know that usually your customers are not going to buy from you each month so you need to get a lot of customers if you want to make money. Once you get your list of customers, use your blog, website to advertise and send email when you get new product or a discount…
  • Network Marketing: It is a direct sales and you might have to do weekly house parties to make more money, so then your customers from word of mouth can talk about your products to their friends and family. That is how you start getting downline while recruiting your family and friend first. It is harder work as you need to get focus and creative so your parties don’t get boring, however when you get enthusiast distributors that want to build their downline, that is where the money is! It is based on personal relationship and trust.

Difference in commission:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You have a set amount for each sale, it is usually a percentage of the product or service you sell. You get rewarded for each sale You are making and nobody else. You commissions only depend on your own efforts.
  • Network Marketing: You are paid by commissions on multiple number of levels. The more people and leaders you have on your team, the better commissions you get. But if your downline don’t work much, you are not getting money. So you need to be consistent and talk to your team member, try to get some strategy to encourage them and make sales.

 Difference on tools and marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You need to use your websites, blogs, your online presence to allow you to leverage your traffic and make sales with various affiliate networks. Focus on Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Network Marketing: You need to contact your friends and family, hold webinar or meeting online to build your team, using social media to find interesting prospects. Not so focus on SEO. It is hard work and a lot of phone call and hustle to do.


You need to define your goals and see what you like to do and choose what suits you best.

Network Marketing are more for people who like helping others, training them and are not scared of rejections. Marketers like building team, coaching their distributors to duplicate. Recruiting new customers into their downline and teach, train them. It is a greater effort than affiliate and you need to be constantly available for your team. It is a full-time job if you want to make money

Affiliate is more for people who like to make a sale and be done with it. You can choose the amount of time you want to spend working and don’t have to be consistent if you have another job. You are rewarded for the effort you are making

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