Testimonials from people suffering from Diabetes


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My husband is 33, he is type 1 diabetic for 30 years now, he has glaucoma (he is blind now) and he has end stage kidney disease. He typically has an A1C of * (normal is below 6) since taking CBD oil. He has maintained a 6.5, he is also taking less insulin at night and during the day. He was doing trabeculoplasty which is targeted laser surgery, very painful for the glaucoma, fluid build up and has been able to stop the treatment. He has also been taken off 2 blood pressure medications for high BP, he has also improved his kidney function, which we were told was unable to do, but he has increased function


My husband has lowered his A1C that monitors his diabetes, he has improved his kidney function, went from 1.3 litres of urine output to 3.5 litres, dropped triglycerides from 268 to 206, dropped cholesterol to 204, dropped BP to normal and he has improved vision from being blind with diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma! Also he did a blood and urine test, while consuming 40mg of CBD oil a day, and tested negative for all drugs for his transplant


  • Type 1 diabetes: started A1C 9.7 as of today 5.4, he is also taking less insulin daily and at night
  • Glaucoma: he lowered his eye pressure from 36 and 37 to 16 and 18 as of today! He was taking medications and trabeculoplasty, he now is off medications and no longer need lasers
  • Diabetic neuropathy: he had severe edema and numbness with tingling from neuropathy, he was taking Gabapentin and Lyrica for pain, he is now no longer on medications, he has released all edema and feeling has returned
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: my husband became blind 5 years ago due to diabetes and Glaucoma, he has successfully lowered his Glaucoma pressure levels, and has began to see light and shapes out of his eyes, he is still blind but has not been able to see the bright lights or any shapes for 5 years!
  • End stage kidney disease/stage 5: his GFR was 5, he was only putting 7 litres of urine out and needed immediate intervention of dialysis. Since taking Hempworx CBD oil he has GFR of 12. He puts out 2.4 litres of urine and is awaiting transplant

He worked with a doctor to taper all 6 medications, he takes 20 drops of 750 mg Hempworx CBD in the AM and 20 drops of 750 mg in the evening


I had tried multiple different meds from pills to injections in order to help control my blood sugar. The only thing that any of them actually did was make me feel worse. Until I started taking the oil my blood sugar averaged around 400 and has been that way for several years. Like I stated … no meds helped … since I have started taking the oil, my blood sugar is down to 150-200. I know that is still high but for me that is a miracle. It continues to drop so I have faith that it will get down to where it needs to be.


I called my brother last night to check up on him after taking the CBD oil for a week now, when he answered the phone he was completely out of breath! He told me he was chasing his 3 year old grandson around the house playing with him. He said he’s never been able to do that because of the neuropathy and the numbness in his feet.m He has been pain free since the 3rd day of taking the oil. He is able to sleep now and he said his balance is back. He said if you can’t feel your feet, you surely aren’t going to run around and risk falling down. The Hempworx CBD oil has given him his life back


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Truth about Fluoride and its side-effects

For the last decade, we’ve been hearing so many facts/side effects that people get using  Fluoride. Dentists still say that it is the way to help against teeth decay but we all know this is far from the truth. Fluoride is found mostly in toothpaste but also some municipalities are adding it to the drinking water.

Fluoride is a secondary product of the aluminum industry that accumulates in the body and the brain which might lead to severe neurological damage. Exposure to fluoride is  suspected of impacting nearly every part of the human body, and the potential for harm has been clearly established in scientific research.

Some facts:

  • Most developed counties do not fluoridate their water
  • Fluoridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non fluoridated countries
  • Fluoride affects many tissues in your body besides your teeth and lead to a wide variety of health problems:
    • Bone cancer
    • Thyroid disease
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Immune system complications
    • Lower IQ
    • Rapid aging
    • Learning disability
    • Iodine deficiency ….
  • Fluoridation is not a natural process
  • For infants, fluoridated water provides NO benefits only risks
  • 40% for American Teenagers show visible signs of fluoride overexposure with dental fluorosis.
  • Fluoride supplements have never been approved by FDA ens
  • Fluoride is the only medicine  added to Public water
  • Swallowing fluoride provides little benefits to teeth
  • Disadvantaged communities are the most disadvantaged by fluoride


water or fluoride

There’s no doubt about it: Fluoride should not be ingested.

Did you know?

  • Fluoride is so toxic that it is considered as hazardous waste by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Hitler fluoridated the water in the concentration camps to sedate the prisoners
  • Fluoride is the same ingredients in rat poison and prozac
  • Crest was the first fluoride toothpaste created in 1955

Dr Kathy Thiessen, Director and Senior Scientist at the Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis in Tennessee is strongly opposed to fluoridation. As she explains:

“[Recent data] … indicates no significant benefit from water fluoridation, but a significant association with dental fluorosis, a situation that will not be avoided by fluoridating all cities at 0.7.mg/L … At the very least, even if dental fluorosis is considered only a cosmetic problem, it takes money to treat to improve a person’s appearance and perhaps his or her self-esteem … A growing number of studies indicate associations between dental fluorosis and increased risk of various health problems. Considerable evidence indicates that water fluoridation is an unsafe and unethical practice, with little or no real benefit.”

Dr. Kathy Thiessen, Director and Senior Scientist at the Oak Ridge Center for Risk
Analysis in Tennessee.



Disclaimer: Please consider that  I am not a doctor or a physician, just a concerned mother, who wants the best for her: children, grand-children, family, friends and pets. These statements are my personal opinions and do not constitute any formal expression, statement, directly or indirectly expressed or assumed, nor non assumed regarding the aforementioned subject.


Source about Risk with Fluoride Here and Human Health risks Here 


CBD Oils and Migraines Testimonials

See some powerful testimonials from people using our product

Migraines virtually gone! Hempworx CBD oil changed my life! So here is my story. I have been suffering with migraines since I was in first grade. I have recent headache logs saved in my phone for a Migraine Doctor and my General Physician. My logs show anywhere from 12-16 headaches, most of them migraines a month. After taking CBD oil 6 to 8 drops under my tongue in the morning and at night, I now only have 2-3 headaches a month!!!! and they are very mild and I am able to function and go back to work with in a few hours. In the past I would be out for a day or two with a migraine headache and not able to function. This my friend is life altering results for me! I have stopped taking 3 migraine medications and my anxiety pill.

Additional results are, I sleep more sound and virtually have no pain after going to the skatepark and skateboarding for hours. (age 45) The next day I wake up pain free where I used to have aches, pains and locked up! I also vape it when I get stressed. I have been studying CBD like crazy since I started taking it 5/29/2017. Why didn’t I learn about this sooner? Have fantastic day!


I have RA, RSD, migraines, titanium up my spine, and herniated discs in my upper back and neck. I’ve lived in daily pain since March 21, 2014 when we wrecked our motorcycle. My RA & RSD has been inflamed for months where it is hard for me to get up and move at all. My migraines had been coming 2-3 days a week for over a month. I’m prescribed some pretty strong narcotic medications for my pain and I take a daily migraine medication.
I started taking 5 drops twice a day of the HempWorx 500mg for 3 days and I didn’t notice a lot of difference other then actually sleeping which had been minimal due to the pain. On day 4 I went up to 10 drops twice a day and within two days what a world of difference!!!
I was able to spend an entire day with my husband cleaning our RV and truck inside & out, top to bottom without pain! I actually missed the time I normally take my second dose and started to go grab some Tylenol as I had some minor aches. I remembered my dose took it and rubbed some Relief on my RSD shoulder and mid back. Within minutes the mild ache was gone and the burning nerve pain (RSD) ended!
I am so very grateful that a friend shared this with me as I’ve NOT taken any narcotic pain medication in days.
One of my biggest fears is developing Renal Failure due to the strong medications I’ve been on but with the relief I am getting with the HempWorx products that fear is gone! 


Almost three months on the 750MG bottle daily and I’m in love. This stuff helps me get through my day and sleep at night. My migraine attacks, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems and overall stress related health issues have reduced. I take 1/2 a dropper when I wake up and 1/2 a dropper before bed! I’m considering becoming an affiliate at this point because I want to share this magic.


This combination stopped my migraine within 10 minutes of use! Normally my migraines are debilitating, cause nausea/vomiting, auras, sensitivity to light, sound and smell, and then I’m left extremely fatigued afterwards. I woke up yesterday with a migraine and instantly took my drops and used the relief cream and within 10 minutes the pain was gone and I got my energy back shortly there after. Thank you, HempWorx!


Here is my friend’s testimony for a migraine! I just wanna take a minute to talk about how awesome CBD oil is…I woke up with a migraine at 6:45 this morning took 10 drops of CBD oil and by 7:05 it was already working so I decided to take 5 more drops and by 7:17 it was pretty much gone, this stuff is amazing!


I have horrible debilitating migraines. I get botox every 10 wks but it doesn’t stop them. I don’t have them as often, but I still get 2-3 a week.

My last round of botox was may 25. I ordered CBD (500 mg) June 15th. It arrived in 2 days. At that point, I had suffered with a migraine everyday for a week. Even had 2 rounds of injections. I started the CBD oil & did full dropper 2x a day. The migraine pain decreased, but never fully went away. After almost 2 full wks on CBD oil, the pain was gone! I have only had 1 really bad one where I had a prescription drug cocktail that I took to get rid of it, & that was about 9-10 days ago.

IF I feel a migraine try to start, I take 3 hits off a vape with our oil & it stops it. (I choose to do this instead of additional drops bc it gets into system faster.)I don’t vape it in place of sublingual bc I don’t get maximum benefits from it.

Obviously, everyone is different, but this is MY story & what works for me! My next order will be for 750mg drops ONLY so I can make it last longer than 1 month (fewer drops at higher dosage).


I suffered from severe migraines at least 2-3 times a week. I was on 2-3 different medication and a routine hospital treatment daily when I would get them.
When I first started the oil I suffered really bad migraines I thought it wouldn’t work. I started 5 drops am & pm went up to 10 then I backed down to 5 in the morning 7 at night it took over two weeks by week three I went up to a full dropper only at night.

I haven’t had a migraine now for a month. It’s a miracle for me. I’ve suffered from them since I was a child. I’m 47 years old.
I am also off my Pain medication which I’ve been on for over 20 years. It’s just Amazing!


As most of you know I had a 4 car accident Sept 24 2017. What you don’t know is ….. Since I had really bad migraines most my life the accident triggered cluster headaches. They come on suddenly out of the blue. Within the first week after accident it started and it was so painful and piercing throughout my forehead, back of head & neck. My face was getting very flush and red too. Then I noticed them coming several times a day went to my Dr cause I was like wth? Yes I had whiplash and thought that was why. My pain meds didn’t do anything. It was horrible. They still continue to come out of the blue. I was using 500mg of the oil and it helped somewhat. It wasn’t till I ordered 750mg took 3drops and wow what relief I got. They still come but not so many times a day. I am now down to maybe once or twice a week getting them. So I make sure I carry my 750 with me cause you never know when it will hit. Never mind what else the oil is also helping me with. But I am so much better then before.


I suffer from hemipeligic migraines. With the symptoms it is just like a stroke. I had 3 of my episodes in 3 days, I was desperate to find something to help. I started taking hemp oil 750 mg. 5 drops in the morning and in the evening. It helps me keep my train of thought and I have not had another episode since the beginning of Oct. I continue to use it. I take it when I feel even a bit off and so far so good.

============================================================================Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraine issues better thanks to HempWorx CBD

I’m writing this to let everyone know that this CBD oil is an answer to prayer for me!!!
I have had fibromyalgia for 35 yrs Raynauds syndrom RA for 8 yrs. migraines for 25 yrs psoriasis, connective tissue issues, severe acid redux with vomiting in the middle of the night IBS, brain fog anxiety and depression !!! The struggles of living this way were awful!!!
The CBD oil has allowed me to have my life back!!!
I used to need 2 days to recuperate if I had a good day and did too much!! Now I don’t need any recuperate days !!! It is amazing how this oil works for so many health concerns! All the conditions I mentioned above are 100% better!
I praise God for allowing me to find this miracle!!


I had a miserable migraine and with 2 doses of the 500mg CBD Oil the migraine was completely gone!

Breaks my heart to hear that so many people suffer with pain, aches, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, anxiety and so much more… Unfortunately there are no cures so we settle on medications that give us some relief along with side effects that are worse than the condition… Until now!
I have been using HempWorx’s CBD oil, a natural option, for two weeks now as has my husband and my symptoms have diminished greatly and Randy has said to many that he feels great and there is definitely a positive difference.
I did my research and decided this is the right path for us. WOW!


I have rheumatoid arthritis, RSD, migraines, titanium up my spine, and herniated discs in my upper back and neck. I’ve lived in daily pain since March 21, 2014 when we wrecked our motorcycle.
My rheumatoid arthritis & RSD has been inflamed for months to the point that it is hard for me to get up and move at all. My migraines had been coming 2­3 days a week for over a month. I’m prescribed some pretty strong narcotic medications for my pain and I take a daily migraine medication.

I started taking 5 drops twice a day of the HempWorx 500mg for 3 days and I didn’t notice a lot of difference other then actually sleeping which had been minimal due to the pain. On day 4 I went up to 10 drops twice a day and within two days what a world of difference!
I was able to spend an entire day with my husband cleaning our RV and truck inside & out, top to bottom without pain! I actually missed the time I normally take my second dose and started to go grab some Tylenol as I had some minor aches. I remembered my dose took it and rubbed some Relief on my RSD shoulder and mid back.

Within minutes the mild ache was gone and the burning nerve pain (RSD) ended! I am so very grateful that a friend shared this with me as I’ve NOT taken any narcotic pain medication in days. One of my biggest fears is developing Renal Failure due to the strong medications I’ve been on but with the relief I am getting with the HempWorx products that fear is gone!


HempWorx CBD Oil update from a child perspective.
Jay always has headaches. Not a day goes by he doesn’t complain about his head hurting and begging for medicine (and he hates medicine). He gets bad migraines which I believe I passed on to him (sorry buddy). Today I gave him 4 drops of cbd oil and no headache, plus he likes the taste of it!


 I’ve had migraines since I was 10 years old. Mine are the rare type that come with a severe aura. The pain is excruciating and the whole experience is very debilitating. The aura usually lasts over an hour (if I’m lucky enough to take my prescription at the onset) and the pain can last for days. I also have extreme sensitivity to noise and light.
Since starting HempWorx CBD oil in July, I have only had 2 migraines and they were both weather related. Not bad since I averaged 1 per week. Last night, I had a sudden full­ blown migraine. I would usually take one of two prescription medications: Maxalt or Naproxen 500mg. I decided to take only CBD oil to test the effect on my migraine. I took 20 drops of the 500 mg and a glass of water.
The aura was full­blown with zigzags and severe pain behind my left eye. The pain on my forehead and temples became very intense. I decided to rub some of the HempWorx Relief pain cream on both areas as well. Within 30 minutes (my daughter was checking for me), the aura had ceased and the pain behind my left eye was already dissipating. As I was lying in my dark room, I was aware that I had no nausea and that my temples were no longer throbbing. It was about a total of an hour and then I came downstairs to help my daughter get organized for school. My eyes were still sensitive but the pain had gone from a 10 to a 3!
I was able to function and my daughter was shocked and very happy. She has witnessed her mother suffer through these for years! CBD oil has changed my life. I will never be without it. I’ve also had fibromyalgia for 26 years and will soon be writing my personal testimonial for that. Let’s just say that I have weaned off 4 out of 5 of my prescription medications and that was within 30 days!
This stuff really works and I became an affiliate to share it with others so that they can stop suffering too!

No more migraines and had a start of a headache last month I rubbed the oil directly on my neck pain (where my headaches usually starts and ends up in migraines) and it stopped.

I used to get migraines several times a week even on heavy hitting meds to prevent them. Since using HempWorx 750, I have not had a single migraine and am no longer taking reeds.

7 weeks and only two mini migraines!

I have been using it for 7 weeks now and have not had a migraine since day 4. I am still taking only 7 drops am and 7 drops pm. I have not had to increase my dosage anymore.

I started taking hempworx CBS oil and have been migraine free for a month now. I have been migraine free since I started CBD Oil 7 weeks ago.

CBD Oil for migraines, psoriatic arthritis and bipolar

I tried CBD oil for the first time a little over a month ago I was having four migraines a week and I also suffered from psoriatic arthritis pain for the past 20 years. I was in so much pain and the medication I was on was giving me bad side effects.

Within two days of trying CBD oil I was pain free! I couldn’t believe it. CBD oil did what no narcotic pain reliever or anti inflammatory could do.

It also helped me with severe anxiety and panic attacks and my bipolar miracle I am amazed

I lowered my anti psychotic to the lowest dose possible but am hoping to be medication free in the future


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license. Click here and here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of CBD Oil based on the expertise of relevant professionals.
CBD Rich Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states. See the full disclaimer here.

CBD Oil and Migraines

Migraine is much more than a headache, it can last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours. The noise, the light or moving can be difficult. Migraine is an extremely prevalent headache syndrome affecting 14% of Americans.

Symptoms of migraine can start a while before the headache, immediately before the headache, during the headache, and after the headache.

  • moderate to severe pain, usually confined to one side of the head but capable of occurring on either side of the head
  • severe, throbbing, or pulsing pain
  • increasing pain during physical activity or when straining
  • inability to perform regular activities due to pain
  • feeling sick and physically vomiting
  • increased sensitivity to light and sound, relieved by lying quietly in a darkened room

The solution; our CBD oil will help you without the side effects of the pain killers. CBD oil works with cells in both the brain and the nervous system. These molecules are called Cannabinoid Receptors (CB1 and CB2).

CBD is patented by the US government as antioxidants and neuroprotectant. In fact, multiple studies have found that CBD blocks oxidative stress which may be responsible for triggering all migraines.

One of our testimonial. To see more go HERE

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See other benefits of CBD oil

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What the doctors have to say about CBD oil!


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Legal Disclaimer:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license. Click here and here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of CBD Oil based on the expertise of relevant professionals.
CBD Rich Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states. See the full disclaimer here.

Pourquoi je conseille de prendre O2 Drops – O2 Worldwide

Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler des gouttes O2 Drops, des gouttes “magiques” comme je les appelle.

J’ai commencé à les prendre en mars 2016 et en voyant les résultats impressionnants  j’en ai donné à toute ma famille.

Attention je ne suis pas médecin, je suis esthéticienne et tout ce que je vais vous dire est simplement mon expérience  personnel, celui de ma famille ou alors des nombreux témoignages de personnes satisfaites.

La première fois que j’ai pris O2 c’était en fin de soirée juste avant de me coucher, et j’ai ressenti une sensation de calme, de sérénité. J’ai du aller me coucher car je me sentais même fatiguée. Le lendemain, je me suis réveillée en pleine forme prête à faire tout mon travail… J’avoue que sur le coup je n’ai pas fait attention, mais au moment d’aller me coucher le soir, je me suis aperçue que j’avais fait beaucoup plus de choses que d’habitude…

J’ai pris mes 15 gouttes sous la langue, 3 fois dans la journée comme il est conseillé.

Le lendemain, au réveil même sensation d’énergie qui m’envahissait…. j’étais vraiment contente…  après quelques jours mon psoriasis dans la tête à diminuer très fortement, je ne souffre plus de sinusite et je suis beaucoup plus concentrée dans mon travail….. Je le met aussi sur mon visage et vous pouvez l’utiliser avec un exfoliant ou un masque pour améliorer votre peau contre l’acné, les impuretés,  peux combattre les tâches brunes et obtenir un teint unifié.
JE ME SENS BIEN!!! MOINS STRESSÉE, PLUS CALME!!! J’ai commencé à faire de la méditation, je suis beaucoup plus positive qu’avant, bref O2 a changé ma vie.

Je vous conseille de voir cette vidéo et vous comprendrez pourquoi le produit O2 est utile pour notre bien-être et notre santé.


O2 aussi est très bien pour les sportifs car ça leur permet d’avoir plus d’endurance, plus de stamina, moins de courbature … Ma fille de 13 ans qui veut faire les JO de 2024 en gymnastique le prend religieusement car elle a vu une nette amélioration et ses entraîneurs aussi. Vous pouvez allez voir mon site internet et voir la composition du produit et quelques témoignages.


Je pourrais vous en parler pendant des heures car nous recevons tous les jours des témoignages nouveaux, et certains sont exceptionnels…

Je vous ai fait une petite vidéo et je vous invite à la regarder.


Merci d’avoir vu ma vidéo et si vous voulez faire la commande, vous pouvez allez sur mon site, appuyez ICI

Et bien sûr si vous avez des questions, ou que vous voulez des renseignements n’hésitez pas à me contacter.



O2 Worldwide et ses gouttes d’oxygene


Pourquoi O2 Worldwide est un produit exceptionnel _ (1)

La société O2 Worldwide qui a pour mission d’aider les gens dans le monde entier et améliorer leur qualité de vie a créé des gouttes d’oxygène pour améliorer notre santé.


L’oxygène est primordial pour une bonne santé ainsi que notre bien-être. Il est vital pour la circulation sanguine, l’assimilation des nutriments, la digestion et l’élimination des déchets cellulaires et métaboliques. Même nos capacités à penser, sentir et agir exigent la production d’énergie liées à l’oxygène.

Notre environnement est hautement pollué, les toxines contaminent l’atmosphère et modifient les molécules d’oxygène changeant la composition de l’ air.

Cela a un effet direct sur notre santé car la quantité d’oxygène que nous respirons n’est pas suffisante.

Souffrez vous de fatigue chronique ou avez-vous moins d’énergie qu’avant ? Quand vous tombez malade, cela prend-il beaucoup plus de temps pour vous rétablir ?

Pourquoi O2 Worldwide est un produit exceptionnel _ (2)Et si vous pouviez guérir plus rapidement, augmenter votre vitalité et votre bien-être ou tout simplement avoir plus d’énergie afin que votre corps puisse fonctionner de manière optimale ?

Les gouttes O2 DROPS®sont composées de molécules d’oxygène bio-disponibles avec oligo-éléments essentiels qui vont revitaliser votre corps et améliorer votre santé.

Les gouttes O2 DROPS® sont complètement naturelles, non toxiques, pH équilibré, totalement stables.

Les gouttes O2 DROPS® ne contiennent pas de colorants artificiels, conservateurs, stabilisants, ou stimulants dangereux.

Les gouttes O2 DROPS® sont fiables et simples à utiliser.

Je vous invite à écouter et visualiser cette vidéo et si vous avez des questions je suis à votre entière disposition.


A bientôt


PS: Vous pouvez aller sur mon site et voir tous les bienfaits de ce produit

Je suis joignable sur WhatsApp: +1 (876) 566-6155

Pourquoi O2 Worldwide est un produit exceptionnel ?

O2 Worldwide est un produit basé avec de l’oxygène liquide qui est du dioxygène refroidi au-dessous de son point de condensation sous la pression atmosphérique. On l’obtient par distillation fractionnée à partir de l’air.

Les minéraux jouent un rôle crucial dans de nombreuses fonctions vitales. Un supplément  avec une formule multi minérale revêt donc une importance particulière pour la santé, à condition qu’elle soit équilibrée et que les minéraux qui la composent aient une bonne biodisponibilité. En chimie, un minéral est simplement un élément inorganique (non vivant) que l’on trouve dans la nature.

En nutrition, le terme « minéral » est utilisé pour classifier des éléments nutritionnels indispensables aux processus de vie. Les minéraux sont des éléments naturels, d’origine ni animale ni végétale.


Les minéraux indispensables pour l’organisme

Les minéraux sont nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de nombreux processus de l’organisme, incluant la contraction des muscles, le transport de l’oxygène, la conduction des impulsions nerveuses, l’équilibre acide (base du sang), le maintien de l’apport hydrique, la coagulation du sang, un fonctionnement immunitaire convenable ou un rythme cardiaque normal. De nombreux minéraux sont utilisés comme blocs de construction pour des tissus tels les os, les dents ou les muscles. De plus, certains minéraux sont d’importants composants ou activateurs de plusieurs enzymes et hormones.

Les minéraux ne fournissent pas de source d’énergie calorique mais sont par contre essentiels pour le bon fonctionnement des enzymes métaboliques qui, à leur tour, sont indispensables aux voies métaboliques de l’énergie. En fait, les enzymes ne peuvent fonctionner en l’absence de minéraux. Certains minéraux contrôlent d’importants processus biologiques, notamment en facilitant la liaison de molécules à des sites récepteurs sur des membranes cellulaires, en altérant la structure ou la nature ionique des membranes pour empêcher ou permettre que certaines molécules entrent ou sortent d’une cellule et en induisant l’expression de gènes pour former des protéines impliquées dans les processus de la vie.

Les minéraux sont excrétés de l’organisme dans la sueur, les selles ou les urines, et doivent être remplacés quotidiennement. Un apport inadéquat en minéraux est associé à un large éventail de maladies incluant l’anémie, l’hypertension, le diabète, le cancer, le déchaussement des dents ou l’ostéoporose.


La biodisponibilité des minéraux est inégale

La biodisponibilité d’un ingrédient, d’un supplément nutritionnel définit la portion du nutriment ou de l’ingrédient bioactif qui va être absorbée par le système gastrointestinal pour être utilisée ou stockée dans l’organisme, ou le degré d’utilisation d’un nutriment au niveau cellulaire. Après être passés à travers la paroi intestinale, les ingrédients entrent dans la circulation sanguine et trouvent leur chemin vers leur organe ou système organique cible où ils doivent aller exercer leurs missions spécifiques pour soutenir la santé. En général, la plupart des minéraux sont faiblement absorbés et, de plus, certains composants de l’alimentation peuvent inhiber leur absorption. La première fonction du système digestif est de décomposer les aliments que nous absorbons en différents composants nutritionnels indispensables au maintien de la santé.

Ce processus débute dans la bouche où l’amylase salivaire initie la dégradation des amidons. Il se poursuit dans l’environnement acide de l’estomac où l’acide chlorhydrique et les enzymes gastriques commencent la décomposition des protéines (et dans un degré très limité celle des hydrates de carbone). Après une période d’une à quatre heures, selon la combinaison des aliments absorbés, l’action péristaltique pousse le chyme hors de l’estomac dans l’intestin grêle où la bile et les différentes enzymes pancréatiques complètent le processus de digestion. C’est dans la portion haute de l’intestin grêle que tous les minéraux sont finalement absorbés.

Les minéraux pris sous forme de sels minéraux sont absorbés dans leur forme ionique. Les minéraux existant sous forme d’anions, négativement chargés, tel le bore ou le sélénium, sont généralement absorbés librement et complètement par le système gastro-intestinal. Les minéraux existant sous forme de cations, chargés positivement, sont plus difficilement absorbés. Les minéraux sont libérés des aliments sous l’action de l’acide chlorhydrique et des enzymes gastriques dans l’estomac. Une fois libre, le minéral qui transporte une charge électrique positive va s’attacher lui-même à un transporteur fortement chargé négativement, créant ainsi une liaison trop forte pour être brisée dans l’estomac, ou passer dans l’intestin comme un ion minéral sans attache, chargé positivement.

Lorsque le premier cas se produit, le minéral fortement lié à son transporteur traverse l’intestin sans que le processus de sa digestion ne se poursuive. En d’autres mots, sous cette forme, un minéral a peu d’intérêt pour l’organisme. D’un autre côté, un minéral libre positivement chargé ne peut être assimilé dans l’intestin grêle que si sa charge est réduite à zéro. Les villosités intestinales (des projections comme de courts filaments qui tapissent la paroi intestinale et à travers lesquelles se fait l’absorption de la plupart des vitamines et des minéraux) sont chargées négativement. Il se crée une attraction entre elles et l’ion minéral chargé positivement, le cation. Cette attraction est si forte que les cations métalliques vont adhérer aux villosités intestinales sans être absorbés dans la circulation sanguine. La charge positive du cation peut être neutralisée en l’entourant d’une protéine de liaison aux villosités intestinales.

C’est un processus lent : comme l’intestin ne peut assimiler qu’une petite quantité en un temps donné, la plupart des minéraux vont passer ce site récepteur avant que la neutralisation ne se fasse ; une grande partie des minéraux ingérés n’est ainsi jamais absorbée.

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(Source 1 and Source 2)

Avantages beauté de Aloe Vera

Je connaissais l’Aloe Vera quand j’étais en Europe uniquement dans des bouteilles de crème ou alors dans des boissons à base d’Aloe Vera, mais je n’avais jamais acheté ou possédé une plante. Sur l’image, vous pouvez voir notre  plante en Jamaïque que nous utilisons depuis 5 ans. Chaque fois que nous déménageons, nous prenons notre plante d’Aloe Vera et nous essayons de trouver le bon endroit pour qu’elle se sente bien!

Nous utilisons habituellement les feuilles d’Aloe Vera après notre retour de la plage et nous en  mettons sur notre peau pour éviter les coups de soleil. Le lendemain, la peau est à notre couleur normale comme si nous n’avions eu aucune réaction du soleil. De même, je l’utilise comme masque du visage parfois. J’aime faire mes concoctions 🙂

La plante en elle-même peut pousser jusqu’à 60 cm avec des feuilles épineuses et amères qui servent de défense pour empêcher que les animaux et les insectes s’approchent. À l’intérieur de la plante, vous trouvez ce gel translucide et gelatineux qui contient 96% d’eau, plus de 100 à 200 composants nutritionnels: protéine avec 18 acides aminés, vitamines A, B, B12, C, E et bien plus, des minéraux et de nombreux enzymes.

  • Les praticiens de la médecine Ayurvédique utilisent beaucoup l’Aloe Vera. L’exercice de la médecine ayurvédique implique de soigner le malade, non la maladie.
  •  La phytothérapie chinoise utilise également l’Aloe Vera pour soigner les gens

L’Aloe Vera est une plante possédant de nombreuses vertus cosmétiques et médicinales. La plante a des propriétés antiseptiques, bactéricides, anti-inflammatoires et anti-fongiques, qui seront d’une grande aide en cas d’acné, de psoriasis, d’eczéma ou encore d’urticaire et va aider les personnes qui ont la peau sèche, des personnes souffrant de coupure mineure, ou de brûlures sévères.

L’Aloe Vera aide à régénérer de la peau, aide à la cicatrisation et protège la peau contre les agressions extérieures. C’est aussi un puissant anti-âge grâce aux nombreux vitamines comme la vitamine E, C et aussi la bêta-carotène.

Vous pouvez l’utiliser directement sur votre peau et vous aurez l’impression d’avoir une peau plus lisse et une sensation de fraîcheur. Ou vous pouvez également le mélanger avec d’autres ingrédients et obtenir un gel exfoliant. Vous pouvez faire des soins visage maison et masque hydratant en utilisant l’aloe vera!  Vous pouvez l’utiliser sur tous les types de peau.

Il est également utilisé dans les produits capillaires pour renforcer les cheveux, donner plus d’élasticité et empêcher que les pointes soient abimées et les cheveux fourchus . Grâce à ses propriétés anti-virales et anti-inflammatoires, l’aloe vera va aider a combattre les pellicules, réguler le sébum et apaiser les démangeaisons et irritations.

les bienfaits de l'aloe vera

La FDA – Food and Drug Administration-  aux Etats-Unis (équivalent de l’agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé)  a approuvé en 1959 l’utilisation du gel Aloe Vera pour la cicatrisation des brûlures.

Etant esthéticienne et non médecin je ne peux pas vraiment parler des bienfaits sur la santé que vous obtiendrez avec l’Aloe Vera. Il a été prouvé que l’utilisation de l’aloe vera à voie orale va aider à la digestion, résoudre les problèmes d’estomac, mais est également utilisé dans certains programmes de perte de poids.

Si vous prenez soin de votre corps intérieur, vous serez en bonne santé, mais aussi  vous verrez une différence sur votre beauté extérieur.

Petite histoire: les anciens Egyptiens appelaient l’Aloe Vera la «plante de l’immortalité». Les reines égyptiennes l’utilisaient en usage cosmétique.



Beauty benefits of Aloe Vera

I knew Aloe Vera when I was in Europe only in cream bottles or in juices but I never really bought or own a plant. On the cover picture you can see our plant in Jamaica that we use for the last 5 years. Each time we move we take our Aloe Vera plant and find the right place!

We usually use the Aloe Vera leaves after we come back from the beach and put it on our skin to avoid sunburn. The next day the skin is back to our normal color as if we didn’t get any reaction from the sun. Also I use it as a facial mask sometimes. I like to do my concoctions 🙂

The plant by itself can grow up to two feet with prickly and bitter leaves which act as a defense to keep animals and insects away. Inside the plant, you find this gooey translucent gel which contains 96% of water, protein with 18 amino acids, Vitamin A,B, B12, C and E. It contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cell and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Ayurveda medicine is a great advocate of Aloe Vera. The holistic healing system believe that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit.
  • The Chinese herbal medicine also use Aloe Vera to heal people

Aloe Vera is used to help people with dry skin, minor cuts, severe burns and to treat wounds. Healing properties can help acne prone skin, remove tan and also reduce stretch marks.

You can use it directly on your skin and you’ll get a feeling of having a smoother skin and a coolness on your skin. Or you can also mix it with other ingredients and get an exfoliating gel, or a gel to treat your skin and provide nutrients. You can do so many homemade recipes using aloe vera!  It has an anti-aging quality because of the vitamin E, C and betacarotene. You can use it on all skin types.

It is also used in hair products to rejuvenate the hair and give more elasticity while preventing breakage. It helps also with dry and itchy scalp because of its anti viral and anti inflammatory properties.

aloe vera pic in blog

The FDA in 1959 approved the use of Aloe Vera ointment for healing burn.

As a beautician and not a doctor I can’t really talk about the health improvement you’ll get with the Aloe Vera but it has been proven to help digestion, stomach troubles but also is used in some weight loss programs.

If you take care of your body from the inside, you will be healthy but also you’ll be glowing from the outside.

Little history:  The Ancient Egyptians named Aloe Vera Plant the “plant of immortality”. The Egyptian queens associated its use with their physical beauty.



La lavande, l’une des huiles essentielles les plus populaires au monde

Riviera Wellness utilise la lavande dans ses produits de soin pour les femmes et pour les personnes sujettes à l’acné. C’est l’une des huiles essentielles les plus populaires au monde et offre de nombreux avantages.

Le plus populaire est Lavandula augustifolia, j’avais l’habitude d’avoir beaucoup de plantes quand j’étais en France et j’en prend encore dans le jardin de mes parents, je fais sècher la fleur, la met dans une petite pochette puis dans ma garde-robe pour avoir une belle odeur. La lavande n’est pas seulement une plante avec un parfum frais et floral mais présente de nombreux avantages pour la santé et les soins de la peau.

Petite histoire:

  • La lavande a été découverte il y a plus de 2.500 ans.
  • Les Egyptiens l utilisaient pour la momification et comme parfum
    Les Romains utilisaient  l’huile de lavande pour se laver, la cuisson et pour purifier l’air. C’est de là que nous avons obtenu le nom  “lavare” qui signifie laver en romain.

Aujourd’hui, la lavande a tant de vertus et c’est la raison pour laquelle nous l’utilisons dans nos soins de la peau. Elle est utilisée à la fois de manière cosmétique et thérapeutique. C’est un puissant antioxydant, a des propriétés bactéricides, antidépresseur, et a des effets calmants

  • La lavande restaure le teint et réduit l’acné
  • Ralentit le processus de vieillissement avec de puissants antioxydants
  • Soulage les douleurs et les maux de tête
  • Réduit l’anxiété et le stress émotionnel
  • Aide à cicatriser les plaies et les brûlures
  • Améliore le système nerveux
  • Peut aider à la perte de cheveux et améliorer Alopecia Areata lorsqu’elle est massé sur le cuir chevelu tous les jours.

Je ne suis que dans l’industrie de la beauté et non pas un médecin, donc je vous recommande de regarder tous les avantages pour la santé sur Internet, mais il a été démontré que l’huile essentielle de lavande est un antioxydant naturel qui empêcher et aide à certaines maladies comme Alzheimer and aussi les personnes souffrant d’un état de stress post-traumatique (ESPT), d’anxiété, de dépression et améliore le sommeil.



Pourquoi nous voulons utiliser la Lavande dans nos produits de soins?

La lavande est très bénéfique pour la peau et est l’une des huiles rares que nous pouvons utiliser directement sur la peau.



  • Nourrit la peau et aide les peaux sèches
  • Tonifie la peau et hydrate en profondeur votre épiderme
  • Apaise la peau contre les démangeaisons
  • Antiseptique
  • Propriétés purifiantes et anti allergène
  • Anti-bactérien et régule les imperfections
  • Anti-inflammatoire
  • La lavande peut être utilisé pour tous types de peau, aide également sur l’acné, le psoriasis, la dermatite et l’eczéma.


La lavande stimule la croissance cellulaire et régénère la peau. Imaginez nos crèmes et sérums à base de cellules souches ou Estriol avec de  la lavande.  L’ajout de l’huile essentiel de lavande va aider également à réduire les taches de vieillesse et à inverser le processus anti-âge.

Nous l’utilisons également avec notre produit d’acné pour aider à la guérison grâce à ses propriétés anti-bactériennes, anti-oxydantes et anti-microbiennes.

riviera women