The Easy Way to Integrate Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

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You’re tired of always being tired. You’re going through the motions, uninspired and unmotivated in your daily life. If you were to answer honestly when someone asks, “How are you?” you would have to admit that you’re not well. 

It sounds like you’ve got a classic case of not practising self-care! If you want to get the most from life and cultivate a healthy body, mind, and soul, integrating self-care into your routine is non-negotiable. And no matter how busy or budget-minded you are at the moment, you can start living well today. Riviera Wellness presents some tips for doing just that!

Jump Out of Bed  

You might be surprised by how easily you can incorporate exercise into your life while still getting enough sleep. Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier and find a quick HIIT workout you can do before leaving the house.

Many workouts require minimal equipment, so you can carve out a simple fitness space in your home. You’ll feel rejuvenated and energized to begin each day. And if you set up the coffee and lay out your clothes the night before, you don’t have to feel rushed!

Keep Tabs on Your Emotions

Your emotions will control your life if you allow them to. And unfortunately, most of us are prone to dwell more on negative emotions than positive ones. Learn how to assess and manage your negative emotions, especially if you’re a business owner or leader. Exercising, prioritizing sleep, and eating healthy are a few practical ways to minimize negative feelings and feel better about yourself and your life. 

Also, consider getting a mentor to whom you can vent your thoughts and emotions. Your mentor should also be able to help you navigate daily challenges and make wise decisions.

Make Your Home a Healing Space

Your home should be a place where you can go to truly relax, recharge, and heal. But if your space is cluttered or filled with negative energy, then you will continue to experience stress and anxiety. If there is excessive complaining, negativity, or blame in your home, clean up and then smudge the space by burning sage. These practices will help align the energy in your home. 

Now that the energy is realigned, you can use aromatherapy to create the new energy you want to cultivate. Using a diffuser or nebulizer to disperse the essential oil you want. Lavender is great for relaxation and sleep, while sandalwood can increase focus. There are plenty of options, so look for the right oils to create your new energy.

Get a Checkup

Keeping tabs on your physical health is also crucial. Today, you can easily find online medical professionals to help you stay healthy. For example, you’ll likely have a wider range of treatment and care options and an easier time filling your prescriptions. Online doctor visits tend to be more flexible, convenient, and affordable as well.

Find High-Quality Supplements  

Sometimes you can eat all the right things and still have nutritional deficiencies. That’s where high-quality supplements come in. Get tested for deficiencies and look on my website for the health products you need. 

Don’t Get Dehydrated

Water is vital to your health and well-being. Try to drink at least 80 ounces of H2O every day, even if you have to set reminders on your phone or other devices. Make sure you have a good water bottle that you can refill with filtered water throughout the day. You’ll notice yourself feeling better, your skin becoming clearer, and many other health benefits.

Take a Lunch Break

We all know what it’s like to eat a meal while checking emails or working on assignments. While you may not be able to escape that routine every day, prioritize lunch breaks on most days. Try to step away from your desk and get some sunshine and fresh air. You’ll be amazed by the difference 10 or 20 minutes will make for your physical and mental well-being.

Think About Others

Sometimes, self-care means taking care of someone else. It’s easy to over-treat yourself when developing a self-care plan, and becoming narcissistic will not do any good for your overall happiness and health. Call a friend or a loved one, volunteer in your community and find other ways to think about others.

Embrace a Self-Care Routine

You don’t have to keep going through the motions without inspiration. Keep the self-care tips above in mind as you establish a healthy, fulfilling routine. And stay open to other strategies that can improve your health and daily life!

Written by

Margarette Lahey of Biz Tips Today

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