My digital detox

As you can see on my blog, I didn’t post for a good while; I kind of disappeared from all my social media for almost 6 months.

The reason I took this break is that I didn’t find any joy in scrolling my feeds anymore and felt heaviness and negativity. Posting and commenting felt like a chore and I didn’t want to be that person that appeared all fun and encouraged people to be true to themselves when I felt like a lie. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this. I wasn’t happy with myself and just needed a big break to recenter and find joy and happiness.

This was one of the best things I did for myself for a long time… I feel refreshed now and I got some great ideas during that time.

From now on, I won’t be anymore the machine I was, trying to compete with others, with all the likes and comments to reach my limits… Limit I put on myself which is absolutely ridiculous now thinking about it. I won’t spend so much time and energy to please everybody just to show that I have it all together, because I don’t!!

So during that break, I concentrated my energy on myself and my family. We moved last year back to Ireland and after researching a new place for a while, we decided to go back to our family home as the prices were way too expensive; of course, the house needed a lot of TLC and money after being rented for almost 10 years but we did it and I am so proud of us, our family.

During the last 2 years of madness with the health agenda which I won’t name, loads of families got pulled apart and mine didn’t differ… my husband was based in Africa, I was in the Caribbean, and the rest of my family was in Europe. Our ideas of things also were different but we survived and got closer.

That has been a very hard time but also very interesting because we had to find our priority as an individual. Who are we? What do we want to become? Who do we trust? What makes us happy? And who we don’t want to be anymore.

It shaped us to a certain degree as we were forced to leave our comfort zone and our daily routine. It was something I needed and I won’t talk about others as it is not my place but I am ready to live my life to the fullest now.

So the first thing I did, trusted my gut feeling; I knew for years big changes were to come but of course, I didn’t know what or when they would happen. This is just the start of some huge transitions in our lives and we need to make the most of it and enjoy the ride!

Being in tune with your intuition, or gut feeling can be frightening but most of the time it is to keep you safe, guide you, and help you build your confidence and resilience. I meditate a lot, do my reiki almost every day, and do my rituals during a full moon, and new moon. This is what kept me sane for so long. The voice in my head doesn’t follow the herd but I know I can trust it and have the courage to not simply go with the majority.

Is it an easy ride, definitely not! But it is rewarding as I can be true to myself and live the life I want and not what others want me to do. I am ready to take a stand for myself. It took me 53 years to understand! Never too late!

“The world is full of beautiful places. Let your heart be one of them.” — Jenim Dibie

So I chose to get back now, New Year, New Me as I am READY. I need to let go of what no longer serves me and stop doubting myself all the time and being a people pleaser. I don’t have all the answers but I trust my guides to help me as they always have my best interest in mind and spirit. It is amazing how things change and how we become more receptive when we have an open mind and when we no longer want to control everything around us.

My biggest goal for this year is to get my reiki-infused candles/crafts business launched properly and for this, I need to make some changes:

  • Meet new sincere people: my kids are calling me a hermit and I am missing out on a lot of interesting opportunities for networking and having fun. I realized that there is just too little time in this life to waste on insincere, duplicitous, and toxic people. I will focus on the people who I care about deeply and who care about me as this is the best way to stay happy and lead a fulfilling life.
  • Stop procrastinating: make a to-do list each day so that I know exactly what I need to get done.
  • Face my fear and Insecurities

I could go on with the list but if this year I make these changes and stick with them it will be a huge progress.

What about you? Can you relate to this? I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light Always 🕉🙏💜

My new instagram channel for my candles ==> HERE

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