Crystal attributes and Crystal Essences

I have been asked a lot of time how to choose a crystal when you don’t know what to look for and my answer has always been the same that “the crystal will choose you”

However, if you want to manifest something special you need to find the right crystal.

I will give you more information regarding the different crystals in the next few weeks.

For the beginner, and while you are learning about the power of manifestation that is in you, choose crystals that speak to you and stand out from the others.

When you go to a crystal shop, go around the shop and try to find one that you are attracted to. Maybe you feel some heat in your hands when touching it, maybe the color or the shape is what appeals to you.

Remember the crystals have stable and unchanging energy patterns and each crystal has a unique frequency and energy field or resonance. They act as a tuning fork, bringing the energies around them into harmony.

Our bodies have very unstable energy fields and any disruption creates a “dis-ease”, but if you put the stable energy field of a crystal alongside the disorganized human field, the energies come together and the disharmonious field is brought back to its pristine form.

Harmony and wellbeing are the results.

The internal structure, composition, and properties of a crystal determine its crystal family. But color and shape affect how the energy of the crystal manifests.

Crystal colors and what they signify:

  • Silver-grey: transmutation, traditionally imparts visibility
  • Black: protection and grounding; excellent detoxifier
  • Brown: cleansing and purification, centredness
  • Pink: lovingness, alleviates anxiety, dispels trauma
  • Peach: gentle energizing
  • Red: energizing and activating
  • Orange: vibrant vitality, creativity and assertiveness
  • Yellow: clarity, wealth and abundance
  • Green: calmness, emotional healing, compassion
  • Green-blue/ turquoise: intuition, peace and relaxation

  • Blue: self-expression, Communication
  • Lavender/lilac/ purple: spiritual realities, intuition
  • White: purity, the highest realms of being
  • Clear: energizing, purification, higher consciousness
  • Combination/ bicolored: synergy, exciting possibilities.

Crystal shape:

The shapes affect the way energy and life move through it.

  • Ball: emits energy equally all around
  • Cluster: radiates energy in all directions equally
  • Point: draws off or pulls in energy when pointed out or in towards the body
  • Double-terminated ( pointed at both ends) emits energy in two directions
  • Egg: focuses and discharges energy
  • Geode (crystal-lined cavity): amplifies, conserves, and slowly releases energy
  • Square: consolidates energy

So once you have cleansed and programmed your crystals, if you want to use them to heal your body, bring safety, peace and relaxation, you can either wear them, place them on or around your body, or put them in your environment.

Gem elixirs – Crystal Essences

Gem elixirs, also called crystal essences or crystal waters, have been used by many throughout the ages. Gem elixirs are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing, magick, and more. They are easy to make and can be stored for later use

Easy and fun way to create crystal essences.

  1. Cleanse your crystal or crystals as you can use one or more. You may also charge them if you wish
  2. Center yourself and clear your mind of concerns as much as possible and state your intent for the elixir out loud. Ask the Divine and the crystals themselves for assistance with making this elixir for the highest good of all concerned.
  3. Place it/them in a clean glass bowl and cover it/them with pure spring water or Moon water. You need to check that the crystals won’t be damaged with water and that the crystals are not toxic
  4. Leave in Sun or Moonlight for 6 to 12 hours – white stones benefit from moonlight
  5. Remove the cristal(s) and add two-thirds of brandy, vodka, or cider vinegar to one-third water as a preservative.

This is the mother tincture and needs dilution before being used

You can do this anytime but during a full moon or new moon, it would make it even more powerful. And of course, there are other ways people do it but what I always say, there is no good or bad way to work with crystals, as long as you have the right intention and you do no harm.

Using the crystal essences for healing:

Add seven drops of mother tincture to a small glass dropper bottle, then top up with one-third of Brandy and two-thirds of water. Sip at regular intervals, rub on the skin, or bathe the affected part of the body.

For your home:A few drops of gem essence can also be added to a spray bottle of water – add one quarter vodka or white rum as a preservative, if you are using it over more than a day or two, then spritz it around you, your home or your workspace.

For your aura:You can also disperse around your aura (the energy fields around your body) by putting a few drops on your hands and then sweeping them from feet to head, about 30 cm away from your body

To enhance your vibrations:Put a 2-3 drops of your elixir that you made under your tongue before your meditation, reiki, yoga class or any energy work

Some examples of essence

– Rose quartz essence to bathe yourself in love

– Red jasper essence to pep yourself up

– Black tourmaline to protect yourself

– Jade to make you feel so good

– Selenite essence to create a sacred space

– Smoky Quartz space-clearing essence

Check the properties of the different crystals to make your own essence.

Love and Light Always 💜🙏🕉

PS: Contact me here if you want more information or make a reiki session booking

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