The Seven Principles of Manifestation

Everyone is now talking about “Manifestation” While it’s really great that the Law of Attraction is now in vogue, it can also be a bit misleading for people who don’t want to do the heavy work. If you really want to use your energetic power to manifest greatness, you need to remove anything that is holding you back from believing in your greatness.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Bashar”

 1- Self-Awareness

Before you discover how to focus on, visualize, or ask for what you seek, you need to be more aware of who you are and what you truly deserve. Most of us think we know what we desire but we’re usually brainwashed by our social, cultural or family beliefs and opinions.

We think we want this or that car, more money or a better place to live and that this change will make us happy. The great fortune you desire may not be what you truly need or seek. Ingrained in our psyche is the belief that more money will bring us happiness.

Before attempting to manifest abundance, make sure you know what kind of wealth you are seeking.

Here is an exercise you can do that will test you and help you to see if you really do know yourself

1- First in your own handwriting (a more powerful interface between the mind and the universe) write down a list of your weaknesses on a piece of paper.

Start with keywords to inspire you, such as “anger” or “fear” for the negative.

What makes you angry? What are you afraid of? Start by using the following sentences as a guide and write as little or as much as you like for each one.

I hate…

I am most unhappy when…

I can’t be a …

I get angry when…

I don’t want…

I don’t like getting….

I don’t like giving….

2- Now write on another piece of paper your good qualities.

Think about keywords such as “love” and “enjoyment”. What do you love? What do you enjoy? Here are some sentences to complete:

I am most content when…

I love…

I wish for…

I enjoy…

I am grateful for…

I need…

I have a passion for…

I love receiving …

I love giving…

I am happiest when…

3- Have a look at your lists and think about the reactions and feelings that came to you when you wrote all this down. These are powerful symbols of YOU.

Crumple up the piece of paper with the negative words on it and chuck it in the trash or burn it.

Take the positive words and think of them, but most of all you need to feel them – experience them as inner qualities and be aware of them and yourself.

These are the “good vibrations” thoughts and feelings which will determine your destiny.

2- Knowing what you truly seek right now and how to connect to the creative force of the Universe

If you know exactly what is your objective, your goal then make it sacred but don’t let it become an unobtainable distant dream. Learn to know what you want before you start to focus on it but keep it a secret, you should be the only one that knows what it means.

The power of the Universe will work its magic for you.

However, if you have no idea how to go about finding out what you truly seek, here is an exercise that will help you to access the unconscious realm of your mind, get in touch with your imagination, and allow the universe to promote a realization of what it is you are seeking.

Now that you are more self-aware and you have learned how to drop negative patterns of thinking, make a commitment to do this simple meditational exercise every day…. (3-5 minutes is fine)

If you practice this every day, you will find the deeper insights of your mind flow up to your consciousness. You will realize you had it within you all along but fear, doubt, and worry relegated these insights to the unconscious part of your mind.

Now ready to manifest your dreams?

1- Relax and find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit. With your eyes closed, become aware of your breaths, in and out, until you feel calm and peaceful. Concentrate on your breathing

2- Imagine each breath is like a door opening and closing. As you breathe in, you are letting in beautiful thoughts and ideas. When you breathe out, you are releasing dull or meaningless ones. Breathe in and think of the lovely smell of roses, of baked bread, or the sight of your favorite friend; Breathe out, imagine you are decluttering your home. When you breathe out all negative thoughts, fears or self-doubt leave too. Do it for 10 breaths, in and out. Let the good ideas continue to flow in.

3- Now you must empty your mind. If you still have thoughts coming in, use a simple technique of counting slowly to twenty in your head and focus your mind on each number. Do this until no thoughts are drifting into your head. With no thoughts, Imagine you are at one with the creative soul of the universe

4- Try to keep this silent place and push away the intrusive thoughts. Once you’ll reach that feeling of peace, you will begin to be creatively engaged in the wealth of the universe

5- Come out of your meditative state and try to maintain an objective awareness of yourself and how your mind works throughout the day. Think about those wonderful imagined ideas you let come into your conscious mind as you breathed in. When you remember them, be creative with them, and by focusing on one or all of these ideas you will soon have clarity about what it is that you truly seek

3- “Affirmation and intention

Once you are ready to follow the pathway, this section will provide a series of positive affirmations that will prompt you to realize that you do deserve what you desire and it is possible to fulfill your dreams. Of course, this is only some guidance and you can choose other wording. Your intention is basically your objective, your aim, your purpose. Your intention has to be for the good of the whole if you want the universe to fulfill it.

Positive affirmations, when used consistently change our internal language pattern and eventually transform any inner negativity into a positive attitude. This means that if you really want something, and have complete faith in yourself, you will achieve your goal.

Here are some positive affirmations that will convince you and the universe that you deserve what you desire. Say them aloud and also leave them written in places that you will see every day. The more you say and think about them, the more positive things will come. I have them in my bathroom but you can choose the place you want and as I mentioned earlier you can use your wording, it is just a guidance:

I am filled with confidence and good intentions

I can transform any problem into an opportunity

I love myself

I enjoy my positive thought and good feelings

I feel grounded and in the present moment

I know I will succeed

I can handle any situation

I am thankful for all the good things in my life

I create my own lifestyle

I will give value to others as they will to me

Changing my beliefs change my life

Words are magical and repeated over and over again, it will create a sense of stillness and connection to the universe.

Create a mantra of positive intention such as“My intention is that all I seek comes to me with goodwill and the blessing of the Universe” You can say it many times a day and when you start having some negative thoughts, take a breath-in and repeat this again.

Labradorite is a powerful stone that will enable you to focus on positive intentions. You can do this magic mantra ritual to align yourself with your mantra and allow it to empower you with its energy

You need a crystal of your choice and a white candle.

1- Sit in a quiet place and light the candle

2- Hold your crystal between your hands, close your eyes and repeat your magic mantra five times, then place your crystal on the table in front of the candle and say aloud five times“When I am in this still place I am connected to the affluence of the universe. I meditate each day and am no longer a prisoner to my thoughts. I am the designer of my destiny”

3- Open your eyes, and come back to your normal consciousness. Blow out the candle and relax.

Did you feel positive about life and believe in what you seek? Were you aware of the creative channel flowing through you?

If you can answer ‘Yes” then you are on your way to being able to manifest your desires

Concentration, belief, and focus are the keys to manifestation but you also need to know in your heart what is right for you. The intention is more than just a thought, it has to be an experience within you.I have an exercise done with white quartz to bring pure intention amplification. Let me know if you want it.

4- Belief and Passion

Visualizing your dream or goal is another step toward manifesting it.

Manifestation is not just about using the law of attraction, nor the power of positive thinking to get what you need. Positive feeling and engagement with life and the universe are necessary to bring you your heart’s desire.Visualization techniques also promote positive and creative thinking.

You can do this exercise:

Try sitting somewhere quiet with your eyes closed and think of something you like doing: playing tennis or eating your favorite food.

Now form a mental picture or simple short clip of it in your mind. This is what visualization is all about. The more often you practice, the more you’ll prepare yourself for visualizing your dream. It is like playing the guitar, the more you practice the better you will get.

You can also do this exercise once you’ve got the hang of simple visualization and do color visualization.

1- Sit quietly somewhere, Close your eyes and create a mental picture where you’ve connected to the Earth, as if your feet have roots reaching down towards the Earth’s Crust.

2- Now imagine that deep within the ground the color Green permeates the world’s interior. Realize that green is the color of manifestation.

3- Next imagine that the color green begins to slowly work its way up through your feet, then your legs, your torso, your arms and finally your head. Take it slowly. See the color filling you until you are completely green.

4- Now you will feel totally enriched with the goodness of the earth. Gradually let the green color wash away, back down into the Earth.

5- If you have found that you can create the feeling of a full and enriched self by visualizing Green, you will equally be able to create a feeling of utter purpose with the color red.You can do the same technique simply by changing the color.By changing your mental image of the world (your mindset) you can create and manifest the “color” of life that you seek.

5- Creative engagement

Now that you can visualize what you seek, you need to learn how to make it happen. The more you trust in the process and in your own magical powers, the more likely you are to manifest those dreams.

For this, you need to create the theme or “mood” of your goal or dream.

Mood board

This is a collage of images and materials that together evoke a certain message or emotion. We call it as well a vision board, that you can create at the start of the year for example. So now create your own board for whatever it is you seek and it will help you to focus on your goal. You don’t have to be an artist, just find illustrated images that will represent what you want. You can also paint, draw or use material if needed. The main thing is to put your passion on the board.

Once you’re done, put it in the bathroom or on the fridge or anywhere else you pass or visit frequently during the day. And so every time you look at your vision board, think positively about who you are and focus on the images.

If you are journaling, you could do a theme of your desires on different pages and so every day, before journaling you could look at the pictures and think of your goals

Surrounding yourself with visual imagery of what you desire, or creating a mood board, will help you to believe in your quest.

In conjunction with your visualization practice, you could repeat these affirmations daily.

– I am conscious of my thoughts, actions, and intentions

– I believe and have faith in my creativity

– I know that what I seek is already mine and I am grateful for that

– I truly believe in what the universe will bring to me

To make things happen you have to feel the faith, feel the belief and most of all, feel the very thing you seek. This is the key to being and having it.

6- Timing and realistic Goals

Now you may think you have made all the right moves and taken all the right steps for manifesting, but you don’t see results. This may be because you need to have a realistic goal and the right timing.

Because of energy cycles, such as the lunar cycle and other planetary influences, you need to find the right time and the right date to set out manifestations.

Here are the best times for manifestation:

– Between the new crescent moon and the full moon

– Early in the morning at sunrise

– On days, such as the equinoxes and solstices, as long as the day doesn’t occur during a waning moon

– Your own birthday

– When gazing at the stars at night and you see a falling star

– A day when you feel good to be you or simply feel at one with the universe

– When you get a sign from the universe, such as a butterfly landing on your hand or a bird sings when you least expect it, or even a moment of fascinating synchronicity

– When you find a crystal

– Quiet times when you really relax and turn off from the material world

These are the times more favorable to “fire” one’s intention or practice manifestation rituals with crystals.

Finally, after finding the right time you must always ask for things you know you truly seek and don’t be led by other parties to impossible dreams. Be humble, gracious, grateful and realistic.

You could do this exercise and ask the universe if it’s the right timing to perform a manifestation ritual.

For this, you will need a piece of Lapis Lazuli and your favorite book.

In divination, Lapis Lazuli is the stone that is symbolic of the present moment.

1- sit quietly with the stone on the table in front of you and your book. Reflect for a moment about whether it’s the right time to set the manifestation wheels in motion

2- pick up the stone and hold it in your hands for several minutes and relax

3- as you hold the stone, say out loud“Is this a good time to perform my manifestation ritual”

4- now put the stone on the table and take the book in your hands. Run your fingers back and forth along the top until you feel you are ready to open the book. Don’t look at the words and place the Lapis Lazuli on one of the open pages.

5- now check the sentence where your stone is placed and treat the words as an oracle. If it is positive, it is a yes and if the sentence is negative or motionless it is a no

7- Letting go, acceptance and gratitude

Once you have released your intention into the universe with the help of your crystal you have to let go of it and trust in the process. This is often the hardest part because most people think that if they don’t keep doing the same rituals or thinking the same thoughts over and over again nothing will happen.

But Repetition isn’t Manifestation – manifestation is knowing that it is happening from the moment you let go. Secondly, you must balance your desire by being grateful and appreciative, not only for what you’ve received but also for the desires of other people too. After all what goes around comes around. So you must practice the art of giving out good thoughts as well as thinking them about yourself.

Being creative is about self-discipline and the right timing.

Knowing out to finish something at the right time is as hard as starting. Now if you want, you can do this exercise of generosity and gratitude practice. For this you will just need a piece of paper and a pen. You have to know that when we write by hand, each of us creates a unique work of art on the page.

This is why I always tell people to write their affirmations, feelings and intentions instead of using the computer. This work of art is going to be your gift to the universe and by doing this you will receive as much goodness back.

1- “I think good thoughts for all”Write only the good things about anyone who comes into your mind even if you are struggling with this. You might not like someone but putting out positive energy will shape your own destiny

2- “I smile at a stranger every day”Try to practice the act of giving at least once a day by giving someone a flower or a smile, a compliment, a nice email or a genuine sympathy.

3- “ I will be glad for rain, as I am for sun”Receive nature’s offerings to, if it’s raining be glad for it. If there is a drought know that there is a meaning behind it.Remember to use objective perception, rather than an emotional agenda, for any problem you encounter.

4- and lastly name at least five things you’re grateful for today.

Write them down on your piece of paper- I am pleased when I

– I am fascinated by

– I enjoy

– I’m grateful for

– I desire

– Warm feelings come to me when

– I feel joy when

– My purpose is

Writing down what you’re thankful for is a creative engagement with the process of Manifestation.

I would love to hear from you and if you did some meditation, how you like it. I am very grateful for comments

Love and Light Always 💜

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