How to shift your Money Mindset

Your money mindset is made up of all of the feelings and beliefs you have about money. Your programming creates your thoughts, which create your beliefs and all of these together create your reality.

If you find yourself living “paycheck to paycheck” then it’s possible that you’ve cultivated a scarcity mindset in relationship to money and with a scarcity mindset, you’ll find yourself always focusing on never having enough.

To avoid this in your life and especially if you start a new business, make sure you work with the certainty that you will have more than enough customers to support your financial goals.  The fear of spending money or never making enough of it doesn’t exist for you because it is not an option. Period!!

You are the master of your reality, only You can change your mindset.

But first, you need to have a reality check when you start dwelling about how bad your finances are.

689 Million people live in extreme poverty and survive with less than $1.90 a day which is 9.2% of the population. In the USA 11.8% of the population live in poverty with an income less that $33 a day. ( See LINK )

I don’t think you are part of this category, so you really need to check everything you have and appreciate it. Be grateful for all you have as it is a start out of that scarcity mentality and make it a habit. You have a roof over your head, water running down the pipe and clothes to keep you warm.

Gratitude is all about having appreciation for the good things in your life, or the lessons you learned along the way, which helps you cultivate an abundance mindset.

“Be thankful for what you haveyou‘ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t haveyou will never, ever have enough” Oprah Winfrey

An abundance mindset asserts that regardless of your financial pursuits, you will always have more than you need to meet your goals. 

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Secondly, change your money script.

You may see someone driving the latest car and feel jealousy, however, you may not see they are just barely scraping together the money to make the payments every month.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’ll never be able to afford that!”, “I am not good with money!” or think that you will never be as successful as your wealthy friends, or neighbors then you’ve encountered a negative money script.

Shape your mental tape about money by using money scripts or positive transformation mantra like “I am taking charge of my money”, “I am a money magnet”, “I am financially free”

Be mindful of what you want to choose to believe because it is going to affect all your different behavior. There is a real power in the words we are saying to ourselves. Think how you are going to operate in life, how you make your decisions and don’t allow your situation to determine your destiny. Don’t see it as defeat but see it as victory.

When you lay hold of your goals, and your dreams, see them already with you, and keep believing it will manifest. However if you doubt yourself you will be operating in a place of doubt and it won’t manifest.

So every time you need to pay a bill or something you can say this mantra: “There is always more where that came from”

And lastly spread the wealth. Give away what you can afford, it might be little at the start and it doesn’t matter as long as you help someone. In my community we call this Wealth Wednesday when we give away some money to a complete stranger. Through this initiative, we hope to change the world through good deeds while we change our money mindset so that we understand that the more money we make, the more good we can do in the world. And with all the uncertainty and challenges most people have at the moment, it is really needed.

What’s Your Money Mindset?

As you consider changes to your finances, start with examining your mindset to see how you may be sabotaging yourself even while planning fervently for your financial future.

An abundance mindset can help you relieve your fears and anxieties in these uncertain times. When you feel secure and confident about what you already have (whether that’s enough food, or enough knowledge), you’re channeling an abundance mindset.

I believe in you, you have the power to change your beliefs about money and create a transformation in your life from one of scarcity to generosity, which benefits all of us.


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