Weight loss and CBD

More and more people are saying that since taking CBD oil, they feel better and are losing some weight.

Sunnie’s testimony is amazing!!

This was the last full body picture I had.
I weighed 283lbs on the left until May 21, 2019.
I started CBD oil on June 1, 2019.
CBD oil didn’t make me lose weight, but it gave me the opportunity to eat healthier and exercise without my adrenals going into fight or flight and me shaking all night long.

My head is peaceful and calm. Which never was the case when I tried eating healthier and exercising before.

You wonder why I LOVE CBD oil?!
Because of this.
It has given me a life I have only dreamed about for well over 20 years.
I still have 72lbs to lose but I now will finally get there AND I will be doing triathlon next year and running a half marathon too!!!

Thanks to CBD oil!!!! TRY IT!! You got NOTHING to lose except things you don’t want to hold on to anymore!


Another testimonial from Joni

Friends have been commenting that I’ve lost weight. The photo on the left was one year ago this week. The one on the right is today! The only thing I’ve been doing to make a difference is taking my Hempworx CBD oil every day! My appetite is cut in half! (Oh, I also quit coloring my hair!). And I feel great! It really has changed my life! — feeling fantastic.

*** Maybe I should have said, I am 63 years old. But I don’t feel like it these days!!

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