Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Are you looking for an opportunity or a mentor? 🔥

One advice “Don’t judge a book by its cover” 🤔

You’ll get so many people on social media posting fabulous cars or houses that most of the time are not ever theirs or mortgaged to the limit!!! Or you hear about this new product that will change the world!! 😎

Here are 6 Tips to assess if it is the right choice you are making

🔹 Assess the pros and the cons
🔹 Take your time to make your decision, do your research and reach out to your network for feedback
🔹 Don’t go with the last shining object
🔹 Pay attention to your instincts and assess the stress level a new opportunity might bring to you.
🔹 Assess the financial and learning possibilities and see if it is going to help you move forward
🔹 Don’t let fear get you down, visualise the outcome

Once you think you have found the right opportunity or mentor, ask specific questions and you can reassess if it’s a fit for you. Keep an open mind and never say yes after the first conversation. Give yourself 24hours before you make the decision

Hope these little tips will help you 🙌

One Love ❤️

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