How to improve your motivation?

What is it you want and what are you going to do to achieve your goal?

That is the first question, you have to ask yourself when you seem completely demotivated!

You have the persons that write their goal on a piece of paper and read it mornings and evenings; you have some that make a picture and keep it on their phones, some keep the photograph of their dream goal in their wallets, some put big note in their bedroom, study room, on the ceiling … well everybody can choose their way to remember WHY THEY CHOSE THIS PATH.

 Envision the end result.

Motivation is divided into two parts:

Internal Motivation ( intrinsic) and External Motivation (extrinsic)

Internal motivation  is the force that leads you to achieve a goal because of personal satisfaction or desire; like starting up your own business or participating in a competition or buying a new house.

External motivation is the driving force that triggers you in achieving your goal. Such as money, prize, encouragement or fear to get punishment.

To get better results, what you need is to have a plan;

  • Write a time frame, how long you want to achieve your goal, put a date, a period of time, and how badly you want it.
  • Why you want to do this new project, business, and what satisfaction will you get when it is done?
  • Do everyday little steps; you’ll see your business increasing each day. But be careful of the shortcuts, it is perfectly fine to take your time and achieve your goal, you’ll enjoy the victory better.
  • Every day routine is very important, listen to podcast, youtube, person you highly respect in your industry. Write on your board, desk what you have to do every single day. Make a list and adjust as needed. Commit publicly, it will be harder to back off.
  • When you start a task, put away any distractions and any negative influences. Feeling guilty will bring a step away from your goal. It is ok to be selfish, nothing wrong to want more and having a dream. It is important to be surrounded with supportive people, positive people that understand you and your goal.
  • When you have a step back, just think it as a lesson and not a failure. Embrace the struggle, you are learning. If you have people judging you and sending negative vibes around you, just ignore them; People who judge other people are often unhappy themselves.

Don’t restrict yourself based on the limited minds or views of others

The journey is valuable, but believing in yourself, your talents, your abilities will make you stronger and more confident. Transform your fear into freedom and you’ll walk into a brighter path

Thinking pure positive thoughts is the best way for you to develop your motivation.

Execution is what will make a difference and get you what you want.

6 thoughts on “How to improve your motivation?

    • Thank you so much.. I have been blogging for 3 years now…It wasn’t easy at the start but with practice and practice, I go faster now


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