4 Tips to stop getting overwhelmed with too many information

How to stop getting overwhelmed with too many Information?

If you are someone who attends all the webinars, goes through all the trainings, buys all the courses and get many many information, for sure you are going to get overwhelmed and you might burn yourself out. On top of the information overload, you are going to work longer, and taking less time off.. Result? More stress and less time for yourself.

To avoid being overworked, you need to manage your personal life and your business. And rule number one Take Action. No point having all these knowledge if you don’t apply it. Schedule important task first and create value to your business.

You need also to set boundaries, you can’t be present 24/7. Other people won’t respect your time unless you respect Yours! You can’t say Yes to everything. It is natural for us to want to win people’s approval, and we don’t want to let others’ down. But the result might be of unease, we’ll sacrifice our time, energy and won’t contribute towards our own wellbeing.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1- You need to set a marketing objective before learning something new

Why are you watching this webinar or buying this course? Are you planning on sharing it to your team, doing a video about it? It doesn’t matter what you want to do with it as long as you or your team are going to benefit off the specific course. But when you decide strongly that this piece of information is important, avoid all distractions, turn off the alerts so you are 100% focus and you don’t waste too much time.

The more we take action on the information learn, the less it will weigh you down and the less you’ll feel overwhelmed.

2- Decide if the information is necessary at the time

You might buy a course about Instagram but decide you are not going to use it for the moment because you want to focus on Facebook for example. You should keep on learning more about Facebook then and put away the Instagram training for later because you can’t be an expert of multiple strategies in a few weeks. However if you see a webinar that might be of interest in the future, follow it and take notes. Schedule your time and make plans to pursue your goals and your dreams.


3- Revisit old content, or old courses you bought

Sometimes we have notes and information that you might be sit on it and never used it. Some contents that might not have be relevant at the time. You should always keep your copies, and notes to be able to reread them.  Some content that might have been too overwhelmed or too hard to understand at the time might be just what you need right now. Set yourself a `game plan to go through your old material and share it with your team or your customers.

4- Take notes only on what you plan to use

To avoid being overwhelmed, stop taking notes about every single information you gather. When you take notes, ask yourself if it is going to benefit you , or your team. Will I share the content? Does it apply to my business? Is it necessary to get all of that details? If the answer is no, save your energy and focus more on what will be productive for YOU. Eliminate as many tasks you don’t need to do.

You are a role model for your team. You need to show them the right direction to impact people. If you are all over the place, you won’t be seen as a leader and won’t be credible. Don’t be seen as a perfectionist with impressive label because your team will give you more and more task to do stipulating you are the only one that can do it. Give your team more responsibility, share your knowledge so they can replicate what you are doing.

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