How to overcome fear of the camera

5 Easy Steps to overcome your fear of the camera

One of the best way to get recognized as an authority figure in your line of business is doing videos, can be live or not but your audience can relate to you better if they see you. So IT IS A MUST !!

As you might know, english is not my mother tongue and at the start it was very difficult to do videos for various reasons but mostly the accent, I hated my accent and I felt I was always looking for my words. But I overcame my fear and so will you!!!

So, relax before you go in front of the camera, and for that you can do 5- 10 minutes of meditation. It will definitely calm you and you’ll feel stronger. Have a glass of water, not too many coffees; you don’t want to be wired!! One of my mentor said the first few times she did videos she needed a drink in her so I am not saying you should, but you really need to do videos. So do what it takes to get used to it and I promise you, you’ll get better and better and your business will go through the roof !!!

1- You need to keep it simple. Beside the camera put a note with bullet points. Don’t put too many as you are going to be mixed up and then you’ll have to go over and over the recording and that is a waste of time. Bullet points that’s all you are going to talk about, don’t go through too much details. There is nothing more intimidating than having a page full of notes beside you.

2- Speak from your heart, be yourself. If you are passionate with what you are doing, it shows and you’ll have no problem to pass the message. Your audience need to see your authenticity and they want to know you are real. If you try to be someone you are not, your followers will see it.

3- Keep it short. It is important to do between 1 and 3 min video that is going to be in your blog, because you do blogs for a reason, you want your audience to read it!! It is better to do a few videos than giving too much content. Your audience might lose focus. If you have done a pillar content – collection of articles/posts in one blog – you need to do small videos and create a YouTube playlists that will help you take your viewers on a journey and keep them engaged with your content.

4- Maintain eye contact. Look at the camera without staring, and imagine you are talking to a good friend. Keep your posture and no big movement.

5- No need to be perfect. This is important you don’t get discouraged because you think you are overweight, you don’t have your hair done. Don’t scrutinize every single details of yourself because you are the only one seeing them. Your audience is not looking at the clothes you are wearing but what you have to say!!!

FEAR has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

The choice is YOURS!

The more you’ll do, the better you’ll become and you won’t be afraid of the camera. You really need to overcome your fear to be able to brand yourself.

Little anecdote; I always plan my day of work and one day I was supposed to do a blog and video, well long story short, my day didn’t go as I planned and it was very late when I realized I didn’t do the video when I was supposed to post the blog. I was tired, I had already taken my shower and put on my… but I knew I couldn’t do it the next day. So I decided to do it on the spot, in my jammys, with my messy hair, no make  up and I didn’t care!!! Well the next morning when I woke up I had 5 new leads… so you see it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, what type of earrings you are wearing, what your audience want to see is you and  hear your content!!!!

I would love to hear one of your story  !!!


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