How to build your business on Facebook?

Today I talk about how to build your business on Facebook. Too many people do the mistakes of posting their business and companies all the time on their profile. Facebook is not a platform where you can sell products, there are e-commerce for that! If they want to buy something, they will go to for example.  People go on Facebook to get entertained or to get value.

You need a strategy, a plan and if you are consistent and follow it, you will be able to get your business right on track!

Click  on the video below and watch my Facebook live:

The first rule on Facebook is that you can’t promote your business on your profile and that is why you have to build your business page. This way, your audience will have the perception that you are an expert. It is the same when you start blogging, or if you have a website.. Your followers will start listening to you and see you as a person of influence. Even if you are just starting, the fact that you bring value and offers, people will see you differently. Be creative with your post, go to the Facebook Audience Insight tool to see your audience and target the right people. See the tutorial HERE

Once you have your Business Page set up, you need to bring enough value to move people from cold to warm to hot market.

Cold market would be people that your are targeting, that would be right for your business but they don’t know you yet.

Warm market would be people that have a notion of what you are doing, that received your offers or have knowledge of your valuable content. They start to get an interest of your service/product but didn’t buy anything from you.

Hot market would be people that already bought something from you. And you certainly want to keep them beside you and have them buying very regularly.

The major mistake that people do when prospecting is that all they think is money and how many people this person can bring into the business. That is why it is Extremely important that you build relationship first with your cold market.  Never ever copy and paste your script. It is so obvious when we just say hi and in seconds we receive a page of information about their business. Don’t send any links until you are sure that your prospect understand what you are doing and what you have to offer. Then ask them if it is ok to send a link.

When people do send links and scripts, it is giving the company you are representing or Network marketing in general a bad name. Most people want to know what is there for them, or how your product or service is going to help them, certainly not receiving a random link.

Once you have build relationship, and your follower agreed to see your links, don’t forget to contact this person and ask if he liked it. It is a way to follow up and see the interest. At that point you’ll be able to judge what will be your next strategy. Maybe this person want only to try the product, or maybe the interest is bigger and this person want to be part of your team and want to make extra income.

You never know when you are connecting with people, Who you might meet.It could be your future business partner, it could be the best recruiter you could have imagined, it could be someone that would become your best friend… Who knows!!

To summarize, don’t use Facebook to sell directly your product or service, but use it to bring value to your audience and  build relationship. You will be surprised how fast you’ll get more followers and be recognized as a person of influence, a leader.

I would love to hear your strategy and how you build relationship with your audience. Leave me a comment and I’ll contact you.


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