The 7 laws of Influence to persuade more people to say YES

The Law of Influence: The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.

John C. Maxwell.

This law states that the greatness of a leader is not measured by the amount of money one makes or position one has, but by the amount of lives one influences.

Each time you are in front of people, or ready to get on a phone call or a zoom conference, remember your WHY! Visualize your dream, imagine, live your dream. Then follow these few laws that will help you get more people on board with your business

1- Law of Connection: It’s a powerful law because we only do business with or buy from those we feel a sense of connection with. We buy from people we like, know and trust. Connecting with your prospect is crucial to be able to stay in this business. You need to show authenticity and your true self. Don’t try to be someone else and you’ll attract people suitable for you. Tell your story and bring them to your journey!!

It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. —LEONARDO DA VINCI

2- Law of Desire: You want to create powerful desire and motivation. While connecting with them, show them the life they could get if they were financially independent.

3- Law of Value and consistency: You want to bring solutions to your prospects challenges. Offer value like trainings, courses, coaching programs,… Be consistent and you will attract the right people to you.

4- Law of Social Proof: Show your prospects some testimonials, case studies, reviews about your product or service. People join an organisation or buy a product because of what people are saying about it.

5- Law of Respect: It will be easier for people to buy something from you if there is some respect. Be recognized as an expert and a person with credibility and transparence – even if you are new in this industry. Share story of others, interviews, quotes, ..

6- Law of Reciprocity: If you provide value without expecting anything, people will want to reciprocate by giving you their business.

7- Law of Scarcity: Always put a time frame, or limited quantity on offer. Or you can also do a special two for the price of one sale.

I hope you will take these concepts and use them to build your own business. I’d love to hear from you.


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