Blog Posts Ideas to Help You Grow Your Online Presence

Having a blog is very important if you want to stay in this industry for a long time and grow your online business. It is not easy to start building a blogging presence, it takes time and you need to bring great contents to keep your audience interested.

However, the blog is one of the only thing that is yours…. Facebook can shut down your account, same with youtube but your blog is yours and nobody can take it away from you.

If you wonder why you need a blog? Click Here

I started doing Network Marketing 4 years ago and it is when I started writing blogs and doing videos that my audience took me more seriously and thought of me as an expert and an authority figure.

I would really encourage you to do it also if you want to see your business booming!

What post should you write if you want to grow your business online?

1- Blog about Your personal story and why you decide to go through that route. Your motivations and your goals. People will be attracted to you and they might relate with some part of your story. If you want to push your product, talk about your experience, why you recommend it, what it does to your family. You need to give your personal testimonial whatever service/product you are promoting.

2- Blog about a 3rd Party testimonials, you need to share other stories: team members, upline, downline, top earners.. You need to talk about success story especially if you want to build a team in your home business. This will prove credibility and social proof. You can also do an interview of this person and put a video within your blog.

3- Blog about What makes you different ? and Unique? You need to prove to your audience that your product/service is different and better than others. You are going to get some objections that is for sure so be prepared and redirect people asking why they should come to you, directly to your blog with all the facts. It looks very professional and prepared. And at least you don’t need to go through too many details and waste your time. Your prospect will be pleasantly surprised to see the facts/numbers and difference your product/service versus the competition

4- Blogs that work also are the Before/After stories. Show them why they should be part of your company/team. You can showcase your before and after using your product (if you are into the weight loss/ skin care industry). Put some pictures of you but also people that are not in your team but happy customers that use your product to feel better and don’t want to join your team. That is important that you show your passion that you want to help people and not only for money but also to bring good around you. I find this aspect very important as It will attract the right people to you, and you’ll feel very content to make someone happy.

5- Marketing Training. These posts are very important, especially if you want to build a big team. You don’t want to repeat yourself a million times… do a blog with a video and share it to your team members. Duplication is important. You can share also about your journey, what you do to help your team, and all of that will bring your audience to want to work with you. Your prospects will see how methodical you are, how you take care of your team, and make them grow. Showing an energetic team and results will definitely put you in a leader position.

Little tip on each blog, redirect your audience, prospects  to other blogs, your trainings, or your newsletter.

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