How to be successful and duplicate your business

When you start a new project you are very excited about it and you need to share it with your family and friends. But you can’t count on them all the time to get successful in your business; that is why it is important that you get a strong team behind you that would duplicate and get business running !

You need to market online and offline and most importantly, you need to speak to people and do videos. Staying behind your computer won’t work for a long term success. Duplication is key, and having your customers on autoship is also very important if you want to get residual income. You need to build a community and bring value to your people; this way they will love to follow you because they’ll learn something new each day.

I am going to give you some tips to help you duplicate your knowledge to your team

1- Have a training group:

In that group, put videos that will help them understand the concept and train them really well, but you need to do it in a way that they are not too overwhelmed with all the information. This group will be available to your team and they can add new members, prospects. On this group,  put before/after pictures, testimonials, everything your prospect need to start their business and duplicate it.

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2- Do a face to face group training:

I usually use zoom, but you could use google hangouts which is free. It is great to interact with your prospects. They can ask you some questions and it is a great way to get to know the prospects of your team members. They will feel more confident if they see you and they will realize you are a real person 🙂

3- Praise people on your group or on your chat meeting:

People like to be praised, it will give them a boost. Don’t focus only on numbers but also on their progress and activities. You could make a picture post with their achievement.

4- A text group, like WhatsApp

Keep it small though, it is easily over crowded and make sure you tell your team members that only questions related to the business are allowed. Tell your leaders to do the same so they can have their own text group

5- Events/travel:

If you are going to events or travelling to places, try to meet your team members. And if you go as a group in an event, try to rent a big house. Team building is the best !!

6- Serious Leader:

If you enroll someone really serious living nearby and you think this person could be a great leader but doesn’t know how to start, try to meet up in person for a weekend. You can show the trainings, the community, and the testimonials. That is a great way to build close connection.

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