How successful entrepreneur think?

There are 8 traits that Successful Entrepreneur have in common. Richard St John always talk about and I wanted to share it with you.

1- You need to find your passion, love what you do. When people feel your enthusiasm and passion they are more prone to follow you.

2- Work really hard to achieve your goal. Nothing happen overnight and without hard work.

3- Focus on one thing at a time. Get an idea, solve the problems and follow till the end

4- Keep pushing yourself, even if it is out of your comfort zone – shyness and self-doubt

5- Come up with good ideas; expose yourself to good thinkers and share with them your ideas. Write them down

“The Right Thought plus the Right People in the Right Environment at the Right Time for the Right Reason = The Right Result” From John C Maxwell (How successful people think)

6- Keep improving yourself and what you do. Always learn and practice. Practice makes perfect

7- Serve others something of value because success isn’t just about you!!! Identify their problems and solve them.

8- Persist throughout failure because there is no overnight success. You will get CRAP Criticized-Rejection-Assholes-Pressure

If you got value or want to share other ideas, leave me a comment.


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