Paid traffic versus Free traffic

What is the difference between Paid traffic and Free traffic??

You need to do an ad that doesn’t look like one. You need to find a picture that will be appealing to your audience. But first you need to know who your audience is, then craft your ad with a description where you incorporate either pain or benefits and use curiosity in the first few sentences. You then write the body where you would highlight more benefits using mental triggers and influence with a clear message that you can solve the problem. Don’t forget the Call to Action where you stipulate what your audience need to do.

Once the ad is done you have the choice between Paid traffic or Free traffic. 

Paid traffic is the fastest way to promote but most of the time we start with free traffic because we don’t know where to start. Free traffic is using Facebook platform, blogging, doing some video marketing, etc…. But Free is not really free because you have to spend some time and you can’t get back on time….

That being said, it doesn’t mean free traffic is something to be ignored. Remember, we’re in business… and any real business, requires investing in advertising… That’s the way businesses work… and that’s what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

That is when we start talking about Pipeline Marketing.

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Pipeline marketing is the next evolution of lead generation that focuses on connecting marketing and sales data to enable decision making and goals based on revenue. The more “leads” you add to your pipeline and the better you are at building relationships and following up, the more likely you will be get the business of prospective buyers and sellers. You absolutely can and should optimize your campaigns to increase your traffic and get more leads for less money.

It’s absolutely critical to have realistic expectations and an understanding of how pipeline marketing works, so I have 10 tips right now…

  • Create a budget, you need to invest in advertising. If you don’t have much money to spare, be creative. I am sure you can skip your coffee in Starbucks in the morning, or skip a meal out with friend to help you save some money to advertise.
  • Learn the basic to launch your first campaign
  • Get it started even if you don’t think it is perfect
  • Ask for help; your community or your upline, mentor
  • Continue learning, the more you know about how to do ads and the better you’ll become
  • Test, optimize and improve
  • Make it a A game!!
  • Be consistent
  • Celebrate every win
  • NEVER QUIT !!!!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts , leave me a comment !!


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