The 4 dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

What is the difference between warm market and cold market?

Warm market:  people you know, which could be friends, relatives and existing customers, even referrals which are customers you got from word of mouth.

Cold market: people that are your future prospects, customers, complete strangers that you might find online or offline. When you recruit, you might feel nervous or get into an awkward conversation. Just think about this person as a long lost friend, listen more and talk less and try to find some things in common. Then the conversation will go smoothly.

When you start in network marketing, the warm market is where you normally start. But once you have done it, it is time to go to cold market. You can use 2 methods:

  • in-person prospecting
  • cold calling purchased leads over the phone

In-person prospecting are connection with strangers you meet on the street, at the restaurant, in a mall and you are trying to get them interested in your business opportunity. You can give some flyers, offer some samples and you have to try your best to get as many names, phone numbers and email addresses to be able to contact them in a later time. Usually it is very rare you get a sale the first time you meet the person but if you gave a good impression, they will remember you when you are going to reach out to them again. It is also people you meet online on a platform like Facebook and you start building relationship with that person. This is cold market online versus cold market offline

Calling purchased leads over the phone are paid leads you got through your company, or through a program. I personally don’t like buying leads, they are usually not quality leads.

To stay in this industry for a long time, you need to have good work ethics. You cannot steal people and recruit them from another organization or group. We are in a small world and you will be caught if you sabotage the business of another fellow entrepreneur. You might recruit some people at the start but then at the long term, you’ll realize you lost respect in your industry by burning all the bridges and damaging influential relationships for the sake of short term returns

Problem #1: Because there’s always lots of rejection online or offline, you might lose your reputation and be known as an opportunist who takes advantage of the people if you steal people from other groups.

You have to think of serving others before you get into any conversation. The way you are going to start the conversation will determine if they’ll want to join your business and work with you. If you have an attitude of selfishness with numbers in your head, you are not going to recruit many people.

Problem #2: Don’t have an agenda-oriented each time you see someone on the street, or in a restaurant. It is not a place you want to live as it can be very draining and it can be seen as very negative. Instead of attracting people you are going to push them away.

Problem #3: It can lead to misunderstanding and alienation if you’re targeting friends of friends, word can “get around” about you.You want to avoid to be the one everybody is going to look at in a strange way because you did something that you shouldn’t have. You will feel withdrawn and isolated from the objective world. You don’t want to “turn off” influencers and leaders in the home business and network marketing niches with your unethical behaviors in groups or forums.

Problem #4: Facebook hates cold market recruiting. Even though Facebook is one of the best platform to recruit online, you have to manage how you do it. You can easily get blamed, reported and Facebook will shut down your profile for a few days. Facebook notices when your links get PM’d over and over and over again, or when they see the same links posted frequently on pages or in groups, they  will keep tabs on how many complaints the link receives. And that is when Facebook might BAN your domain. It is called Spamming groups and forums and YOU SHOULDN’T do it anyway. That is not how you should recruit people.

So you can see if you don’t recruit properly you might end up having more problems than getting leads. Most of the people doing network marketing are actually prospecting (i.e sales) more than they do marketing. That way is a passive, mass market approach.

But Facebook like when we run an ad campaigns so they are not against us marketing our business. But they don’t want us spamming and bothering other people.

So to avoid all this mistakes we have a solution with Elite Marketing Pro using the power of Attraction Marketing to become respected and give high quality content to bring value in the eyes of Facebook.

Reach out to me if you want more information and i’ll be happy to be off any help


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