Challenges you can have with your upline

When you are doing Network Marketing for a while and get multiple affiliate program, you can come across some upline that are not always helpful or ignore you. I decided to do this live today and blog because it just happen to me today. I nearly quit a great company and an even better product 6 months ago because of my upline. But I tried to find a way to overcome this fear of being alone and got into contact with other team members to help revive our product and company . And today we found a solution as a team and without this person. You have to think this way that in every bad situation, you can find a solution and please don’t give up on your dream because of one person.

You have 3 types of difficulties you might encounter. I am going to give you some tips to avoid being frustrated or being on the verge of quitting your mlm.

Having a bad MLM sponsor shouldn’t affect the way you feel with your MLM and affect your success.

Your upline gives you no support at all.

When you joined Network Marketing, your sponsor gave you all the pitch and you are seduce to this program/product. But once you signed you realize you were just a number. You feel abandoned and upset because nobody is showing you how to build your business or find customers. Your lack of encouragement, and support is bringing a lot of stress and you want to quit!!! But think that it might be a gift for you and you can rise up from it. You are your own person and can take charge. Be your own support, find a solution, ask around.  Be the leader you want to have!!!

Your upline is mean to you and agressive

You need to talk and have a conversation with this person and thank him/her for the opportunity but don’t work like that. You don’t have this ethic and you want to build your own organisation the way you want it to be. You need to create boundaries between your upline and yourself and disconnect from those negative associations.

Your upline is talking about you badly and sabotaging your business

You might have some personality issue with your upline or your sponsor might have an agenda. Or your sponsor decided to leave the company. Whatever the reason it shouldn’t put your down and impact your business. Build relationship with  your team, other leaders that will be beside you, corporate and they will see the truth about you. You have some upline, that like power and are freak control so if it doesn’t go their way, it can’t work. You need to stay strong and again turn yourself to top leaders and ask for guidance.

I would love to know if you had to go through one of this experience and how you overcame to be a great leader you are!!!


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