How to handle objections and excuses in Network Marketing

How to handle the “dreaded objections” or excuses in Network Marketing? When prospecting, you have to build report and only when you feel like you have an opportunity to speak about your business, you do it. Just before closing you start getting a lot of questions. If you start getting objections, it is not always a bad sign; that means your prospect is interested otherwise he would have said point-blank that he doesn’t want to work with you or use your product.

The best way to overcome these objections is to keep your posture, have fun and don’t ever beg people. Never get on the defense and always validate your prospects concerns and question. You can share stories of fellow networker, or your story; what brought you to use this product or service! You can use the strategy of “feel felt found”  – I understand how you feel; my team member, partner felt the same way when he started… but what he found after joining …

How to answer some questions:

“I am busy and don’t have time to do this”

I understand how you feel, I felt the same way when i started with network marketing;  juggling between the children, my work and trying to do it part-time. It is a very common thing to start as part-time. A lot of networker started like that and then moved up the ladder and could afford to stop working for someone else and be their own boss. (You can give some examples)

I don’t have the money

” I can appreciate that, however a lot of people are in the same place because of recession. This is the reason why you should join us and start earning more money! What if I can teach you how to generate leads, how to make the money back plus some bonuses the first month?” Then you can point out some ideas to save money like stopping to get coffee at starburst every morning, or selling on eBay clothes or household items they don’t use.

objectionI have to ask my partner/spouse

“Well i wouldn’t be comfortable if you don’t ask your spouse/partner as you are going to have to work together. You might not be as available as before.  However you should invite her to see the presentation so I can tell her/his about the business as you might not remember everything. ”

I don’t know anybody. Will you help me?

You can share your story when you started, and add that what you love about networking is that you are not only meeting new customers or consultants but also making new friends. Talk about your tools that will teach her/him how to reach out to new people. And mention that you will be helping her/him all the way to the top. Sharing all your knowledge so they can be a great team.

I am not a salesperson

“That is wonderful. I am not looking for a salesperson, I am not one either. I will teach you how to brand yourself as a real, and authentic person. Not a salesperson. I am looking for passionate people that want to share their stories and build their business with complete transparency”

Don’t want to bother my family or friend

“I wouldn’t like you to bug your friends and family!! What I do is share my ideas with them and ask for feedback. I ask then if they know anybody that my product, or service would be great for”

Is this a Pyramid?

“Pyramids are illegal and there is no exchange of goods or services with Pyramids. What my company has to offer is a product/service  and get loyal customers who are very happy with their results ”

I need to try the products first

If they are local people, give them a sample. If in your company you have many products, talk about the start-up pack so they can get all the different product to try. And make sure to mention the different testimonials to prove the product is incredible.

After answering all the questions, you can move on to the close . Have fun doing it, be enthusiast, don’t be scared. People buy on emotion so they will feel your passion.

“On the scale from 1-10, how interested are you in the opportunity?”  If they say 5 or above then you can say “What would make you say a 10”; that is when you get usually the last question, or objection to answer. And if they are happy with your response, then you can ask them to join you!

If it is a below 5, keep your posture, as a “No” doesn’t mean a “No” forever. They asked many questions so at one point they were interested. They might need more time to think about it, and if you keep your posture, you might have a chance to change their mind, If you found your prospect online, they will be still your follower on Facebook and they will see your profile post with your results and testimonials!!!

Comment below with your feedback and would love to hear how your respond!!


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