Guidelines to do a Free Report

The best and most effective way to prospect in network marketing is through targeted direct mail campaigns.When someone opt in to your newsletter or your blog, you can send them a Free Report where you can show step by step how you do your business and generate leads. Every body is different so it won’t be the same for all of us. I am going to give you some guidelines and you will have to adapt it to your business.

You want to create a relationship and build a rapport before you talk about your company or product. This may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it at the end.

“Here is the simple but powerful rule… always give people more than they expect to get”

Nelson Boswell

The best way to do this is through lead generation marketing. Offer some free information to your prospects, like a free report. The information you provide needs to be relevant to what your prospect is interested in. You need also to update it from time to time.

1- You need to put your picture

When someone opt in through your funnel, you are going to start sending them some emails. You can use aweber for this, you can use pushcrew to see how many subscribers you have on your blog. However most of the time, they don’t open all their emails straight away, so having a picture will remind them of who you are and it is more personal this way. You start building relationship!!


2- You need to put some colors in your text

You want to make your audience want to read your report, so put some color headings, different styles so it doesn’t feel monotonous. You want to engage with your subscribers and you certainly want them to read your report till the end where you’ll have your Call Of Action.

3- You want to start with a catchy powerful headline.

You want to show your true self in the headline, and bring your audience to get to know you and bring in this headline what value you are going to give them to help them build their business.


“How a mom of 4 children discovered The Secret to generate more leads and how you can steal her step by step system to recruiting 15 people without leaving your home” or “in the comfort of your home…”

You get the idea?  Tell something about you and bring curiosity so they are going to read till the end and write the headline in red for example, it will bring attention.

4- Put the day and time

Important so they feel special, they will see that you send them this report only to them and not as an automatic response. First impression is important. People like feeling special

To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.

Tryon Edwards

5- Put your content

Share how you are right now in the first paragraph, talk about yourself in a few line but then say

“But it didn’t start out this way…”

And that is when you are going to talk about all your struggle in life, your story, why you want to help people, how you become a better person, … these are only examples but you got the point. Be yourself, authentic and talk from your heart. You want your audience to relate to you and see themselves through you.

Don’t put any links to sell your product, no hard selling, this report is only about YOU

6- Ending

When you are finished with your free report, about 7-10 pages if you can, leave your name, your link for your blog so your followers can get back to your blog and see the tips and training you are offering. Put your email address and your phone number. It is very important that they can contact you. You never know who is going to read your free report and who might contact you. You might find your best friend, your best customers, your best leaders, who knows!! Stay real and you’ll get results !

Once you start capturing these leads, it’s best to create a relationship with them over time before you start selling them. Network marketing is all about relationships.

I have a blueprint available for you with some ideas about how to do the free report and I am ready to share it with you. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you


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