Examples of emails to send to your list to build rapport

As you know, if you want to build your business online, you need to create content, generating leads and build you list. You need to make sure you are contacting your leads straight away to build rapport and trust with your new prospect.

Concentrate on the activities of prospecting, presenting and following-up; the sales will take care of themselves – Brian Tracy

You have to remember that an email list is only as valuable as the relationship you create with the people on that list.

You have to connect with your subscribers or they will move on elsewhere to find what they need.

I am going to give you some samples of email you should follow to build rapport

1- Welcome email

  • Send immediately a welcome email, sharing a bit of yourself
  • Include the offer  that was promise when they opted in, or your blog to get more value
  • Let them know what you can do for them and schedule a phone call

Keep it simple and make it a conversation you would like to receive.

2- Free offers

Everybody loves free offers/samples. It is a great way to build authority with your subscribers, establish trust and create rapport with them.

  • You can offer a free training
  • You can offer a free 30 min coaching
  • If you have some free samples with your company you can send it to them

3- Content and Educational Emails

You need to provide to your subscribers some value to help them in their life and in their business.

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Training

It will show you as an authority figure and it will bring you more traffic to your blog and Youtube Channel

sunset-123926_19204- Testimonials and Success stories

People like success stories and testimonials. Share with your list the stories of other people who are getting results Show them that it is possible if they are taking action.  It is a great way to connect and inspire people. Once you’ll have build your list, you’ll be able to share to your subscribers success stories and testimonials of your own. If you have nice response on your website or Facebook post, ask the permission if you can share what they have to say about you to your list. And if you promote a product, they want to know how it will affect their health, so testimonials are crucial to have a better understanding of the product. It will inspire people to join you or your company.

5- Exclusive content for your subscribers only

You can share your blogs to your list but they will feel very special if you send them something exclusive.

  • Special pricing of your product
  • Subscriber discount
  • Opportunity to work with you
  • Private session, webinar or event
  • Early access to a new product
  • Launch of a new training, tool that is not yet promoted

Doing that, they will feel more appreciated and valued  and in return you will get long term audience. They will feel as a friend and will share your story

6- You can send an email “How can I help ?”

Send an email asking them how you can help them with their business, or their self development.

  • Encourage them to send you a simple email where they can share their pains and struggle in the industry. Don’t send them any links or anything else. This is a good way to open up a dialogue and gives you the opportunity to get to know them better and vice versa
  • You can do a survey also that would help you to understand better what are their needs. You can use Survey Monkey. Choose different topics so you can help them move their business forward.

You can then create new content to help them reach their goals and give value to your subscribers.

In summary

You need to communicate with your list, build relationships and provide value all the time. Remember that each person on your list wants to learn more and gave you credit at the start to provide them with the solutions they are craving. Be yourself and authentic always. They were attracted to you and not a script so they want to see a real person in their emails.

I would love to hear from you and see what type of content is working for you.


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