What is retargeting pixels and tracking?

Retargeting pixel is 3 times more effective for your marketing and get a higher Return On Investment (ROI) than most other digital channels.

It is a form of online advertising that all your bounced traffic will be able to see even if they didn’t buy anything from you and left your website. It targets your audience that didn’t convert right away, they will be able to see your ad when they will surf the web later. That is when the ad might recapture their interests and decide to buy from you.

How it works?

It is a piece of code that you place on your website (called a pixel). It is unnoticeable to your visitors and doesn’t affect your site’s performance. Each time a new visitor comes to your website, the code trigger a cookie which is a text file that stores information about the user’s session. This way you are getting a virtual list of customers, whom didn’t fill any form or bought anything and can easily retarget them without them noticing it. Your ad will appear on their browser.


If you are not aware about it and it is the first time you hear about pixels and retargeting, I am going to give you an example. When you shop on Amazon or any other sites and you don’t buy anything, did you notice that when you log on to your Facebook profile, you can see the ad you were looking at on your page. That is called retargeting, the company website is tracking you and want you to buy their product, so they show you the ad again and again.

Tracking pixel can be applied to your business and it is a great tool, as it is very low in cost and can cover a large demographic area. You will be able to observe your followers behaviors:

  • What page they visited?
  • How long they stayed on your page?
  • What did they search for?
  • Which blog has more views
  • Which campaign has more views and so on…

Your visitors might have left your website because someone came at the door, or they were late for an appointment, or the baby was crying and not by lack of interest. That is when tracking pixel comes handy and appear on their browser to remind them your ads or website.


People are on Facebook to connect, share and be entertained so you need to get the right ad to target as many people as you can. On average someone has to see something 7 times before making a decision.

In Summary, you need to have the targeting pixel on your website because if you don’t, you are wasting money. This tracking will impact everything you are doing and will definitely bring you more customers. You will get valuable data including better ad targeting because you will be able to compare how many people visited your website versus how many customers purchased something. You can track how many leads or sales were generated from a particular ad. All these information are valuable to get your marketing strategy on point.

Leave me a comment and see you to another blog where I am going to explain how to do the Tracking pixel and how to promote it on Facebook

(Source of pictures, Jesse Jameson)


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