Why you should create an eBook to widen your audience

What is an eBook? It is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a kindle anywhere, anytime. You can read the eBook while commuting or while waiting on the line. It is very easy to purchase an eBook, just download it on your computer and you get it instantly. The eBook published will reach 22.71 Billion US dollar by 2017.

To grow your business online you can consider doing an eBook and promote it. It makes you an author and show your audience you are an authority figure. It is also a great way to create traffic back to your website, blog or affiliate product.

When creating an Ebook, you have to be yourself, don’t copy anybody and think that it is just a bigger blog 🙂  No need to do a book of hundred pages at the start, but enough so you give as much information as you can to your audience.. Creating these books will set you apart for just being a blogger and will add to your overall reputation and credibility.

You can start giving it away for free and then you can sell them which will bring you some residual income.

You can get your eBooks on CANVAFIVERR, Private Label Rights (PLR) or UpWork. Some are free so it all depends on your budget. As a start I would recommend you Canva as it is free and very easy.


Before you start you need to have a plan and think of all the information you want to add to your eBook.

1- Determine your target; is it women with corporate jobs, stay at home moms, men who want more freedom, college graduates

2- Ask yourself if you can create a short eBook to give them a solution once you identify their problems and how much they are ready to pay for your content.

3- You have to decide which problem your eBook is going to solve; generate leads, lose weight, retire earlier, get more energy… the choice is big.

4- You need to get a catchy title to attract people; 5 ways to sponsor more reps on the internet, 5 ways to get more leads on the internet, how to lose Belly Fat in 7 days

5- Without copying anyone, you can get content on articles, blogs, trainings, webinars, magazine…

6- Marketing you eBook, can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with a short video, YouTube, Snapchat… all the platform really but make sure you are applying the right Hashtags, or videos… If you have access to Funnelizer I would recommend you to do a capture page and in exchange of their emails, they get your eBook. When promoting, don’t forget to bring curiosity to your posts, don’t give it away to anybody. For exemple, say that the first 10 people that comment on your post, will get it for free… put an urgency on your post.

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