How to get free traffic with your blog and get subscribers

Blogging is a huge part of your branding and you need to drive traffic and convert that traffic into subscribers. You can use free traffic and paid traffic. The latter can be very expensive so I am going to give you some tips to do it for free.

1- Use the right blogging platform such as WordPress. If you don’t know how to use it, you have the guide that is very easy to follow. Having the right platform will make it easier.

2- You can post directly on your Facebook groups. Write a little sentence, put the link and your blog. Try to get something catchy that will attract the eyes of your audience.

3- Choose the right key words for your blogs, and create back links into it. This way you’ll get more traffic, people like to have the facts and information.

4- On Facebook groups, you can find some blog syndicate where you can share your blog, and depending the rules of the group,  you have to like a few blogs, write a comment and share. That is another way of getting good traffic and get to know other bloggers.


5- You can comment also on other blogs. Find some leaders in your niche and comment regularly to their blogs, you will be recognized as an authority figure and you’ll see your followers growing.

6- Engage with your readers, I always put a question at the end of the blog for example. You can refer to your other blogs also using the interlinks and increase curiosity. Depending what type of blog you are doing, if you have a long story line, do a few blogs and put a brainteaser at the end. That will attract your audience to follow the story

7- Video in your blog is also a great way to get traffic in your YouTube channel and this way they can see a video that might be of interest to your audience and back to another of your blog.

What do you think? Ready to get more subscribers on your blog??

Leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to give you more tips


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4 thoughts on “How to get free traffic with your blog and get subscribers

    • Thank you so much, i am happy it helped. I got my youtube channel shut down so need to redo all the videos.. sorry about that


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