Mistakes to avoid when prospecting

The 3 Big mistakes you can make when prospecting

When you start a new business, you are so excited that you talk to everybody and you usually do the wrong approach of your product and your business. You need to prospect Business people and not your friends and family. If you avoid these 3 mistakes, you’ll be able to build your business online and keep your business partners. The first approach is very important, if you go wrong you might never see this person.

1- The key in any prospecting is to build rapport. You need to share your story, make a friend out of your prospect first before you talk about your business opportunity. As one of my mentor  Erin Birch say, No rapport = No business.  Try to understand your prospect, and see what they need and what they are looking for. You won’t know until you build relationship if they want to be a customer, a distributor or building a team as a leader. So let them talk to you and tell you what is their plans. Ask them questions: what are they looking for? Do they want more income? Do they want to use your product to feel better? Do they have enough time to develop the business? And be a good listener, let the prospect lead the conversation instead of diving first into a sales pitch.

2- Over enthusiasm. If you contact your family or friends talking like a crazy person, you are not going to sell anything. They are going to think you are mad 🙂  It’s alright to be excited with your new business but as i said the first impression is crucial if you want to do well in network marketing. Don’t talk as if you found the best product ever, it is the best company ever because they do charity !! News flash, most of the companies do it now.  I did that so believe me, I think my cousin is still looking at me differently 🙂 Don’t give them too much infos at the start, let them look at the product first, then contact them the next day to talk about compensation plan. You are not in race!!

3- Posture: If you have no posture, they won’t join you. Think this way, if you are not desperate to get them into your business, if you don’t push your customers, they will join you because they like you as a person, and they see you as a leader. You need to have a very strong belief of your product and the company. Let them know that you don’t care if they join or not because you are going to do it anyway!  Show this impression and don’t lose your posture. As soon as they see a weakness, they will push you away and you will lose the conversation. Be strong and speak with posture and conviction.

I hope these 3 tips will help you getting more prospects, share with me your story as I am sure we all have one. You can do some self-development to help maximize your potential.

“I remember when I was so enthusiast and I was talking like a maniac, in my head I was thinking, What’s the heck, stop you can hardly breath but I was on a roll!!! … Well the person never joined the business, she never even tried one product and I am sure she still thinks I am a basket case !”


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