Why can’t I get money?

I get this question a lot that’s why I decided to do a post about it!

“Kathy why can’t I get money?? I work so hard and spend so much time and so much money !!!”

My little story: When I started doing affiliate marketing, I was going in all directions. Posting on Facebook, groups, Instagram, every single platform I knew and i was just looking at making more sales. I didn’t know better because usually it’s what your company tell you to do. They even provide all the marketing tools for you. Well that method of doing business might bring you some cash for a few month but then it fades away. Six months later you are on another projects and it never ends…..

These are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to be in a long term marketing business and growing your income.

1- Chasing the sales instead of teaching and helping

Instead of posting your ad over and over on your profile, or on groups, change your tactics and bring value to your post.

An exemple if you are selling a healthy product. Do a shake and take a picture before and after, and just write: ” Look this green powder with my fruits gave me so much energy!! “     I bet you’ll get more likes and comments …. Curiosity!!!

Don’t you think it is better than BUY THIS NOW !!!!Give your audience some value, educate them, put some testimonials of people using your products. Customers want to hear from someone else than you. Then you’ll see you’ll have your loyal customer.

2- Begging others to join

Never beg your friends to join or your family.

There is nothing more frustrating than someone telling you please many times or someone asking you to purchase their product and they promise to buy yours in return. I get that a lot and it is really annoying.

Network marketing is an industry of giving, we offer an opportunity or a product to help our customer to feel better or getting better income

Don’t convince them but show them what this opportunity can do for them, for their family. Your followers will be attracted to you because you are helping them and not because you are begging them to join. Begging you might get one sale and that’s it; you won’t see this person again.

3- Joining too many affiliate program

When you start doing network marketing, you will realize the amount of business out there. And you will be solicited to join many of them. Of course they are all the best, you’ll make millions without doing anything… As I always say, when you see FREE, it means BROKE because you can’t make money without investing. Think about it! No investment means very little money!!

If you already represent an healthy product company I wouldn’t advise you to take another one on board. What are you going to tell your customer? Which one you’ll choose that day? It doesn’t show very much integrity and in my opinion it brings down your credibility.

Start with one at the beginning, learn and teach your team, then only when you see that everything is under control you can select another business with care that it doesn’t interact with your main business.

Choose your affiliate program wisely! Don’t overload yourself with multiple stream of income.

4- Not seeking help from your upline

Never be afraid to call your sponsor. There are no silly questions. Coaches/sponsors are here for you because if you succeed in your business that will be very beneficial to them also.

Do a 3 way call between your sponsor, your new customer and yourself. Your client can feel your enthusiasm, your expertise and can ask every questions he has in mind. That way if you don’t know some answers your upline is here to help you.

5- Blog – Videos – Phone calls

YES you need a blog to grow as an authority figure and making money with your online business.

You need to do some videos and share your story. Your customers want to see you talking and not someone from corporate. This is called Branding yourself I did a post about it, check it out.

And the last important point, phone calls. You need to contact your customers to get some feedback from time to time. It will show that you care and that you are not ringing them to make sure they don’t miss their autoship. Again you keep your loyal clients this way.

What do you think? Are you ready to make a change??

Leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to help you.


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