How to attract the right people to join you?

First thing you have to know who YOU are to attract the right people in your life, in your business.

In general life, good attitude and great ethic will bring you positive experience “Like attracts Like”,  but it is different with the Network Marketing industry.

We have to prove marketing tactics that will get leads in your business.

  • You have to use the social media and groups relevant to your business. Choose the right picture, the right text depending on the group and the audience you want to influence.
  • Focus on the customers problems, you have to target your audience with what they want to hear, if they have a problem, they want you to solve it.
  • You have to be the product of the product and define your expertise. Create videos, blogs and put it on social media.
  • Be personal and authentic. Your audience wants to see someone real, they want to know you and trust you.

If you send a lot of different ads to the same groups, and use the same text over and over with millions of words and links, it is called SPAMMING!!!! No wonder you have no results … See my blog that relates to that

You have to change the way you work or nothing will change and you won’t attract the right people in your business. Don’t be a stalker, a hunter that will push your family or friends away. Become someone your audience will want to follow, someone that people get attracted to YOU, a LEADER!

If you show your face on social media, doing videos with consistency and honesty, people will be attracted to you like magnets. They want someone real, caring, passionate with their product, company, whatever business you are in.

With this type of recruitment, you will find customers/affiliates that will bring you residual income, month after month, year after year.  Also you can choose WHO you want in your business and WHO you want to help.

Show Leadership to people that count and teach your team to do the same. Give them enough support and knowledge to build their own team. It is called Duplication. It is called SUCCESS!!!

             BE HONEST

             BE CONSISTENT

             BRING VALUE

              BE A LEADER

You can leave me your feedback in the comment section, I am saying bye for now.


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