Common Social Media Mistakes to avoid

Social media is one of the best ways to get your brand out there and engaged with your audience, but it is also very easy to make mistakes:

  • You need a plan: be realistic with the time you want to spend on social media, your goals and what strategy you want to use. You check where is your niche then choose one platform and master it. Upload an attractive cover photo with a description of your business or your branding and upload your picture. Insure your branding is on all your platform so your audience will recognize you and will follow you. Even if you are on one platform, send your followers to your blogs or website. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!
  • Consistency is the key to attract your followers. If you do a blog and put a post once in a blue moon, you won’t get results. Even if you don’t have time to do a blog, put a quote on your timeline, 2 min tops!!! Take advise and watch the leaders in your industry, same if you don’t have much time you can share one of their post. With constant interesting content and consistency, your followers will stay with you.
  • Multiple profile:  try not to get on too many profile concentrate on one platform. On twitter you can post multiple times daily with the same content, but not on Facebook. So learn well about the different platforms and choose wisely.
  • Information and content: strong content is your best bet to get shared and receive a positive reaction from your audience. Make your fan special, answering their questions, their comments, thanking them; they need to feel that their input are important.Even if you don’t know the answer, leave a message telling the person you’ll be in contact soon and don’t delete negative comments, it shows transparency and if you get a bad comment, find the right wording and keep your Posture, you will get the respect from your audience. Transparency is very important.
  •  Automation: Post correctly on the different platform, for ex never use @ on Facebook or too many # on Facebook. Every platform has its own language. Proofread your blog, nothing worth than having an article full of spelling mistakes. You can use to schedule your posts postplanner
  • Don’t be self-centered: Listen to your audience, talk about what you can do for them and not how good you are. If in a conversation you see the person talking very little, you should do the same and finish with a question to expect an answer back. People want to follow givers and not takers.
  • Caring more about making a sale than a connection: The sales should be done passively, without using your pitch, without spamming groups, annoying your family and friends. If your audience feel your enthusiasm and your passion, they will follow you before you even mention the company brand. Connect with new people every day but don’t add them up on your list to grow your fans knowing they don’t care about your business, and don’t buy list of people, likes or fans…  you cannot purchase a meaningful dialogue or longstanding relationship.
  • Newsletter: If you want to keep contact with your list, create a newsletter and send them a message from time to time with your new blog, an article or video you found interesting. It will keep the relationship but don’t bombard them with an email every day. Also my advice, ask them permission at the start if they want to follow your newsletter. Otherwise you’ll end up with people unsubscribing.

In conclusion, you need to choose wisely which platform you want to master, publish great content and be consistent. Engage with your followers with a pic or a cover changed. And don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Be authentic! Be patient!

If you are lazy and don’t want to put the work, you won’t achieve much. Invest wisely in your training and don’t forget


You have the power of decision to make your life a better place for you and your family!!!



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