Benefits of having a fanpage/business page to build your business online.

Before I start talking about the benefits, I want to give you some statistics:

  • 1.7 billions users are on Facebook
  • 1.3 billions users are logged in daily
  • they stay an average of 20 min
  • 5 new Facebook profile are created every second!!!! UNREAL
  • Like and Share buttons are viewed across almost 10 millions websites daily
  • Highest traffic from 1-3 PM
  • Thursdays and Fridays have a higher engagement of 18%
  • 42% of marketers report that Facebook is important to their business


Facebook profile can have a maximum of 5000 friends versus Fanpage can have unlimited followers when they click Like

Creating a Facebook Fanpage linked to your profile is powerful to build your business online. It will increase exposure to your potential customers and gather more leads.

  • It is completely free to start a Facebook Fanpage linked to your profile. Having said that, if you are serious with your business and want to grow it, you need to do Facebook Ad – they are relatively inexpensive
  • Call of action:Link your Fan Page to your website/blog and insert a Facebook widget on your site to link back to your Fan Page.
  • When you go to Facebook insights, you can see all the statistics you need in order to improve your business, to engage with your audience and which posts are reaching better than other
  • Build your brand in this page, that’s why it is important to brand yourself instead of the company. If your followers see you being active and responsive, they are much likely to do business with you.
  • You can schedule your posts, so even if you are busy and you can’t be with your computer for a few day, schedule your posts and your audience will be able to see you everyday…. CONSISTENCY!!!
  • It will boost the SEO (search engine optimization)
  • You can spy 🙂  on your competition or watch what the leaders in your trade are doing.

If you got some value, please share make a comment or like my blog. If you want me to help you out setting up your Fanpage or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and i’ll be happy to help you.


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