How to achieve momentum in your business ?

If you want to achieve your goal and stay focus, you need to get into a momentum, it will help decide how high your business will go and also how fast it can get there. The two keys to momentum: achieving and maintaining.

Continuous improvement takes time and resources, drive, persistence and determination.

You need to treat your Network Marketing as a real business if you want to achieve your dream. If you consider it as a hobby or you do it whenever suits you, well it’s your choice but you won’t get much results.

However if you take it seriously, you need to do some training, you need to spend money on what you have to learn to improve your knowledge. It’s not easy, it needs time, focus, perseverance and consistency. You’ll spend little money in comparison of what you’ll get at the end!!! It’s like a snowball effect ! But i am guaranteeing you, it will be worth doing it than being stuck in a rut and thinking it’s not for you.

So get into a routine and do a little bit more everyday. Your actions will go faster; it might take you 2 hours the first time you do a blog or a newsletter but then you’ll get fired up and you will do it in no time. Same for the videos, it might take 2 hours to do a 2 min video (Yes it happened to me), but then you’ll get used to it and you will have it done much faster.

If you don’t have much time during the week but you want to get contents on your timeline, you can always schedule over the weekend your Facebook posts, or you can also repost an old video or blog…

Your followers need to see something on your timeline everyday!!!

Also put your families outings to show you have a life, a normal life and you are human like them 🙂

Do what you are good at it, and be consistent if you enjoy doing it. Don’t spend 5 hours on a task trying to get a banner somewhere, or do techy stuff you don’t know. Reach out to people or wait for your kids – usually they know better !!

Suggestions to help you keep the momentum; put quotes, tips for your target market, miniblogs posts, videos.

You defined your vision, you know what you want to achieve, maintain the momentum and you are going to go right where your dreams are. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you can use that tool to empower you.

” At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life FOREVER”

Tony Robbins

If you got some value out of this blog, leave me a comment and i will be happy to connect with you


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