The importance of Branding Yourself!

Hey there!!!

Today I will be talking about the importance of branding yourself !!

When i started doing MLM, my team at the moment didn’t do any attraction marketing and to be honest i didn’t know any difference because i just started in this industry. Then the month/years went by and my business didn’t grow much, was stagnant; didn’t get many leads. I change business and i was always asking the same persons to use my new product, to come with me to the business… Can you relate to that???  I knew i needed to do something to push more and get more income. That’s when i decided that I should brand myself, I heard this words so many times but never really knew what to do.  I was seeing people making 6-7 figures income, doing live videos, being present all the time, but i never really knew what type of business they were in….

Attraction marketing is the foundation of who You are and what You want to do. It will open doors for you and create a lasting list of potential clients.  Leads are essential for any successful business.

Branding yourself is not only about who you are but mostly what kind of services, products you can offer.

When you reach out to your audience you need to give them some value, your blog need to get good contents so when a client has to choose to whom he wants to buy the product or go to business with, he will choose YOU because he heard about you, he saw YOU going live or doing videos, he can relate to YOU…

Build trust and honesty with your leads and they will follow you!!

How to brand yourself:

  • Your image: your clients need to know who you are. Put a picture on all your multi-media platform, they will recognize you when you do a video.
  • Use a blog: it is very important to do a blog, and put value on it. A few sentences, a picture, a little video… No need to do a book each time 🙂 , but be consistent.
  • Use social media: establish a presence, my advice at the start of your branding, choose ONE and be an expert. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… Whatever you want to start with, be an expert before you want to jump on another one. You need to build relationship with your audience. Make sure your audience see you everyday; if you don’t have time to do a video, put a post, a picture, a quote, a blog post…Make yourself available for help and advice.
  • Maintain your integrity: market yourself with high standards and honesty, if you don’t know something, point your client to someone else, this way they will know your potentials and trust your judgement.
  • Body language also is important: Be yourself!!! Don’t try to impress anyone;  your followers want to be able to relate to someone like you, you might not attract everybody but you will attract the RIGHT audience for YOU.
  • Believe in yourself: You want to send the right message, if you don’t believe in yourself or the company you are representing, it will show.

Facebook live video

You want to form a lasting relationship with your audience and for that, be real, be transparent, BE YOURSELF!!


Be bold – Be brave – Be you

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon.

If you want to get some advice on how to use attraction marketing , I’ll be happy to do a one on one consultation and help you.

If you got some value out of this blog, leave me a comment or contact me on other social media.


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