Importance of Your Body Language and Posture in Network Marketing

Posture and Body Language are very important in Network Marketing

What is Posture? It is a particular approach or attitude that is intended to impress or mislead… In business you don’t want the latter….

It is very important to show confidence when you speak to your prospects. Either they join you or not, you still have to keep your posture and keep a positive attitude. Showing your prospects you are not desperate to get them in the business will draw them to you even more. If they are still not convinced, just let them walk away. They might just waste your time asking million of questions and not even join your team at the end.

When we improve our posture, we display more energy, resilience and confidence.

What body language to avoid:

  • Don’t fidget when you speak or bite your nails, it is a clear sign of nervousness.
  • Keep you eyes level to show confidence in body language.
  • Standing up straight is one of the most important tips to project confidence
  • Firm handshake also show confidence, but don’t crush the other person’s hand 🙂
  • Proper grooming is a MUST… you don’t want to look scruffy in front of your prospects
  • Smile; your prospects will smile back and feel confortable
  • Don’t cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets.. that’s a no no. We are not teenagers anymore 🙂

With the right attitude, the right posture, you will definitely recruit more people, build your business faster and ultimately make more money.

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