Youtube tips for more exposure in your business.

Do you want to get more leads, views and subscribers with your Youtube videos?

I am going to give you some tweaks to increase engagements in your Videos for more exposure in your business.

If you want to make a difference in life, not only in Network Marketing,  you should put your personal traits in your blogs, messages, features… Be different – Be unique !!!!

It’s the same with Youtube videos… Nowadays we have so many features you can add on it, it is just marvelous !!!

#1    You can change your thumbnail: the first thing you need to do is having your account checked in Channel – Status and features, to be able to increase your time on videos otherwise it is only 15 mins and also you can’t choose your thumbnail apart of the 3 photos.

It is very important that you grab the viewer attention from the search results to get them to watch your videos.

You can use some tools like or to help you do a personal thumbnail, both of them are free. I would recommend you to keep the same theme with your youtube channel, blog and thumbnail if you want to get the viewer to recognize your posts or videos and therefore get more subscribers.

#2     You can add the subscribe button directly on your videos: Once in Channel Branding, you can use branding watermark, you can either use the subscribe button on the entire video, at the end or choose when you want a custom start.

It will be showing on all your videos unless you take it off manually again in the channel branding.

#3     You need a Channel Keyword: this is very important to choose a keyword that represent you, your company or your product that you want to advertise on your channel.

This way you get a better ranking in the search engine. See my blog regarding Keywords HERE

#4      Always include a “Call of Action” in your videos: Viewers usually check in a few seconds if the video is going to suit them. If you don’t put a Call of Action in the first 10 secondes you might lose them. This simple command can be a poll, a link. It is under Cards… I would recommend you to put 2 calls of action at the start and one at the end to keep grabbing their attentions.

#5       Tag your videos: In upload default, you can use the tag you want, for exemple your blog name, your website or the name of your company (not something i would do) so it will be automatically in your tags under the videos once you upload them. Of course you can add more but at least if you are in a hurry or you just do a little personal video for one person, the tag would be automatically there.

#6       Put an annotation for the copyright: If you do a video with only pictures and sounds and you don’t want to put a call of action because it wouldn’t be appropriate, then put an annotation with your name or your website, just to make sure the viewers know where it is coming from.  I would recommend one at the start, one in the middle if it is a long video and one at the end.

#7        Check your Audio Quality: When creating a good video, the audio is also very important. You can get a high-quality mic now quite inexpensive. If you want to build up many videos and get better credibility with your viewers, it is something you should consider. Same if you use your phone a lot, invest in a good lapel mic so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

#8        Group your Videos using Playlist: If you have different type of videos, exemple Marketing, Your product, some motivation theme…. get them into different playlist by topics and subjects to categorize them.

I hope this tips helped you!!! Do you want to learn more? Leave me a comment below and i would be happy to connect with you !


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