The most common mistakes on Facebook Posts

Social Media is huge and Facebook is one of the main platform which attracted 1,712 million users from February 2004 to September 2016 ( source )

A Facebook post can send the wrong message if you use it badly. I pointed out a few common mistakes:

# 1 Too much content in your ad. If your post is too long, most of the time your audience won’t read it till the end. You have to put value to target them. Quality is always better than Quantity.

#2 Too many links. Don’t put 2 links in the same ad. It brings confusion even if your links are related. Each post should include one call-to-action to achieve one goal. Little tip:  Use shortlinks, no full URLs, I use

#3 Don’t promote directly your product. Again put some value to your post, put an entertaining picture or photo representing your product with your link. Curiosity will bring them to click on it.

#4 Answer and follow up your post. Always monitor your posts and answer the questions, even if it is negative feedback respond with your personal tone, no big statement like a corporate comment. Be yourself!

#5 Don’t ask your audience to like or share your posts. That’s a big NO, you sound like a begger!!! It gives no real value and interest without a proper reason to share or like your page/post. You need to interact with your audience and put an incentive.

#6 Use of hashtags Facebook is not a big fan of hashtags, so don’t put millions of them on your posts, it looks spammy. Put 1 or 2 that are relevant to your post. Don’t put the hashtag in the middle of the sentence and remove them if you share  your instagram post 

#7 Sharing. Always share your personal content on your fanpage but no sharing on groups, you pass for being very lazy. Copy/Paste is not that difficult !

In conclusion, take your time to do your post, choose the right picture, the right photo, change your link, acknowledge all the comments and respond, BE YOURSELF!!!!

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