My first Facebook live

I did it !!!! I did it !!!!!

First time ever live on Facebook…. i thought you could all hear my heart beating!!!! But well it has to be done to become a great network marketer… We have to put ourself out off our confort zone and do it!!! So thank you Andy, challenge done and passed i think!!!

So why am i writing this blog ? I would like to encourage everybody to do the same,  if i did it everyone can do it!!!

I agree it’s not easy, i still didn’t listen to the video as i think i was completely crap but we always judge ourself very hard, aren’t we?

Facebook live started in April of this year and is getting very popular…

Why is it important to go live when you are trying to build a business?  Also you can use it if you want to keep it personal and share your days, ideas etc…

You can choose your audience before you start the video; you can do the video with only one person, a group or make it public… of course when you start building your business i would recommend to put your video public…

It will help your followers to get to know you better. They can ask you some questions, interaction is very important. That way it can lead to higher engagement and friendship. You can also get some great ideas for future blogs, trainings or videos when your followers ask you some questions. Or you can do a test or quiz to get new ideas, you get immediate feedback this way.

It is a way to bump up your sales because it creates an intimate, authentic connection with your audience. It humanizes and personalizes your brand.

And the best point is there is no editing, you can save your video straight away, you can share it easily – be aware that you need to check your privacy settings – you can send it to your youtube channel EASY EASY!!!

So who is going to do a live video?????

Leave me a comment and say I will … I’ll follow you and subscribe to get a notification every time you go live. What do you think?

Thank you for reading my post, have a wonderful day !!!


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